EA Needs To Announce PS4 Exclusives To Remain Neutral

Hardcore Gamer: Perhaps one of the six new IPs that EA is developing will be a lifetime exclusive for PS4. The one thing we do know is that EA can’t wait longer to make these announcements. The simple truth is that it’s hard to sway people’s opinions once they’re made and announcing Xbox exclusive after Xbox exclusive isn’t going to help that perception.

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NYC_Gamer1632d ago

I'm sure EA wouldn't have a problem with doing so long as Sony pays up

sincitysir11632d ago

Money talks louder than words

PraxxtorCruel1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Honestly the headline sounds so stupid. Written by someone who is very bitter about the exclusivity of Titanfall. MS paid big bucks for this. If Sony does the same they'll get an exclusive.

Want to play the blame game?

Blame Sony for not offering EA the sort of money they couldn't refuse.

P0werVR1632d ago


Yeah, very sad. I guess everything isn't free.

NateCole1632d ago


Or both MS and Sony spend money on real exclusives that hire more people and create better exclusives for each speciifc platforms while letting Titanfall be on both.

Result in more and better games for all gamers and grow the industry further benefiting everyone.

It is obvious you are not a real gamer with that kind of stupid thinking.

scott1821632d ago

It doesn't really bother me as someone who is buying a PS4. This happened last gen with MS buying up 3rd party games as exclusives and Sony focusing on First party. I like how it turned out for Sony... and me as a consumer.

It could very well turn out that Sony buys some 3rd party games, but it wont bother me either way.

GrandTheftZamboni1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I am offering EA my $60 for a PS4 exclusive. Don't want it? Fine, I'll pick up something else.

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Cuzzo631632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

I have to admit... This is a dumb azz article. You guus are right tho. It wasn't given. They paid for it. If you really wanna play it. Xbone and Pc has it. No big deal really. Sony has a plethora of 1st party devs. Why all the Titanfall hate. I think its gonna be an awsome game. If im garenteed 100 million for a exclusive game I made, what do you think I will do... 100 million plus prophit... Well thats a no brainer

Ps4 FTW!!!

koolaid2511632d ago

It was probably more than that

Cuzzo631632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

True that. They will need all the help when the 1st party guys get in the equation .

Micro is probably pressuring Respawn to up the visuals as we speak. Hell they might even pay extra for the extra work

medman1631d ago

Sony has the best first party developers on the planet. They don't need EA developing squat for them.

kparks1632d ago

Its EA who cares i stopped supporting that company years ago.. Fight night round 2 was my last game i bought from EA and they can keep all there other crap they shovel out!

Thehyph1632d ago

That's exactly what went through my head, too.

Unless there's another skate game, then I really don't need EA that much.

admiralvic1632d ago

I can't say I fully agree. Companies go where they think the money is and if EA thinks they can make more from the Xbox One or M$ is paying them, then thats really the end of the story. Does anyone really think this sort of thing makes a company seem bias?

Enemy1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Why are people acting like EA gave it to Microsoft as a gift? Microsoft paid millions upon millions for it. Nobody remembers the ridiculous check they wrote Rockstar for the timed exclusive GTA4 DLC? They paid even more than that for TitanFall.

stuna11632d ago

And believe me if it hadn't received the reception it's getting Microsoft wouldn't have made a bid on it, and it more than likely would have truly been a timed exclusive title, with a 6 month to a year release.

TrendyGamers1632d ago

Not really. Microsoft paid for Titanfall, EA didn't give it to them.

EA would need to announce PS4 DLC or exclusive content to make things even.

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