Phil Spencer talks ‘DriveClub,’ ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ and Sony

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has provided his opinion regarding “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” “DriveClub” and the first-party studios from Sony Computer Entertainment.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141690d ago

Is he handing in his resume to Sony as well?
All that was missing was a "And i think i would be a great asset to the team!" lol

Jokes aside - least he's being respectful and not provoking anything.A nice change from the microsoft of norm

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Hey Phil

@Jokes on Him .. Were havin a Party.

ZodTheRipper1690d ago

Finally some respect from Microsoft's side. They really are not on the same level with Sony when it comes to gaming, even Nintendo can't compete with them right now.

Army_of_Darkness1690d ago

Holy crap! Nothing but compliments!? even ms management can't say anything bad about the ps4! Haha! It's like the xbox fan boys are on their own.

georgeenoob1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Still cant believe PS4's only launch titles are killzone and knack, while X1 has Forza 5, Ryze, Killer Instinct, and Dead Rising 3. At least it gives Sony some healthy competition.


I'd rather have a console that delivers quality exclusives like the X1 than worry about something like resolution for CoD. Quality exclusives > resolution. I guess PS fans really needed this though since they'll be the main ones playing CoD while all the X1 gamers will be playing Titanfall.

ThatCanadianGuy5141690d ago


I still can't believe COD and BF4 are 720p!

Ju1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Hm...I'm in trolling mood.

- Forza looks like a last gen game (@1080p)
- Dead Rising...ported from 360
- Killer Instinct - nice, fighting game
- Ryse - looks great (but nobody seems to care)

What's left after? Games running 50% lower resolution. No indies what so ever...

Compared to probably the shooter which will outsell both, CoD and BF4:

Killzone:SF. Real next gen at 1080p. Note this down. It'll outsell both BF4 and CoD.

Resogun...compute excersice in pure [email protected] (200k voxel engine??)

Knack looks better every time I see it. Maybe a nice distraction.

Doesn't even stop there. Contrast (not really exclusive), Warframe, War Thunder, Blacklight, and a bunch more.

It's interesting if the XBone launch line up is so interesting that Titanfall has to come up in every of those discussions.

You know by that time this launches we'll see Drive Club, inFamous Second Son and Destiny won't be far out either. And what ever is in the pipe.

Who knows. By that time the XBone might as well get it's first price drop. Either that or I put $200 into my PC and get it there if it's really that bad ass.

KillrateOmega1690d ago


What and what isn't a quality exclusive is a matter of opinion.

And a console's launch titles are hardly a reliable indicator for what the future holds for that console.

reko1690d ago


well, i cant believe xbox cant run 1080p.

MysticStrummer1690d ago

@Ju - That's not trolling. It's the truth. Forza's cars look great, but the environment does look very bland. Ryse is also ported from 360. It was supposed to be a 360 Kinect title.

@George - Are you actually implying no other games will be released for PS4 by the time Titanfall comes out? Also, those aren't PS4's only launch titles, but you know that. I know you know that.

Angels37851690d ago

Apparently in phils eyes sony is doing no wrong....and yet the xbot still disagree....

Bruce_Wayne1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


Well Killzone by itself is about 10K copies behind all three Xbox Exclusives combined in terms of preorders. So if you're gonna brag about which console has more exclusives, then grab onto your freaking sack and start preordering those damn exclusives because that talk about PS4 not having as many exclusives is beginning to get tiring. You better get a new trick, 'cuz that one's getting old.


This time it's different though. Killzone is getting much more attention and it's a launch game. It's not being overlooked by other console exclusives like it was on PS3.

Death1690d ago


Killzone to outsell what? They have a series record of just over 2 million units with Killzone 2. Killzone 3 didn't even come close to 2 in sales. Other than having little competition on the PS4, how are you coming up with that conclusion?

I do like how you call PS4 games "real next gen @1080p" and dismiss Xbox One 1080p games as being last gen. Ryse is a new IP and looks great so far. Nobody seems to care? That sounds like a better description of Knack. Games that started development for the Xbox 360 before changing to the Xbox One get a pass too due to when development started?

No indies? You don't even think games started for the 360 are any good and then you slam the console for not having "indies"? Do you honestly not read what you write before hitting the "add reply" button? Seriously, enjoy your PS4 in a couple weeks.

Xsilver1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

@death well KZSF pre orders are higher that all the xone's launch games combined so what does that say about those games :/

So it should be easy to take last gen games to 1080p since you have everything developed all you have to do is Code it if that's your argument COD looks last gen and its 720p on the xone, since KZSF started from the ground up how long have they been making Ryse a veryyyyyyyyyyyyy long time.

I love indie games apparently the xone fanbase don't feel the same way anymore why because Sony has them :/.

UltimateMaster1690d ago

Well, I think he knows his time at Microsoft is counted and he wants to return to Sony.
Let's face it, Microsoft in general is in deep sh*t, they cannot compete on any level for any of their products may it be phone, tablet, console.
Pre-built PCs are declining in favor of custom built (which they make little to no return on).
Phones; Android is king and even Black Berry is outselling the Windows phone.
Tablets; iPad is still outselling their Surface/RT 20:1.
All around, I have no doubt as to why Steve Ballmer is leaving. Everyone else fears they will loose their jobs just like Phil.

svoulis1690d ago


Just curious what "games" you are taking about that are all in 1080p on Xbox one. Last I saw it was one. Forza. A racing game. Just saying if you wanna start stating stuff please back it up. Hell we don't even know what most 3rd party games resolutions are. Don't know If you been doing research or not but all 3rd party games have been shown on PS4 and PC.

Looking forward to your response :D

wsoutlaw871690d ago

xb1 launch exclusives are paid 3rd party deals. How long do you think they will keep paying for them. Just look at the 360 and dont let ms play you again in to thinking it will lots of exclusives, dont fall for it twice.

badz1491690d ago

thanks to a commenter earlier, all I see now from that pic is a possessed Garfield! damn I can't unsee THAT now am I?

FamilyGuy1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

There's a bunch of PC ports and F2P games that look great and we'll be able to play them without spending hundreds more on an equivalent gaming PC.
There's a bunch of great, original, fun and cool looking indie and arcade titles we'll be playing.
There's a bunch of current gen games getting higher quality ports that we'll be playing. Standing out the most for me: DCU Online, FF14 Arr, Injustice Ultimate Edition, all in 1080p with higher quality, next gen assets to boot.
THEN there's the multiplatform games that X1 and PS4 share
THEN there's Sonys games.
The cherry on top is PS+ continuing to give us games, GOOD GAMES, NEW GAMES! Not the 5-6 years old crap Games with Gold is handing out.

It's weird how trolls try to claim PS4 to be lacking in games when we'll have way more games and games X1 either won't get at launch or won't be getting period. Of the games X1 IS getting, PS4 will be getting the better versions.

X1 is the overpriced underdog, get use to it.
Enjoy what it offers but don't try to make bs claims that it is in any way better than the PS4. That's a lost battle.

Learn a lesson from Phil Spencer and just be civil. We CAN get along.

Death1689d ago

What games am I looking forward to in 1080p? None. I really do not care what the resolution is when I pick up a game. All the Uncharted games and The Last of Us ran in 720p natively and that did not stop them from being great games. If resolution was that important to me, I would buy all my multiplats on my PC which has much more power than either of the new consoles. Forza is in 1080p and strangely fanboys claim that it doesn't count. At 10-15 feet away I assure you the entire resolution superiority lives in the heads of those that want to claim it. I am not smart enough to really see the differance in 720p upscaled to 1080p vs 1080p natively from that distance. I'm struggling to see enough differance to care with the static images hitting the internet.

At the end of the day if knowing your game is running natvely instead of upscaled makes you feel better, then I am very happy for you. I'm simply looking for an enjoyable experience that is worth the $60 I paid.

Ju1689d ago

Hey, I like Ryse. Knack doesn't claim to be a system seller, just FYI. But still runs 1080p. the only title pushing the XBone. What does that tell you???

Well, It'd probably sell more if it would be on the PS4 to begin with. And probably would run 1080p. Playstation has a GoW crowd, you know. And in pre-orders it's nowhere to be found. Isn't it an insult that it has to battle it out with Knack, actually? For the budget it goes by...ts ts. I'd get it if it would be a PS4 game...but unfortunately it isn't.

BTW: Looking at Amazon Germany (pre)orders, PS4 covers 8 out of the top 10 spots, KZ:SF the second best title after AC:4 (Germans like their adventure I suppose). XBone is at 49...Ryse - made in Germany - 89...just saying.

svoulis1689d ago


Yes you are correct. playing games on THIS GEN of consoles like The Last of Us, Uncharted, Halo 4, etc. are acceptable @720p, WHY? Because we are nearing the end of the consoles actual life cycle (even with support after next-gen launch)

But what you're saying is, that the means don't have to justify the end? How do you expect the Xbox One to compete in 4 years from now due to its already hindering limitations. The performance gap between the 2 is much wider now, and because its x86 architecture, you have to look at it in a PC perspective. Devs know what to do with the hardware, sure they'll be firmware updates,optimizations etc. But it wont change the specs on the consoles, which are basically PCs.

APU's function far better on faster memory. Add that to the idea of PS4 GPU just being almost 30% better across the board then you have things to worry about. Sure you can accept the games running at 720p on a piece of 500 dollar tech. Or you could look at it from the wider perspective of "where will this console be 5 years from now?"

Devs will utilize both consoles to their fullest extent, but do not expect to see the leap of graphics that you saw last generation, because both systems are no longer "unique" technically. Will devs utilize whats there making things look better/run better etc? Sure, because that's their job.

But to try and defend, the idea that the game doesn't have to run at native 1080p to enjoy it is one thing. But to sit here and try to justify that spending 500$ on a console with the expected shelf life of 8+ years. Yea, thats scary.

pyramidshead1689d ago

@ju laying the smack down, damn! +bubbs

And georgenoob doing some D-class one bubble trolling as per n4g.

It's kinda true though, if the launch line up for the XB1 is so amazing, why isn't it doing it any favours? PS4 seems to be coping extremely well with a supposed "weaker" launch line up and suffering from unfortunate delays...and still it's doing extremely well. The PS4 is selling itself pretty much.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1689d ago

Yep.. You don't have to believe it. Forza is 1080p/60 and same with 2K basketball.

You're right, X1 does have games that do that and will continue to.

Ju1689d ago

So is GT6....1080p. Just saying.

abzdine1689d ago


you are a butt hurt fanboy: you are claiming x1 has more exclusives, and you talk right after about quality. how do you know these exclusives are quality exclusives?

And you prefer consoles with exclusives, does it mean you prefer PS3 to 360? because PS3 bitch slaps 360 when it comes to QUALITY exclusives for the last 3-4years. your answer will be NO because again you are a butthurt xbox fanboy.

1 bubble?? oh well...

insomnium21689d ago

I love the fact that george and midnighter are on my ignore list. I suggest you do the same people. It makes life a lot easier not having to deal with all that BS.

nukeitall1689d ago

Both Phil Harrison and Spencer has been very classy.

5eriously1689d ago

["Death + 10h ago
............I am not smart enough ........."]

Thats the only part you got 100% right. The rest are just looking like an acceptance of defeat. Not to late buddy, you can always still cancel the pre-order and join the group who's waiting for greatness to engulf them on the 15th! Remember, remember the 15th of November.

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B-radical1690d ago

Phil rarely starts your annoying arghhhh why i oughta......

JoGam1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Why I oughta.......


Jazz41081689d ago Show
Xsilver1690d ago

Phil Spencer said his best time was working at Playstation so he respects Sony.

ThatCanadianGuy5141690d ago

I think you're thinking of Phil harrison no?

Spencer is the guy with the most punchable face in the world.

Xsilver1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

well then wrong phil my bad.

Reverent1689d ago

When Phil Spencer walked out on stage at E3 this year, the shirt he was wearing made me sigh. Then half way through it, he magically had a different shirt, I sighed harder.

He's got such an annoying presence, but I've definitely gotten more respect for him for his mature, friendly comments on Sony.

insomnium21689d ago


AAAAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHAHH!!!!!!! The way you just said that with such a casual tone I just burst out laughing. Thank you! Bubs for funny!

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Yetter1690d ago

Phil's always been like this. Class act all the way.

Yetter1690d ago

I get disagrees on n4g for saying something positive about a MS rep. How shocking! /s

RiPPn1690d ago Show
UnholyLight1689d ago

Know thy enemy right? He'd be stupid to say things otherwise about Sony. Sony is Microsoft's direct competition. He probably appreciates that Sony and Microsoft duke it out the way they do because really, this is what creates the drive to make even better products for the consumer (while trying to take a majority share in the market) :)

Gamer6661690d ago

Yeah, and a nice change from the Sony execs as well.

Sony has been cocky and obnoxious lately. How quickly they forget their beating last gen... Going from 150 million console sales in 5 years to 80 million in 7 years.

Both sony and MS should be eating a lot more humble pie...

Karpetburnz1690d ago

PS2 sold 150 million in 12 years, not 5 years. when the PS3 launched, the PS2 diddnt just stop selling.

you cant compare PS2 lifetime sales to PS3 current sales. because the PS2 has been out MUCH longer than the PS3 obviously.

insomnium21689d ago


Exactly and we all know that PS3 will be up there with 110-140 million consoles sold after they stop manufacturing the thing it all makes gamer666's comment seem just flat out stupid. I really don't understand what makes people blind to this thing. PS3 will be around for many many years. It will pass Wii in sales in a couple of years. It will go on and sell almost as much as PS2 did give or take 20%. This is all common knowledge people.

ovnipc1690d ago

Dont trash the guys! Thats good sport, he was very professional and when you talk good about the competition instead of trashing them its really good. Its good to respect the competition. He did very well.

Mr Pumblechook1690d ago

Calling Guerrilla Games a 'good company' is damning them with faint praise.

slimeybrainboy1690d ago

I think the last part of you're comment is more important than the first part, but you know the first part will get more agrees.

I find it incredibley respectful and pleasant when MS or Sony acknowledges the others merits. I's so much better when competition actually validate each-other.

bornsinner1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

bf4 is 900p on ps4... so no just like xbone not every game will have full hd, this is going to be the gen of sub hd/720 60fps.

also sony fanboys have you ever considered a pc since you want the best specs?

also can someone tell me some ps4 games that are 1080p 60 apart from kz which is mixed res of 1080p 30 & 60? resogun? LOL a 2d shooter haha it looks awful.

seriously spec battles are getting lamer, both consoles will output simular graphical power with ps4 being a bit better its not a huge advantage, imo xbone has better titles like titanfall, dead rising, forza, halo & gears as well as a better online service with dedicated servers... ps4 has kz and.........knack? lol

have fun.

GuruMeditation1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

They don't want specs. Just the best console for the price-point. Although I don't expect you to acknowledge that as your post is deliberately adversarial. The quality of Sony's line up obviously appeals to its fans, myself included. No amount of condescending snickering from the likes of you will change that.

brometheos1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

And Drive club.
And Infamous.
And The Order.
And Deep Down.
And the new Naughty Dog game.
And the new GG IP.
And that's not including Media Molecule, SSM, Sony Bend, etc and all the F2P stuff at launch. So yeah, I will have fun. Especially in 2014.

DoubleM701689d ago

I disagree both console will have these sub 1080P games. It the beganing of both consoles life cycle. The Order is still a year out and they are saying that game is going to be 800P. Let the Devs get a grasp on the tech in both consoles before you start passing judgement on these consoles.

solidt121689d ago

I was thinking the same thing. He is making sure he does not burn any bridges so he can keep that door open.

BallsEye1689d ago

He's a gamer too and he can appreciata a good game. He didn't praise it to heavens but said it's good.


"least he's being respectful and not provoking anything.A nice change from the microsoft of norm"

I think you got it wrong. It's sony who is provoking since the start of this gen. You've been living under the rock?

walkincarpet1689d ago

that's odd... I'm sure ND and SM will come up with some good games in 2015, but he must have never played the first 3 killzones?

H0RSE1689d ago

Yeah, because Sony are nothing but saints and role models... I don't doubt that MS acts like a bunch of asses, but let's not start getting on our knees for Sony, as if this is only a one way street. Sony has dished out it's share of cheap shots and insults, and not just against MS.

Things aren't quite as black and white as many of you seem to make it out...

seedaripper19731689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Er, i'm sure Phil Spencer worked for Sony up until a few years ago...has everyone forgotten this??
EDIT: my mistake i was thinking Phil Harrison...oops!

Anzil1689d ago

i thought it was very respectful man and i'm a sony fanboy!

showtimefolks1689d ago

phil spencer just earned a lot of respect from me, i never liked him but atleast now he is man enough to admit when competition is doing something right.

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KillrateOmega1690d ago

I loved him in the Avengers.

KillrateOmega1690d ago


Screw Scarlett Johansson. Shuhei Yoshida is the best Black Widow.

from the beach1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Yep, very diplomatic.

He can afford to be though, standing with that Xbox One launch lineup behind him.

GraveLord1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

No one cares what you think Phil.
Just concentrate on your next PR stop.

AbortMission1690d ago

*British accent* Are your buttocks giving you an irritating sensation, good sir?

MRMagoo1231690d ago

If we where living in the 1800s then maybe you guys would be right but english ppl dont talk like that at all lol.

MysticStrummer1690d ago

@Magoo - True, but Abort's comment made me think of Mr Graham in The Last Samurai saying "A fellow linguist? Oh capital !" and Katsumoto's son saying "Jolly good".

akurtz1690d ago

confirmed: phil has his pre order in