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PS4 Vs Xbox One: in praise of the ludicrous, magnificent COD: Ghosts resolution wars

You have to admire his honesty. Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin there, setting some corners of the internet aflame with one nonchalantly-phrased, specially extended tweet confirming a minor difference between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Most people might have seen this, shrugged, and probably moved on with their lives. But many didn’t. In an unprecedented piece of timetabling for the games industry, we’re about to see a new PlayStation and a new Xbox arrive within days of each other, and Sony and Microsoft are battling over each and every sale. This stuff matters. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4, Xbox One)

GribbleGrunger  +   639d ago
From the same magazine that gave us this cover:


'The difference is hardly noticeable' OK
xHeavYx  +   639d ago
This picture gives you a good example of the "minor difference"

I Think Edge is trying to put down the fire they started with the PS4 as your nex gen console cover
NewMonday  +   639d ago
the new pre-order charts show people do care with shifts in BF4 and CoD sales in favor of the PS4, and it's not a full week of the news yet.
Angels3785  +   639d ago

Spread these to their respected fanboys in these types of articles. Discorage this behavior!
sigfredod  +   639d ago
Actually i don't think so, only to lower the flame a little, but on the article they still sustain their affirmation
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RickHiggity  +   639d ago
@Angels3785 is right. How old are you guys? 13? 14?
ambientFLIER  +   639d ago
Heavy -

Give me a break, that picture doesn't tell us shit. It all depends on how good the upscaler is on the xbox and whether the 720P allowed the developers to have a better framerate or extra effects. Only a direct side by side comparison will show us.
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GameNameFame  +   639d ago
Just turn down your PC resolution to 720p. Tell me that is 'minor'.

My eyes can't see half the stuff correctly. So blurry
mewhy32  +   639d ago
The difference in 720p and 1080p is a big deal. No matter how you try and spin it.
3-4-5  +   639d ago
huge difference from that chart/graph.

Can't wait until launch so we can start getting all the full real info about everything.
kazuma999  +   639d ago
GG xHeavYx XD
AlexanderNevermind  +   639d ago
"Microsoft, meanwhile, plays the role of the blundering, but filthy rich, corporate giant – first announcing a console built around what it wants, then quickly amending those plans when it realised no-one else did. It’ll succeed by way of buying up format exclusives and spending whatever it takes on marketing."

This blurb pretty much sums up what so many feel about MS and the X1.
n4rc  +   639d ago
Jesus... Sony is just as much a corporate giant.. And what about sony buying the rights for bf3 and ac4 to gain dlc early?

Lemme guess.. Its OK for Sony to do that, but if ms pays for cod dlc.. Its bad...

Its so blatantly obvious the double standard people hold in their minds..

And youll miss the fact that x1s were still in high demand even when "everyone" hated it..
GribbleGrunger  +   639d ago
I posted this on Gaff for their appraisal. It's going to be an entertaining few hours.


What people don't seem to understand is that they're viewing those comparison gifs on a monitor. What they need to do is 'view image' and if they have Firefox, enlarge the image to something approaching a 40" TV. Then and only then will it hit them! Jaggies on jaggies off.
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GribbleGrunger  +   639d ago
Here's one such gif. Don't forget to enlarge it, and you too will be enlightened:

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Pintheshadows  +   639d ago
You can see the difference without enlarging the image.

The easiest thing to look for is the text on the weapon model.
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DoesUs  +   639d ago
LOL. Like i said "no one will notice". Suppose they won't notice the price difference aswell?

Oh you Edge.
IVanSpinal  +   639d ago
1080p vs Dedicated Servers
svoulis  +   639d ago
All versions were confirmed for Dedicated Servers.

Try again.

Oh, and here.

Pintheshadows  +   639d ago
What amuses me more is even though one is clearly better than the other the game looks terrible either way.
n4rc  +   639d ago
Lol.. No it wasn't..

Ps4 is using some hybrid p2p setup with some servers for match making... Your game is still being hosted on some random dudes ps4
svoulis  +   639d ago


there ya go ;)

n4rc  +   637d ago
"Will use a hybrid setup of dedicated servers and listen servers"

Thanks for the link that proves my point.. Guess you didn't read more then the headline... It was only one line down lol
svoulis  +   637d ago

Please go look up what a Hybrid server actually is . It is in fact a dedicated server. In the same way that on XO you will still have 10 yr olds screaming in your ear.
scott182  +   639d ago
Why not both?
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Enemy  +   639d ago
And the dedicated servers card fails you once more.
Angels3785  +   639d ago
You should read this
bobsmith  +   639d ago
People saying its not that big a deal probably because its just the yearly cod but what if it was gta v this would be huge I bet
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   639d ago
Not many like to admit they like cod, which is why it's a big deal
bobsmith  +   639d ago
gta v would look crazy in 1080p compared to 720p though think about that
Sci0n  +   639d ago
I know PS4's launch will be huge but I have a feeling it just got a whole new crap load of people ready to cancel there X1 preorders and crash the stores for them PS4's lol.
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HardcoreDaBoss  +   639d ago
no not really at all. Most people dont pay attention to the resolution of a game unless there pc nerds who care about specs only. Oh and console fan girls.
joeyisback  +   639d ago
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WorldGamer  +   639d ago
This one is an instant classic. I sent it to P0WerVR, I'm concerned he might have given up. Poor thing.

bornsinner  +   639d ago
fanboys are annoying, i think if anyone should have a desire for the best specs then pc is there answer.

but both games will look the same... most likely the xbone version was rushed due to late driver updates, but who cares the game isn't exactly the great for visuals.

ps4 version has the better resolution compared to xbone, xbone has the dedicated servers. pc has the best visuals. make your choice, but i think if you are picking ps4 jus for the resolution then you are beyond stupid.
xHeavYx  +   639d ago
People who fail to realize that COD will have dedicated servers on the PS4 is beyond stupid.
bornsinner  +   639d ago
*FACEPALM cod on other plats will not be dedicated... i'm just going to copy what i wrote because there are too many stupid people to educate..

" get a better source or read what he actually wrote, he said 'one' might assume that, which means one might take it the wrong way. he also mentioned that it was a hybrid system, of dedicated & listen servers, do you even know what that means? a dedicated server will do the matchmaking, look for location based ping & select a PLAYER AS A HOST, the listen server is a P2P connection, a player is selected as host.. the funny thing is THEY ALREADY DO THIS! they are merely making people speculate to assume ghost is ps4 dedicated when it is not, people take it the wrong way but they dont care it boost sales.

also worth mentioning is they wont quote on other platforms expect xbone was admitted to have dedicated yet they kept quiet about everything else...most likely they don't want to make other plats feel demoted "
WorldGamer  +   639d ago
@ bornsinner

Your sin today is that you opened your mouth sir.


strickers  +   639d ago
If you think resolution IS the point, you are a moron.
miyamoto  +   639d ago
No amount of damage control can undo what has been done.
blahblah123  +   639d ago
This is Edge people. EDGE.

The same Edge who "broke" this story:

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cyhm3112  +   639d ago
why don't people just let xbone die? give ms a lesson!! spying on people are not acceptable!! They might come up with a better console next time, or better yet, leave the console business!!
gamer2013  +   639d ago
Why are you so threatened by Xbox? You hate mongers are like parasites.
Convas  +   639d ago
No thanks.
NateCole  +   639d ago
There are many reasons why this is a big deal.

1. 100 more
2. Its a COD game running on an old engine.
3. Its a high profile game.
4. Its the start of then gen as such people didnt expect to see such a big difference between the two in the begining.
5. Its a multiplat where parity is always sought.
captain_slow82  +   639d ago
1080p vs 720p i know what i want having a 52 inch 1080p tv thats correct 1080p

and if anyone says they carnt tell the difference between 1080p an 720p they are flat out full of crap lol
Pintheshadows  +   639d ago
This game at whatever resolution looks horrific.

Some have been saying the differences between AC4 current and next gen are minor but at least in motion they are evident. Improved lighting, textures, LoD, and draw distance.

This however seems to have god awful textures and geometry, a horrible colour palette, and lack of detail. I mean the trees look horrible. I've seen better in average racing games. The fact that the X1 can't handle this level of visuals at a next gen resolution (at this point 1080p is the bare minimum considering 4K is around the corner) is very concerning.

To me it seems that all of sudden the view on resolutions has changed. At one point it seemed important to the Xbox fanboys here that bashed any PS3 multiplatform title that fell below 720p (GTA4 for example) and claimed that they had the superior versions.

The fact is 1080p native should really be bread and butter for both the new consoles. It should be their thing. Not 720p which is very much behind the times.
DomceM  +   639d ago
atm im not buying either console. but what i enjoy the most is watching moron fanboys come in and try to justify their purchase with the most stupid reasons.

Powerofgreen, bigpappy, etc you all know who you are. The real reason why you are buying xbox is because you are a fanboy of the brand. The sooner you can admit it the sooner we can move on.

its 100$ more, for much less power. And your multiplat games will be significantly inferior every time. If you are hoping for parity, you are going to get owned, because this gen it wont be hard to take advantage of each console properly. Why? B/c consoles are not far from PC (architecture wise, not performance) which will make it easy for devs to work with. They will take advantage of the more powerful machine: PC/PS4.

So yeah enjoy your kinect. No PC hardcore gamer i know would even try to justify 720p. That is retarded.

Some moron before on here tried to explain that 720 is sharper than 1080p. Lmfao. Idiotic desperation. Go hump your xbox in the corner and stop posting here.
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benmiles  +   639d ago
You're the biggest fucking fan boy in here! I find it funny reading these comments it helps me keep perspective of what is important in life, whilst keeping a keen impartial view on the next generation of console gaming. I love gaming I have done for since I was 6 years old (now 29) but you guys are all completely fucking weird and most of you probably haven't really lived life yet. I have held off really posting in here for years just because I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't out of principle.

But luckily for you I am at hand to provide a little education as I am in the know. If you have a TV smaller than 54 inches and you are sitting at approximately just under 10 feet then unless you superman you it is pure undeniable optometry that you will not be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. The smaller the screen the lesser then distance required, now if you are gaming on a screen smaller than 32 inches then I guarantee you that at 7 feet you will not be able to tell the difference. Whilst I could not give a shit about the resolution of either consoles multi-platform ports I do care for logic and reason and none of that applies to the majority of people on here, I am guessing teenagers and young men with social problems.

So the only person who is retarded (I hate the horrible American insult, I prefer wanker) is the one referring to himself as a hardcore PC gamer, claiming to not be a fan boy yet clearly is the most over zealous person on here. It sounds more like a disability than anything else. Hardcore gaming! Is that installing a game on Windows 7 and messing with a few initialization files which my 4 year old could master after a few googles!? Nope! Hardcore gaming is waiting an hour for your cassette tape to boot on your C64! Only for your tape drive to chew it up 15 minutes later! That is hardcore, maximum effort for minimal output.

So many so called experts who have read a few magazines and done a google, all of you would get ripped to shreds one on one with a top PS4 or Xbox platform architect.
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miyamoto  +   639d ago
You know what is more gratifying, rewarding, & most hardcore for a gamer to do?
To do the impossible....like teardown a $250 billion monopolistic monster company by chipping away on it in a daily basis using my Windows PC, keyboard, & Microsoft branded mouse.
Multiply that with millions of same feathered internet word warriors everyday and you have a massive social force to be reckoned with.

Someone's gonna get a hurt real bad.

I dont have 20/20 anymore but i can humbly tell the difference between 720p and 1080p or 480p for that matter when i wear my glasses. Console needs to progress.
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DomceM  +   638d ago
Maybe you should have held off from posting at all. Your post actually made me laugh.

No difference between 1080p and 720p on a smaller screen than 32in? Lol what?

You can pick different resolutions as a pc gamer and I can tell you right now it looks significantly different. Stop smoking crack.
ShowGun901  +   639d ago
well ive got a projector and a 106 inch screen... ive gotta have something that'll pull 1080 LOL
likeventy   639d ago | Spam
mochachino  +   639d ago
For the first time in years I actually agree with Edge, PS4 is my next-gen console.

First thing xbone gamers do when they unbox that brand new console = control the OS with Kinect and test the TV functionality.

First thing PS4 games do = insert a game.

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