Call Of Duty Ghosts Leaked To Torrents For Xbox 360, PS3

Wow no words, those online pirates will do anything to get free things. Just a week before Call of Duty Ghost launch the game already managed to leak to torrents for the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

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NYC_Gamer1634d ago

The game was bound to leak on sites sooner or later like most

brianunfried1634d ago

Can't play online multiplayer with a pirated version, so what's the point?

ExitToExisT1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

You can. at least on x360, not sure about ps3.

Anon19741634d ago

On the PS3 you'd have to have the OS version before linux was blocked, so I'm guessing you're not getting online with that. Remember when GeoHat or whatever the hell is name was was saying his hack wasn't for piracy when the Linux option was removed? Yeah, I guess it was for piracy. No surprise there. I see all those frivolous OtherOS lawsuits were all tossed out of court as well.

I guess it's quite a pain in the ass to get torrented games working on the PS3. Xbox 360 torrents are downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. PS3 torrents are downloaded so infrequently they're not even tracked.

XboxFun1634d ago

@ Darkride

"PS3 torrents are downloaded so infrequently they're not even tracked."

I guess if you weren't looking that statement would sort of be true, but it isn't.

I can go to a good number of spots specifically to get torrents for PS3 games.

Anon19741633d ago

@XboxFun. That not what I stated. I know full well you can download PS3 torrents. That's what this article is about. My statement was PS3 torrents are downloaded so infrequently compared to 360 torrents, nobody even bothers to track them.

For example, when sites like torrentfreak compile their "years most pirated games" list they usually run with this statement "There's no PS3 list because the number of downloads is "considerably less" than other platforms."

annus1634d ago

Only PC gamers are pirates, r-right?

MegaRay1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

You know those pirates gamers hacked the game on their pc. That make them gamers pirated on their pc. Pc gamers are pirates xD

SniperControl1634d ago

I think i read somewhere, that the COD franchise is the most pirated ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.