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EA Needs To Announce PS4 Exclusives To Remain Neutral

Hardcore Gamer: Perhaps one of the six new IPs that EA is developing will be a lifetime exclusive for PS4. The one thing we do know is that EA can’t wait longer to make these announcements. The simple truth is that it’s hard to sway people’s opinions once they’re made and announcing Xbox exclusive after Xbox exclusive isn’t going to help that perception. (Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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NYC_Gamer  +   708d ago
I'm sure EA wouldn't have a problem with doing so long as Sony pays up
sincitysir1  +   708d ago
Money talks louder than words
PraxxtorCruel  +   708d ago
Honestly the headline sounds so stupid. Written by someone who is very bitter about the exclusivity of Titanfall. MS paid big bucks for this. If Sony does the same they'll get an exclusive.

Want to play the blame game?

Blame Sony for not offering EA the sort of money they couldn't refuse.
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P0werVR  +   708d ago

Yeah, very sad. I guess everything isn't free.
NateCole  +   708d ago

Or both MS and Sony spend money on real exclusives that hire more people and create better exclusives for each speciifc platforms while letting Titanfall be on both.

Result in more and better games for all gamers and grow the industry further benefiting everyone.

It is obvious you are not a real gamer with that kind of stupid thinking.
scott182  +   708d ago
It doesn't really bother me as someone who is buying a PS4. This happened last gen with MS buying up 3rd party games as exclusives and Sony focusing on First party. I like how it turned out for Sony... and me as a consumer.

It could very well turn out that Sony buys some 3rd party games, but it wont bother me either way.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   708d ago
I am offering EA my $60 for a PS4 exclusive. Don't want it? Fine, I'll pick up something else.
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Cuzzo63  +   708d ago
I have to admit... This is a dumb azz article. You guus are right tho. It wasn't given. They paid for it. If you really wanna play it. Xbone and Pc has it. No big deal really. Sony has a plethora of 1st party devs. Why all the Titanfall hate. I think its gonna be an awsome game. If im garenteed 100 million for a exclusive game I made, what do you think I will do... 100 million plus prophit... Well thats a no brainer

Ps4 FTW!!!
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koolaid251  +   708d ago
It was probably more than that
Cuzzo63  +   708d ago
True that. They will need all the help when the 1st party guys get in the equation .

Micro is probably pressuring Respawn to up the visuals as we speak. Hell they might even pay extra for the extra work
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medman  +   707d ago
Sony has the best first party developers on the planet. They don't need EA developing squat for them.
kparks  +   708d ago
Its EA who cares i stopped supporting that company years ago.. Fight night round 2 was my last game i bought from EA and they can keep all there other crap they shovel out!
Lovable  +   708d ago
lol wat?
Thehyph  +   708d ago
That's exactly what went through my head, too.

Unless there's another skate game, then I really don't need EA that much.
admiralvic  +   708d ago
I can't say I fully agree. Companies go where they think the money is and if EA thinks they can make more from the Xbox One or M$ is paying them, then thats really the end of the story. Does anyone really think this sort of thing makes a company seem bias?
Enemy  +   708d ago
Why are people acting like EA gave it to Microsoft as a gift? Microsoft paid millions upon millions for it. Nobody remembers the ridiculous check they wrote Rockstar for the timed exclusive GTA4 DLC? They paid even more than that for TitanFall.
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stuna1  +   708d ago
And believe me if it hadn't received the reception it's getting Microsoft wouldn't have made a bid on it, and it more than likely would have truly been a timed exclusive title, with a 6 month to a year release.
TrendyGamers  +   708d ago
Not really. Microsoft paid for Titanfall, EA didn't give it to them.

EA would need to announce PS4 DLC or exclusive content to make things even.
Omar91  +   708d ago
umm no lol .EA doesn't need to do anything. They just need to make sure Titanfall 2makes its way onto the ps4. I'm getting titanfall for 360 so its alright.
AlexanderNevermind  +   708d ago
@ Omar,

At least you won't be losing anything on graphics so no worries....PC for me if I decide to get it.

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Omar91  +   708d ago
I don't think there will be much difference in either platform honestly. I do however think EA will be loosing on money regardless of how much Microsoft paid them.
Convas  +   708d ago
Yes, because companies magically "gift" exclusives on publishers like nothing right?

Back to Economics 101 OP.
P0werVR  +   708d ago
Well said my friend. Bubbles for you.
4logpc  +   708d ago
Mr_cheese  +   708d ago
Boo Wendy, booo
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Godmars290  +   708d ago
When hasn't EA shown preference to EA, with the added announcement that they've gotten paid for showing it.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   708d ago
Sony don't give EA no money! Just focus on your first party devs and you will be fine!
Bigc32  +   708d ago
That's cause as of now Sony has no money to afford games just bunch indie n same launch games for now. But things will change once there sales go in for ps4
OrangePowerz  +   708d ago
Because all the 1st and 2nd party studios working on PS4 since 1-2 years do that for free right now until Sony gets money from PS4 sales?

I think you have a very wrong understanding of the money that Sony can spend on stuff despite of the company not having their best time they have money they can spend.
P0werVR  +   708d ago
Yes money they can spend that doesn't belong to the SOE division. Business doesn't work like that my friend. Unless your Microsoft.
OrangePowerz  +   708d ago
SCE is one of the better performing divisions of Sony so they will have the money they need to spend. Other divisions like the TV part or Laptop and so on are the ones that bleed money, so it`s mainly the electronics part that gives them problems.
thehitman  +   708d ago
Publishers are businesses they only want money. EA probably took the calculated business decision that w/e MS was going to pay them that it would beat the amount of sales they would make from ps4 sales. Nobody ofc knows what that price was so who knows if it will be worth it but in terms of image I think it will hurt more than help. TitanFall is a new IP on a new Console and to add an inferior console where it will be compared to better looking games and playing games across the other platform. Titanfall wont even have a single player and they will probably market it at an over priced $60 game. Gameplay wise the game looks awesome but I think the game will miss more than hit when it releases.
OrangePowerz  +   708d ago
No thanks, I rather have Sony invest the money they would have to pay EA into making great games on their own and supporting their dev studios.
cabbitwithscissors  +   708d ago
I agree. No need to waste money on third parties when their platform is big enough for EA to service them with games no matter what. (except for a few buy-outs from MS side. That price tag has had to definitely been a huge number)

The money saved can be used for Sony's own games and development teams which will be exclusive to the PS platform anyway.

Win-win on both sides.
ZBlacktt  +   708d ago
Who cares, don't buy their stuff, lol. I don't. :D
xboned_you  +   708d ago
The world is ending cause titanfall is an exclusive lol!
Godhimself_In_3d  +   708d ago
Funny thing is what happens if titan fall doesn't live up to it on xbox one just a theory are we gonna tar and feather EA. You dudes will say f%@k EA then by madden,fifa,battlefield lol.will you still buy titan fall two on ps4.If titan fall is the next coming of call of duty and seeing how EA got a hard on for taking down cod it will be on ps4 in a new York minute. Funny EA always sides with last gens winner and then sales come and they jump ship. Peter Moore wants xbox to be Sony, he leaves ms and goes to EA and its been a match made in heaven. And Mr Phil Harrison is a double agent
NateCole  +   708d ago
Well no. I rather sony buy QD or RAD or fund HS2 and Colony wars than spend money on 3rd party exclusives.

I rather Sony get the goose that lays golden eggs than buying the golden egg itself.

Heck i would take a real exclusive optimised for the PS4 than some exclusive made for multiplat.
Killjoy3000  +   708d ago
And here's another thing - what else does EA have that's worth anything, besides Titanfall? I'd rather Sony continue to fund Agent.
KILLERAPP  +   708d ago
There is no need for Sony to give EA money, Titan fall sequel will come out on PS4 and Sony would have to pay nothing. Sony needs to invest in there first party games in the long run it pays off...
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keyz1579  +   708d ago
the bottom line is Microsoft paid EA for the rights,Sony didn't at they end of they day money talks this is not a charity business.
maddskull  +   708d ago
its funny also that people are talking about how titanfall is exclusive and they forget that rockstar may make an exclusive for ps4 which may be better than titanfall
ger2396  +   708d ago
That's pure speculation at this point.
MichaelLito79  +   708d ago
Who keeps allowing these flame bait articles into n4g.
christocolus  +   708d ago
imo this article is very pathetic.
D-riders  +   708d ago
its there loss people keep saying money talks if the ps4 sell 5 million by march and their is a 80% game attachment rate that means that EA lost around 300 million in games sells. Im sure MS didn't pay that much
gamertk421  +   708d ago
One PS4 exclusive coming up. That'll be $200 million,please. No Mr. Yoshida, we don't accept proprietary memory cards as payment, I'm terribly sorry...
maddskull  +   708d ago
you dont know maybe ps4 payed for another game but they told ea not to announce it because well it seems they like to keep surprises they even may have payed mre money for ea than microsoft but not on this game
DevilishSix  +   708d ago
Wait what? Xbox fans kept saying Respawn owns the titanfall IP and made choice to go exclusive on X1. I have read that numerous times in comments on many articles on here the last few months. The author of this article says EA made it permenant without Respawns permission. I would say that means EA holds the rights to Titanfall IP. Would you not agree?
Alex1976  +   708d ago
EA also needs to announce a game with better graphics on xone than on ps4, just like they did with battlefield 4. So they remain neutral.
DanielGearSolid  +   708d ago
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