Wii U continues to struggle as 3DS booms

Nintendo's Wii U console has failed to light the world ablaze, resulting in lowered projections for previous financial periods. The latest fiscal numbers from the company show some progress for the tablet-based console, but it continues to struggle.

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_QQ_1694d ago

Move 50% of 3DS developers to Wiiu Nintendo.

DarkBlood1694d ago

they share one headquarters if you didnt already know.

_QQ_1694d ago

yes and some are working on 3ds while others on wiiu games, more of them are obviously working on 3ds.

shivvy241694d ago

probably cause it takes longer to make games on wii u

Anarki1694d ago

As I have always said, shove a Pokémon game on to the Wii U and watch the sales numbers rise.

mikeslemonade1694d ago

Y'all need it to get it through your thick skulls nothing will fix the Wii U. They can come out with all the exclusives but if you don't match system power, online functionality, and lack the multiplatform games they will be lucky to sell 30 million units this generation.

Look what happened to the Gamecube and N64. The Wii was just an anomoly because motion controls and WiiSports was the selling point.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1694d ago

The wii is outselling it recently.

danny8181694d ago

pope kaz,
whats your stance on the wiiu's struggles? will this reflect the ps4 as 2014 unfolds?

Fanboyssuck271694d ago

The wii outsells everything including playstation and xbox.

MrCastle1694d ago

No way! 3ds is the shit! Leave that beauty alone. I'm ready for another resident evil or maybe another GameCube port.

3-4-51694d ago

They already did....about a year ago. They originally moved wii u dev's to 3DS to get games on it because it was "struggling" and then this caused there to be less games in first year for Wii U.

R00bot1694d ago

That was probably a good idea, because Nintendo has always dominated the handheld market and the investors were running scared when that changed. As long as their handhelds are doing OK Nintendo is doing OK.

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BullyMangler1694d ago

struggle schmuggle . . the wiiU already succeeded .. it already provides more immersion and more game-changing qualities over a sony and microsoft machine < fact just look at the new Deus Ex and the new Splintercell . . the wiiU versions is superior than ps3 360 because of the game-pad .

saLes are important yes, but nintendo is so king that they can afford to make "mistakes".

SlapHappyJesus1694d ago

It's hard to survive a failing when it comes to making a console.
There is a lot of money involved.

I love Nintendo and want to see them succeed but, as it stands, they are damn lucky to have the 3DS at the moment.

kingPoS1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Why not compare the PS2 & Xbox to the Wii while your at it. Of course it going to look better, it's a whole generation ahead of what came before.

GameSpawn1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

...and it will be behind again in 2-3 weeks.

(the rest is not in response to kingPoS)

Remember the PS4 and Xbox will be getting Second Screen and SmartGlass to compete with Nintendo's gamepad and both swamp the WiiU in terms of power. Nintendo has gotten out of sync with the generations. I think the Wii and DS's successes have gone to their head and blinded them.

Nintendo can make a few mistakes because of where the Wii and DS have put them. They almost botched the 3DS by launching at too high of a price, but were quick to lower it and regain some lost momentum. The WiiU however has NO ONE fooled.

Even some of the most hardcore Nintendo fans were very cautious to buy into it. Windwaker HD grabbed a few people, but the lack of more "Windwaker HD"-successful games are causing the console to stagnate at the worst time possible with the competition's systems just over the horizon.

It also doesn't help that the bread and butter of the Wii's market, the impulse buyers and naive overprotective parents, look at the WiiU and compare it to the Wii they already own and are quick to pass over it as a "minor" upgrade. They shouldn't have called it the WiiU for God's sakes; those parents (naive remember) see WiiU and think "Oh? A WiiU, so it just a Wii right? Well, we already have one of those and this seems MUCH more expensive. Move along little Johny, let's get you some more Skylanders toys.".

Again, I can only see Nintendo salvaging what is left of the WiiU by cranking out some quality first party titles and enticing some unique, exclusive 3rd party or 2nd party titles to the table as well. Nintendo isn't going away and their handhelds are making damn sure of that, but they sure are fading to the default 3rd place before the game has even begun.

R00bot1694d ago

The thing is, the Wii U gamepad is always going to be better than PSVITA and SmartGlass due to the zero lag and the fact that everyone with a Wii U has one.
The VITA has very little owners, so it won't be used as a major part in any games.
And SmartGlass, although it uses phones which pretty much everyone has, has got bad lag that won't make it viable for fast paced gaming.

shivvy241694d ago

ive kinda been disappointed with nintendos home consoles since the wii

Concertoine1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

for me the confirmed titles of the first few years already make the wii u better than the wii :P

shivvy241694d ago

Yeah that's true, but they used to do much better when they were competing with the PS1,2 !ever since they started doing their own think it kinda feels like they haven't been pushing for something fresh like games( just my opinion )

Felonycarclub81694d ago

All wii-u really needs it's the games that most people love from Nintendo but don't right and taking full advantage of the power that the wii-u has, like star fox, Zelda a super Mario 64 kind of game pokemon and metro I'd and etc and they should drop the price to 250 and have an internal hdd

LOL_WUT1694d ago

Nintendo's Q2 results were very disappointing and the only game they have to counter the other two consoles is a Mario game... The holidays coming up are going to dictate the future of the Wii U. ;)

Misaka_x_Touma1694d ago

Their report ended September.
Zelda Wind Waker HD boosted it a lot toward the end of the quarter.

With the Japanese Bundles coming this week and more big titles for Holiday plus the Price Drop full effect will mean a lot.

Same thing happened with 3DS. Zelda came before price drop at that time 3DS was at 5m I think then it increase to 6.

At the same time in October 3DS was at 7m. Toward end of 2011 and early 2012 3DS sold 12m.

ritsuka6661694d ago

The holidays coming up are going to dictate the future of the Wii U. ;) '''

Nah..2014 is the key year of Wii U. ;)

R00bot1694d ago

That's when most of the key games come out. It's going to be a grand year to be a wii u owner.

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