WWE 2K14 nWo DLC release date hype with Scott Steiner

Product-Reviews writes: We all know that the odds of Scott Steiner appearing on WWE TV programming is probably the same odds of Call of Duty being 1080p native on Xbox One. For some fantastic reason though, Steiner will be appearing in WWE 2K14 in his nWo attire, meaning that he’ll be joined by the likes of Kevin Nash, Syxx (X-Pac), The Giant and even Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon.

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tr00p3r1665d ago

If Scott Steiner is coming to the game... hopefully it will pave the way to see some other unlikely wrestlers as well... like the Hardy Boyz!

Larry L1665d ago

What is so amazing about Scott Stiener being in the game?

I'm not saying it's not cool for people who like the new wrestling games. I wish I still liked wrestling games with the rosters they have. And if I did, I'd be so hyped that the NWO and specifically Scotty Stiener were being added. In fact by chance, I've actually been watching Scott Stiener videos on youtube over the last week or so. He's one of my all time favorite wrasslers both as Big Poppa Pump, and him and Rick together are IMO one of, if not the best tag team ever. Their team moves were awesome and set the standard in the late 80s for great modern tag teams.

The point of my original question though, is that Stiener and WWE didn't have any horrible split that I know of. He left because he didn't like how "outsiders" were treated there in the "modern" era. They were not allowed to "get over" I think is the term. And I'm sure the WWE and writers hated that Scotty always wanted to do his own thing, not stick to script, and when he did go off script he sometimes forgot how to speak english apparently, lol. (but that's one of the reasons I liked him for some reason).

It was just mutual dislike, not bad blood, or law suits or anything really bad. I mean if Vince would let Hogan or Bret Hart back in the company (which may actually happen again soon in Hogan's case), or allow wrestlers like Scott Hall, Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage to be in the games......and those actors in turn signed's no shock that Scott Stiener is in a WWE game. For both these companies and the actors, it's all about the money. Stiener has said in interviews that he never even wanted to go back to WWE, but they offered hime enough money where he wasn't going to say no. Same thing here I'm sure, and Scotty doesn't even have to work or fumble through his lines to make this money.

Anyway, I hope they do Scott Stiener justice in the game. Even though he couldn't really pull them off as well in the Big Poppa Pump years, I hope he's got all the old signature Scott Stiener moves like the Frankenstiener, and his finisher should be the Stiener ScrewDriver, not the Stiener-Recliner.

tr00p3r1665d ago

Definitely would love to see the Steiner Screwdriver in the game... been getting my fix from Tekken's King for years..!

danswayuk1665d ago

Wow, that was a good read and more of a blog post than a comment.

optimus1665d ago

i don't think scott stiener or ANY past wrestler gets any money if wwe decides to put them in a game simply because the wwe owns their likeness as it was in the old wcw since they own that property and ALL it's licenses...

it's the reason why they could include hogan in it's previous games while he was still in TNA...and even now they still show and mention sting in wwe tv as it pertains to the wcw era and there is nothing he can do about it.