Infinite Undiscovery Famitsu Scans

It's been quite some time since Gamersyde got some good looking scans of Famitsu, and since these are about new characters in Infinite Undiscovery it's even twice the pleasure. Now this is a nice looking game!

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aggh im on fire3887d ago

This is looking pretty good. Its been a while sine i heard anything about this so the pics are welcome.
Is it just me or has the xbox and playstation switched roles this generation? The 360 seems to be getting the kind of games i was expecting on ps3.

green3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Agree.Visually its a great looking game.Anyone that has not seen the trailer on Kbox live should definately check it out.

Tri ace said a release date will be announced soon so hopefully we should see it released this year.

kewlkat0073887d ago

Yup I'm getting this game...Beating Lost Odyssey soon. To think I bought the PS3 partially for W/JRpgs, Okay well FF13 will have it's time to shine for now the 360 is killin..em with W/JRpgs, you name it.

Fallout, Last Remenant, Infinite Discovery, Fable 2. plenty of goodies..

devilhunterx3887d ago

2 of them are coming on the PS3 on the same date.

selftalk3886d ago

i will definately get one when the english version is out

ceedubya93886d ago

360 can not have the title of a "shooter console" with all of these RPGs available/coming out. In lots of ways, it seems like the most well rounded console of the big 3 RIGHT NOW. That could change later, but right now the 360 has every genre covered in some way.

This game looks hot. I'm buying upon release, and I hope it comes out this year. Looks to be some good RPGs coming out, which is great considering that we probably won't see a true Final Fantasy until 2009.

Richdad3886d ago

Tghat what I can say 360 is no more hardcore its gone in all genres unlike xbox1 but the screens hav eimproved from the last time I saw them.