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Submitted by manasteel88 835d ago | opinion piece

Irrational Childhood Fears – A Look at the Games that Scared Us as Kids

Twinfinite looks back on the games that terrified us when we were younger and more irrational. (Donkey Kong Country, Monster Party, Nintendo DS, Retro, Super Mario 64)

Starbucks_Fan  +   835d ago
That damn piano in Mario 64 still makes me jump a bit.
slate91  +   835d ago
Lol me too! I will never forget when I turned the corner and saw Boo floating in the hallway for the first time. I had to be only 7, but I turned off my 64 and my heart was racing
PurpHerbison  +   835d ago
I didn't play Mario 64 as much as I should have but that Eel underwater sure did scare me.
smashman98  +   835d ago
I'm not sure if this is irrational but the re deads when u first step into hyrule plaza in ocarina of time scared the crap out of me
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Steven21  +   835d ago
Monster Party was definitely scary... I don't think I got much further than he did when I played it
iWishTifaWasReal  +   835d ago
Final Fantasy 8 really scared me when i was a kid. Main reason couldnt get past the Training ground because a Dino would suddenly appear
KingOdin89  +   834d ago
These guys scared me, as well as gave me severe anxiety when I was about 5 years old.

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