Capcom Post Financial Earnings

Monster Hunter 4 was a big success among other games as well for the gaming giant.

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awkwardhamster1273d ago

And let's not forget duck tales remastered

Lord_Sloth1273d ago

lol DMC4 What does THAT tell ya? XXXD

Tontus1273d ago

Surely a typo? I can't believe DMC4 would be selling better than DmC this year.

Akuma2K1273d ago

And Capcom says they don't have the resources to port Ultra Streetfighter 4 to the PS4.....yea right, they aren't fooling anyone.

hay1273d ago

I think they meant they have no resources to spare for such low install base...

thehobbyist1273d ago

Street Fighter is a system seller.

hay1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Yet another release of pretty much the same game which went into heavy regression after Zero series?
Not for me it isn't.
I'm all for progress, not regress.

But keeping things constructive, only fighting games that progressed in their own direction this generation were KoF13 and DoA5.
Here be personal opinion.

Akuma2K1273d ago

SF4 fanbase is bigger than you think, also Capcom would make a lot money if they did the port but I think they're just being lazy.

NYC_Gamer1273d ago

I'm surprised RE6 sold so well

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