Sony Germany Taunts Microsoft Over Call of Duty's Resolution on Social Media, Then Deletes it All

The news that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at 1080p native on PS4 and 720p upscaled on Xbox One created some rather salty responses. Apparently one of said response came directly from the German branch of Sony, that then decided to try and delete every trace of it. Of course it didn't work.

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Relientk771390d ago

Still more classy than Microsoft

Enemy1390d ago

All Sony did was release a fact on Twitter. I'm not even sure why they deleted it.

Nate-Dog1390d ago

Neither of them were classy.

mewhy321390d ago

Sony didn't do anything wrong. All they did was state a fact. Why take it down?

MynextGen1390d ago Show
KUV19771390d ago

They advertize the ability of their system. Nowhere do they write 'only on PlayStation' or 'unlike on X-Box'. There is no taunting to be found except in the minds of those who are hurt by their choice in console. Just because a competitor has a weaker product you are not allowed to advertize your own product. That'S just weird thinking.

SilentNegotiator1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

If you guys bothered to look at what the "taunting" was, you'd realize that it wasn't taunting and that you had just been baited into giving a flamebait article a hit.

+1 trolling for Lalanana

1. To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner.
2. A scornful remark or tirade; a jeer.
.....definitely not a taunt.

If you want to complain about taunting, go wet your pants with the other babies trying to make it a touchdown-denial offense in the NFL.

mikeslemonade1390d ago

It's not taunting. At most it's a cheap shot because Sony did conveniently put that up right after the controversial reveal. The ability to share and play used games antics were more considered a taunt.

MazzingerZ1390d ago

Build it and they will come:)

corvusmd1390d ago

Most immature statement ever

badz1491390d ago

yeah, maybe the timing makes it like a trolling statement (and I guess they had the very intention too, LOL. who can blame them, right? chest beating is in human nature) but if you're on the fence of neutrality, everything they stated over there is PURE HARD FACT. not a single mention of the competition or anything offensive. stating fact =/= not classy


being butthurt over this = not classy!

it's not Sony's fault, CoD is 720p on the Xbone! it's like you got 100% or A+ in class and when you're about to scream in joy and celebrate, others are cry foul because you're kinda being 'insensitive' to those who failed! WTF? it's not my fault they sucked!!

FamilyGuy1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Wtf, this isn't even a taunt, it's just them advertising the game. Now if they tweeted this to a MS employee that would be taunting. I kinda hope Yosh picks up the image and post it himself.

Even if it was a taunt it's not like Sony didn't make a full on youtube video showing "how to share your games". I have no idea why they would even take this down.

JBallerX1390d ago

LOL @ all of the people saying this is just a fact. It's interesting when the tables are turned...

The comments in this article show the bias of this site, and it really is annoying. I will eventually own both systems, but this ridiculous and very odd arguing before the consoles are even released, is stupid.

memots1389d ago


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MysticStrummer1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Not classy at all, but then again neither is your trolling. Calling out someone else's less than classy behavior is more effective if you have a little class of your own.

Edit - lol Having seen what they tweeted, there was nothing wrong with that at all. They are indeed classy.

MGS_fanatico_1390d ago

Hey, it's not bragging if you can back it up... :)

Sitdown1390d ago

Pretty sure you don't know what bragging means.

miyamoto1390d ago

The truth really hurts.

B-radical1390d ago

Hahah i hope MS strike back some how be good too see them do advertising wars......every console fanboy could enjoy!

Be like watching 2 kids fight for a fathers attention

scott1821390d ago

I agree, releasing facts to inform and not withholding information from the consumer is classy. Other companies should try it.

kayoss1390d ago

Is it in 1080P? if not then i dont want to see it.

Abriael1390d ago

Lol i had totally forgot about that one.


Man, look at that comment session... N4G was a different place 6 or 7 years ago, yet the same kind of nonsense today.

torchic1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

those comments!

wow ahahaha! man I can't believe how much the PS3 got trolled

BABY-JEDI1390d ago

I'm expecting Sony to hire that same boat & drive it up & down the Thames advertising the CoD resolution & frame rate. Just for memory sake.
; P

nosferatuzodd1390d ago

yep i forgot how Microsoft playing dirty.. xbox fanboys complaining about being classy like Microsoft ever bin classy, when you're fighting a devil be a devil Microsoft stole everything from rival companies they never yet do anything original ever, the watch what apple did and then build the same thing they watch what IBM did and build the same thing they watch what Nintendo did and try the same thing when does Microsoft ever come with a product of their own never

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JoGam1390d ago

Sorry but that's not taunting Microsoft. Its just the facts. If that's taunting then Microsoft was Taunting when they say get the DLC on Xbox first on their commercials. The only difference is Sony took it down MS still airs the commercial.

stevej3361390d ago

If them advertising the game is 1080p on ps4 is fine then whats the difference if ms says in their commercials that they get the dlc first if its both true? Some people only see things the way they want. Its sad

MGS_fanatico_1390d ago

"Some people only see things the way they want. Its sad"
My sides... Oh, the irony! xD