Is GTA as Clever as It Thinks It Is?

Well, OK, yes. As a series, Grand Theft Auto has always been heaped with accolades from critics and fans - and for the most part, it's deserved them. But take a step back from the open-world approach and rampant criminality for a second, and ask yourself: deep down, is the series really as smart as it's given credit for? Or has the freedom to get into firefights with Florida retirees blinded us to the series' shortcomings?

With Grand Theft Auto IV set to redefine the series' tone and sense of smartness in under a week's time, Games Radar decided it was time to take a look back and re-appraise whether GTA has really been as clever as it's always made out to be.

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Hercules3887d ago

this is just a dumb article...

Cynical-Gamerzus3886d ago

I have my doubts about this game since it does tend to fall short in the middle of the gameplay. This game is highly entertaining at FIRST but is the same crap over and over and over once you play it.

Ill wait to see if it changes on the Next gen systems.So far looks good and if they give it more Call of Duty4 like Dramatic effects and keep it fresh .It's a winner...
The last ones looked like crap since the previous PlayStation 1&2 technologies were crap..(sorry they were),PS3 is a different story however.
Will see..