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Submitted by GlowingPotato 834d ago | news

Battlefield 4 is unplayable on the PC

The PC version suffers from crashes and freezes, making it practically unplayable. (Battlefield 4, PC)

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allformats  +   834d ago
launch bugs. I hate them. Hopefully DICE will sort this soon. I'm sure they will.
TomShoe  +   834d ago
DICE has always been pretty reliable with patches. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out soon.
Zuperman  +   834d ago
Just play it on the PS4, It's the same quality just playable ;)
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vishmarx  +   834d ago
master race my ass.thousands of bucks spent and not a single pc game releases without crashes , game breaking bugs or in some cases not even launching.
deny all you want.
a few pixels and effects lower but 90% of console games are perfectly stable at launch and tend to have better support.
Dude420  +   834d ago
@ vishmarx, obvious troll is obvious

I've installed many games on my pc and haven't had a crash that was consistent for a long time. It happens here and there, but it happens on consoles too.

This is the fault of devs, not the pc platform.

perfectly stable you say?
MRMagoo123  +   834d ago
dont turn it into a f@cking PC vs Console war guys jesus christ, lets just hope it gets fixed because we all know how much fun it is having a giant massive BF battle with tanks and soldiers.
0ut1awed  +   834d ago
I knew waiting for the $30 black friday deal at gamestop was a good idea. :) But as others said this doesn't seem to be a good representation of everyone. For the most part the game seems to be running fine.


Like Dude said, troll statement is so obvious. I'll have a PS4 and probably buy BF4 for it too but come on your fooling yourself if you don't think console launches have serious issues too. That's even worse considering a console is one piece of hardware while PCs have the possibilities of millions of hardware combinations. It's a miracle that they get it to run period.
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vulcanproject  +   834d ago
If it's unplayable what the heck have I been playing without a hitch then?

Seriously I am sure bugs are in there and some people have come across them but soon as one bug pops up we get articles like this where zomg is unplayables PC never works and all console games that ever launched never had some annoying bugs not even big ones like GTA5 which worked perfectly all the time for everybody day one!!

Ok. That's over the top.

But my point stands aimed at people like vishmarx. Console games suffer every bit as much as PC games from early bugitis these days. It's an annoying and unfortunate fact of life in the industry for every platform it seems.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   834d ago
And yet my friends and I have had no problems in the hours we have already put into the game . . .


Your biased BS holds no water.
Dasteru  +   833d ago

95% of PC games release without issues also, 1 game being poorly tested doesn't mean the platform is bad.

PC games have infinite support through mods and community patches, anything is wrong with a PC game you can just fix it yourself, no need to wait several months for the devs to release a patch like on consoles.

I remember when i had Oblivion on the PS3, it would randomly freeze up the entire system, causing me to have to turn off the system from the rear power switch. The PC version has a community patch that fixes something like 20,000 lines of bad code, the console versions still have most of the issues and will never be fixed.
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LonChaneyTV  +   833d ago
"Battlefield 4 is unplayable on the PC"

I already beat the whole game on PC. my play through was roughly under 7 hrs.
badz149  +   833d ago
so, the game is broken?? WTH was the beta for??
Tzuno  +   833d ago
so what the hell are testers for? lazy and cheap developers. no money to pay some testers? i just uninstalled batman arkham origins because is a frikin' broken game. how the hell they release such garbage and people buy that?
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TheArkatek  +   833d ago
WHY WHY WHY do people keep saying dumb shit like this. The PS4 version will be CLOSEST to pc version. My rig is light years ahead of consoles including the so called nex gen. Wait until PS9
Autodidactdystopia  +   833d ago
Well for what its worth, the multiplayer seems to be the issue.

SP runs smooth as butter, `55-60 fps while recording all Ultra, I was testing that new NVidia shadowplay earlier this morning and threw up some footage.

Mp is jerky though, haven't had a single crash yet..
black0o  +   834d ago
i also hate the launch patches .. and DIcE luvs big patches
AbortMission  +   834d ago
Where's the Mustard Race fanboys Lol (I own a gaming PC so no need to get butthurt gentleman)
PoSTedUP  +   834d ago
theyre busy watching people play gtaV on youtube.
joe90  +   834d ago
Abortmission Consoles still need to ketchup

Postedup.... Thanks for Beta testing GTAV for us. Oh yeh GTAV still broken on conoles. Keep BETA testing it for us please so we get the best product.

Oh and when it is out i hope you enjoy watching them amazing MOD videos on youtube sucker.
PoSTedUP  +   834d ago
doesnt dismiss the fact that 20mill people are playing it and itll be old news by the time it hits pc, if it hits pc..
joe90  +   834d ago
So far so good here. A few people on a website do not make the masses.

Some lag issues but it is expected considering it has just opened it's flood gates to the the rest of the world to play.

Rather have a lag issue that will be fixed in a day or 2 than play it in 900p with no extra video settings. Ouch $400 for 900p....I laugh at your kind.
PoSTedUP  +   834d ago
rather have it still with great graphics on a 55" sitting from my couch with surroundsound (or a bomb ass stereo system) running uncharted4 "@max setting" than cramped up on a small monitor at a desk. and all for the price of a tiny ass pc experience with crashes and unlimited maintenance work that has better visuals, nah thanks im good.
Allsystemgamer  +   833d ago

"rather have it still with great graphics on a 55" sitting from my couch with surroundsound (or a bomb ass stereo system) running uncharted4 "@max setting" than cramped up on a small monitor at a desk. "

My PC is hooked up to my tv and reference 7.1 speakers. Your argument is invalid.
PoSTedUP  +   833d ago
you can but its not ideal, hdtvs are known to not output a pc resolution perfectly, it depends on the tv and a lot of other things. monitors are best suited for pc and there is a good reason why most people choose a monitor over a hdtv. its a hassel and if you care about pc having a higher specific resolution and a better response time and a higher native refresh rate and all that good stuff, then it pretty much defeates most of the purpose.
SlapHappyJesus  +   833d ago

Which is exactly why PC gamers flock to monitors. They are literally better for gaming in pretty much every way.
I would tell console gamers to do the same thing, really.
And, just throwing it out there, I have a 29" ultra-wide monitor and, being that the pixel density is lower than that of a television screen, I am able to sit much closer to the image with no visual degradation.
Pretty much my entire vision is just screen.
Arguing about larger screens is pointless when there are experiences like that. As far as my perception goes, I might as well be in a cinema at that point.
PoSTedUP  +   833d ago
well no i would say hdtvs are better for consoles. the console outputs 1080p (for instance), the tv is 1080p and the games are 1080p, perfectly fit without havng to touch a thing really. pc gaming you can adjust the game setting specifically and a pc monitor accomodates for everything a whole lot better because that is what it's designed for.
wtopez  +   834d ago
The only problem I've had is that when I hold Q, the binoculars don't show up on the 1st level in the campaign. I think it's a little dramatic to call it "unplayable".
AnteCash  +   834d ago
Same thing like BF3 , had crashes on my pc for 2 months.
slimeybrainboy  +   833d ago
You're often first comment stating the obvious.
mistertwoturbo  +   833d ago
I'm having these issues on my pc too. Argh.. keeps crashing randomly.. need another patch already
kevnb  +   833d ago
I swear that i played it, against other people...
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   833d ago
But PC's are the best of the best.... Must suck to buy a game and it be broken right away.
IaMs12  +   833d ago
I have been lucky so far not to have been plagued with all these bugs yet, only a few times but a lot of people are. Hope they get it sorted out soon!
sigfredod  +   834d ago
They didn't release already a day one patch to fix that?
come_bom  +   834d ago
Thank God i haven't purchased it yet... now I'll just get it a couple of weeks from now when the PC version is stable and cheaper :)
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vitullo31  +   834d ago
Lol thats funny i just stopped playing. No problems so far though
cunnilumpkin   834d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
Bathyj  +   834d ago
PS4 best version confirmed.

Only kidding, I'm sure it will be sorted in short order.
Wni0  +   834d ago
You know when are reviewers going to factor in bugs and glitches into their review scores? FarCry 3 had the worst MP this generation due to the bugs and glitches. It was never fixed. You literally cant play that game for the entire match before the game crashes.
venom06  +   834d ago
I CALL B.S.!!!! go to Twitch and the vast number of people playing/streaming this game on the PC.. maybe this guy's PC is garbage..
MRMagoo123  +   834d ago
To be completely honest here, it will happen , its probably not BS the problem with pc (i know pcs thru and thru i have been a pc tech for a good number of years now) is that they all, every single one of them has different hardware software and on top of that drivers, some ppl update drivers every week someppl every month some ppl once a year, some ppl like a few i see at the shop never, it only takes one back code in a gpu driver to make a game crash, sometime it will crash everytime you start a game up sometimes it will only crash when a certain memory block gets accessed , thats just pcs

All in all tho it will be fixed for most ppl that are having a problem and thats the good thing, there is just no point in saying , it doesnt crash on me so it cant be true.

@funkytown below

Off topic much ?
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Funky Town_TX  +   834d ago
The Ps3 version is sad. It looks like a downgrade from BF3.
Hufandpuf  +   834d ago
But it plays so much better and has a ton of more features.
Heisenburger  +   834d ago
The amount of people taking pleasure in the misfortune of others is staggering.

I'm very much looking forward to playing BF4 on my PS4. I hope there aren't this many people hoping and waiting to see me have misfortune.
hemmo1986  +   834d ago
I haven't had any problems
Max-Zorin  +   834d ago
I'm pretty sure they will fix the crashing issues.
Parasyte  +   834d ago
This article is a flamebait article of the most obvious caliber. Nothing but a site fishing for hits. A friend of mine has been playing on PC since launch and guys like LevelCap, JackFrags, and xFactor haven't reported any major bugs.
annus  +   834d ago
Welcome to PC gaming. Just because some don't have an issue doesn't mean there aren't others that do. There are many types of hardware, many combinations, and then things like software that can cause problems.


There is an official statement that clearly states that people are having issues, and the following 48 pages further confirm it.
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kevnb  +   833d ago
there are people on consoles having issues as well, a 48 page thread doesn't mean much. There are neckbeards out there that will fill up an entire page themselves.
Aussie_Spectre  +   834d ago
I think Matimio has confirmed the Bugs, so it's not BS
Parasyte  +   833d ago
I'm not saying it's BS. I'm saying that calling the game unplayable is a bit of an exaggeration.
solar  +   834d ago
me and all my clan mates havent suffered any problems. :/
qzp  +   834d ago
don't worry guys its still in beta.
King-u-mad  +   834d ago
I've played just fine. People are experiencing hiccups, but this title is as misleading as ever... Plus they already did a stability patch.
The_Truth_24_7  +   834d ago
Allsystemgamer  +   833d ago
Cough GTAV cough
duplissi  +   834d ago
Ive experienced a few crashes, but I wouldnt even come close to calling it "unplayable".

Still it is annoying that it does crash every now and then.
Xristo  +   834d ago
I'm a BF franchise fanboy. Honestly, in the 20 matches I have played so far, my experience is the following: I have had 2 crashes, Goldmud Railway has sound issues (you lose sound for a few seconds), and half the battles I have seen rubberbanding. It has been playable but it can be frustrating. If you were around for BF3's launch, it was the same with the crashes/rubberbanding. I have faith that DICE will fix it. I'm still loving it! Paracel Storm is my favorite map by far!
cunnilumpkin  +   834d ago
enjoy sub-1080p for 8 more years
ninjagoat  +   834d ago
I don't know most be ATI owners :). I've been playing from Midnight without a crash, up a quite few ranks already having a blast and the game is fcuking epic looking luvin every second. Need some rest grabbing some sleep then back on tomorrow.
TristanPR77  +   834d ago
So much for the "master race" jajaja. Master race my ass.
Allsystemgamer  +   833d ago
GTAV cough cough
Merk  +   833d ago
Played BF4 MP for about four hours on PC today. Not one crash or issue. Loving it.
LAWSON72  +   833d ago
Today has been a terrible day in BF4 all it does is crash and today it was like every game. I will admit two times it was because I ran out of RAM (does anyone know what would lower the amount of RAM used in BF4s video settings)but every other time either I would crash or freeze and sometimes it would just disconnect.
Kleptic  +   833d ago
the technical threads on battlelog show that the multiplayer mode should take 2.5 to 3.5 gb's of system memory depending on specific map and modes...64 player large maps will take a lot more system memory than something like a 16 player game of domination...

and thats just for take a look at your task manager and close out of as much stuff as possible, if you're on a low memory system...

there are confirmed causes of memory leaks though...and its a server side error...most reported crashes are related to your system maxing out its memory, regardless of how much you have, after a certain amount of time played on one server...The server admins have side stepped it this morning; most game times run less than 25 minutes (i guess that was around the time it took to tap out 8gb of system ram)...

also...graphical settings will not have a huge impact on system memory...cpu usage will rise slightly with increased detail...but the dedicated gpu memory will take up the brunt of higher quality, the only way to really keep ram usage low right now is to avoid 64 player maps...

fixes will come...they always do...but it is frustrating for some...i have few crashes...but the network latency is out of control at times...everything is running fine and then out of no where you're rubber-banding all over the place until the entire server closes...
LAWSON72  +   833d ago
Thanks for the info, hoepfully I have money for another 4GB stick of RAM soon
worldwidegaming  +   833d ago
I loved how the trolls came out from under the bridge when they read the title...
strigoi814  +   833d ago
goodluck pulling those hair finding ways to run and play BF4 on the master race so called PC lolz
#26 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Allsystemgamer  +   833d ago
Funny. Game runs fine for me and all my friends.

GTAV cough cough. Literally unplayable for over a week.
Einhert  +   833d ago
Lol sorry bro, at least on PC you can actually apply a fix, oh sorry how long were you waiting on the last of us to have its game breaking save glitch fixed?

If that was on PC a simple ini file tweak.
deadie  +   833d ago
...oh bugs - the very definition of pc gaming. Dont you love it?
#27 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Einhert  +   833d ago
I love how all the console gamers come out in droves of insecure waves to badmouth PC. Well I bet it is a bitter taste when you criticise what you cannot afford.

"hehehe LOL at de bugs on teh PC"

"Ha, master race jajaja"

lol and name the last console launch that went off without a hitch, sitting here playing BF4 the way it was realised and meant to be played while the poor poor console only gamers hold out for an already inferior version.
#28 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AD705  +   833d ago
yeah console guys think that their consoles will have no problems or hassles. Hell I had more hardware problems with my 360 than i ever had with my pc. Not to mention you're lucky if your snes, nes, ps1, n64, and any other retro console works for a few hours before it freezes and crashes on you.

not to mention gears 2, socom confrontation, ps3 versions of any bethesda game, last of us, fable 2 and 3, and many others were unplayable on consoles before years worth of patches were released and even today the ps3 still has trouble running oblivion.
NeoTribe  +   833d ago
This is why pc sucks. To many problems. Nothing beats putting a disk in myconsole and it just working. Decrypt should be here trolling any sec.
Bladesfist  +   833d ago
But coming into a PC article and saying PC sucks is not trolling? I think you need to look at what you are doing before you complain about others.
RVanner_  +   833d ago
Yes I agree putting a disk in a console and just playing is great (I do it myself, and have done since I was 10, But I also play on PC and your view on PC's is completely misguided and I can only assume biased.

Just coming on here and seeing an article where PC gamers are having a bit of a hard time, lets tuck in and give them some stick, this sucks, that sucks, bloody miserable attitude.
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kevnb  +   833d ago
online console games have a history of being broken at launch. And im sure ps3 owners loved the way skyrim worked on their systems at launch. Heck oblivion worked like shit for me on 360 until I learned how to clear the cache, but then of course the 360 cut a ring into the disk...
#29.3 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Maxor  +   833d ago
If this game was release on the PS4 and Xbox One it'll be bugged as hell too. The issue in many cases is with EA Battlelog.

It's totally crap and way too intrusive. The fact Battlelog is mapped to a button is incredibly offensive.
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