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xHoii1669d ago

Look's interesting but I could tell you that no way will this map be included in competitve matches (e-sports)

pedrof931669d ago

I thought something was free here. Apparently not, it was just the name :D

joe901669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

It is FREE. It's the pre-order bonus.

mikeslemonade1669d ago

Lucky Activision gets my sale. If it wasn't for the perk system and class system, I'd cancel my pre-order. This game actually looks worst and worst with each new preview.

This preview must have been done on either a 360 or PS3.

JustJdog1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Agree, there doesn't seem to be too many areas where you can set up and deliberately control, for game types such as ctf. Still looks like a fun free for all map though

ninjagoat1669d ago

Thats the thing aint it. All these new maps come out you pay a bucket load and when it comes down to it MLG on console and PC's leagues ESL clanbase etc don't support them when it comes to competitive play they stick to stock maps.

So if your a competitive player it make these map packs senseless buys. Rely these developers need to get back to what they used to do and release this stuff for free.

Imo its enough reward when people reward you with there loyalty for your game. Instead off rubbing it in all year on DLC. This goes for BF4 aswell even though i do prefer BF4-3 i still want it back to the old ways with maps.

I've no plans on being on no COD bandwagon but seriously if i was this is one off the reasons id be backing away.

MNGamer-N1668d ago

At the bottom after it's over, is says "Free Fall pre-order bonus not available for WiiU". WHY? It is so damn irritating.