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Make a Kagillion Dollars in GTA V

How to get rich fast in GTA V a post by Kirk Deis. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

DoomeDx  +   574d ago
I never even knew Kagillion was a word
Chxii  +   574d ago
Goro  +   574d ago
Most of us don't.
Kirkusm  +   574d ago
It is. It's online so you know it's legit. :)
GentlemenRUs  +   574d ago
Umm, You can only make 2.147billion in one go.
RedDevils  +   574d ago
funny I make about 1.5 billions on all oft characters and I realise I could make more when see some of stock tip
YoungKingDoran  +   574d ago
"sir, that's not a real number"


lildudexst  +   574d ago
Fast way to get ban as well 157 people in got reset with in the first week of it being
Got bad feeling that 70% of us going get smoke in next coming week dude was 147 now rank 10 its crazy yo most of them was really upset well next time earn your money warning if had done this it to late enjoy it while it last doe I'm a billioner and now I'm not. Just do rank up glich not money shit some ask you nooooooo I'm fine lol.
LordMaim  +   574d ago
Mega24  +   574d ago
did you get any of that? cuz I sure as hell didn't...
Dead_Cell  +   574d ago
Hang on, I picked up a bit of this language while holidaying in Slough.

"This cheat is also a fast way to recieve a ban, one hundred and fifty seven people on GTA Online had their accounts reset by Rockstar in the first week alone and I have a feeling that 70% of us that are left will receive a reset over the next week as Rockstar cracks down. One guy I know was reset from level 147 and now he's level 10. That's crazy. Quite a few of them we're upset.

If you have taken part in this cheat you should enjoy it while you can, I was once a billionaire and now I am not.

Moral of the story is - Just rank up as you are supposed to or only do the ranking up glitch, not the money. If you were to ask me about the deletion I would say no, I am fine."

I've only got my undergraduate in Subhuman linguistics but I thinks that's about it.

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