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USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending October 26th, 2013

The most pre-ordered games in the USA ranked by unit sales.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (360) remains at the number one spot two weeks before its launch, while Battlefield 4 (360) remains at number 2 in the final week prior to its launch. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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xHoii  +   755d ago
Well it's now clear that COD:GHOSTS won't take GTA:Vs crown for the most preordered game, unless in the coming week it manages to get in another 1.5 million preorders.
It's also intresting how BF4 preorders on PS4 are nearly double those of Xbox One, While COD preorders for both next gen consoles are somewhat close.
Lalanana  +   755d ago
xbox one ghost :337,181
ps4 ghost : 310,136

this will be and up and down race apparently

besides 360 has most preorders..if anything down the line..some people will just upgrade to xbox one for 10 bucks more
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Riderz1337  +   755d ago
LOL the resolution was confirmed like a day ago, how would these charts affect that? Plus it looks like it's already starting. This week PS4 went up 12K and Xbox One went up 8K. I expect an even bigger difference next week.
ZBlacktt  +   755d ago
Even worse when you look how much better the 360 is doing better then the X1 in pre order games. Apparently not many people care about anything better.
NewMonday  +   755d ago
games in the top 10:


its true, kind of ironic

Titanfall at the bottom at #36 with only 56k, compared to Destiny (a game releasing much later) at #17 with 95k for the PS4, this shows its the next gen FPS people truly want.


CoD on PS4 had a 50% increase over the XB1 version this week, and people are just getting the news


PS4 BF4 = 322k
XB1 BF4 = 156k

nice try anyway.
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tracyllrkn  +   755d ago
You're assuming that the people who have a 360 will be getting an X1, which definitely won't happen.
mikeslemonade  +   755d ago
Stupid and lame people still buying current gen games smh..

Way to move forward the gaming industry people..
Angels3785  +   755d ago
Read this http://n4g.com/user/blogpos...

Its how you sound.
abzdine  +   755d ago
i'm so sick of seeing COD there every year, don't gamer soon want to try something else? damn you guys are killing gaming...
thekhurg  +   754d ago

I don't play CoD and the yearly release schedule doesn't impact my gaming enjoyment at all. I don't understand how Activison is ruining gaming because of one popular franchise.
Studio-YaMi  +   754d ago
So desperate,aren't you?
Eonjay  +   754d ago
Well it that time of week again. Same question:
BF4 is now beating COD on PS4, but they are practically in a dead heat.

However, COD is destroying BF4 on Xbox One. Why are Xbox players so slanted against BF4?
mikeslemonade  +   754d ago
Cause Xbox gamers are slower in general. They take a while to realize a trend.

BF is regarded the top shooter game right now. However there's more casual gamers that don't know this. There's more casual gamers that still buying the X1.
P0werVR  +   754d ago

Why would Xbox One buyers be "slanted" towards BF4?!

Probably they like CoD: Ghost. Ever thought about that???


Wow nice observation there. That makes a lot of sense.

Probably there are a lot of casuals still buying Xbox One.
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805Junior805  +   755d ago
Because this is just in the US. Where most people only have xbox for cod. Look at the first party exclusive preorders tho. Kill zone has more preorders than Ryse and dead rising. Why do Xbox fanboys boast about having better launch exclusives if they aren't even preordering them?
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shivvy24  +   754d ago
I guess they have a variety of games to pick from like ryse, forza and dr3 while the ps4 guys get killzone or knack,, pretty sure most of the guys are getting killzone
Shake_Zula  +   754d ago
You've gotta feel sorry for Mark Cerny though... He's the lead PS4 architect, basically responsible for all this greatness to come... yet, his game is getting almost no attention. Hopefully, it pulls up in digital sales.
LetoAtreides82  +   754d ago
Shake_Zula, Knack has almost 64k pre-orders vs Titanfall's 56k pre-orders. It's doing better than I expected.
isa_scout  +   754d ago
Yeah, I picked up my copy of Killzone today...Kinda bummed there was no manual :(
Even more bummed that I still have 15 days until I can play the damn game...lol Looks sooo good.
rainslacker  +   754d ago
Haven't you heard? All new X1 owners are buying digital. Digital is the new physical. /s

Or the more sensible could be true, the PS4 has a reported 2:1 pre-order advantage over the X1 at the present time, so it's obvious it will sell more software overall. Doesn't speak to the future, just makes more sense than digital becoming so big all of a sudden.
awi5951  +   754d ago
Bf numbers are going to suck people arent going to buy the current get version in droves. Everyone is going to wait for the good versions with 64 players when then new consoles launch.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   754d ago
Its USA , kids there playing on their "native" console and i bet more than half of them think COD is XBOX only game.
rainslacker  +   754d ago
Believe it or not, kids aren't really that stupid when it comes to gaming. They talk about the same stuff we do, and console discussion and game availability is known overall.

Kids likely play where their friends play though. There was no reason to assume that COD numbers would change just because a new console is coming out.
Riderz1337  +   755d ago
BF4 PS4 +49K
BF4 Xbox One +3500

Ghost PS4 +12K
Ghost Xbox One +8K

But but but I was told people don't care about what resolution the game is running at =( and they will still buy the Xbox version.

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GraveLord  +   755d ago
This is actually before these resolutions were confirmed so expect bigger or similar gaps in the next few weeks :D
AngelicIceDiamond  +   755d ago
Yeah I highly doubt that.
zombie-fun544  +   755d ago
inFAMOUS: Second Son beat titanfall
Campy da Camper  +   755d ago
As well as it should. Infamous is one of the best new IPs this generation IMO and it looks like Second Son is shaping up to be a huge game. Even the current footage looks phenomenal. God I can't wait til next Spring.
NateCole  +   755d ago
Heck according to this chart even Knack beats it which is funny.
christrules0041  +   754d ago
Except Knack ships in a couple of weeks compared to Titanfall sometime in mid to late 2014. I got a PS4 pre ordered but if we are going to compare something compare games that are releasing close together.
LetoAtreides82  +   754d ago
Titanfall releases on March 11 2014
NateCole  +   754d ago
and infamous and destiny will be released next year as well and are tracking higher than Titanfall that is hailed as the next COD.

My point is Knack is a game with little or no hype as a matter of fact i would say it is forgotten and overlooked and yet it is tracking higher than Titanfall for next gen at this stage.

Titanfall that is being talked about so much with paid exclusive and considered by many xbox fans as a system seller for the x1.

March is only less than 5 months away.
RandomDude655  +   754d ago
BU........Have you seen Second Son? Conversation over.

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AndrewLB  +   754d ago
Who the hell preorders games that are still 6 months out? I guess it's a testament to how fanatical Sony fanboys are. If Mark Cerny told them to drink the koolade, they would all happily obey.

Any of you who have played Bioshock 1 know what i'm talking about.

Would you kindly?
boya3gob94  +   755d ago
USA is the home of shooters and Xbox so it shouldnt be a surprise that COD Ghosts is outselling the PS4 Version
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TheFallenAngel  +   754d ago
Yeah but by how much? And look at the other shooters available on ps4. Battlefield is outselling bones battlefield and killzone is almost as many as battlefield.
shivvy24  +   754d ago
yeah im surprised killzone is far higher than cod
Themba76  +   754d ago
this will change with the xbox 720 debacle.
NateCole  +   755d ago
As i have said many times before. EA screwed up Titanfalls chance of ever reaching let alone getting near CODs sales numbers.

They have effectively gave the sales edge to either acti or Ubi for either destiny or watch dogs.
vividi  +   755d ago
Imagine the world wide numbers
NateCole  +   755d ago
NA is still the only place where there will still be a very strong competition so it really is the only place worth comparing.
WeAreLegion  +   755d ago
The Last Guardian is holding strong!
bigboirock  +   755d ago
it really dosnt matter thats alot of people for every game

online is going to be fun on both consoles
T2  +   754d ago
is it just me that noticed Gran Turismo wayyyy down there? people are lining up to get ps4 now? ps3 sales inevitably drop? or is this just a less pre-ordered game?
shivvy24  +   754d ago
I guess it will do fine, most of the casual gamers like my bro don't really preorder games and he only plays Gt and fifa
rainslacker  +   754d ago
Truth be told, outside of gaming sites, I haven't seen a lot of advertising for GT at all. No in store promotions, no bundles announced, etc. Bundles may come closer Christmas though. Maybe some print media.

Everything is focused on next gen though.
T2  +   754d ago
Im just wondering because about a month ago I posted that I thought with ps4 looking like such a success it was only natural for the ps3 and it's titles to slowly decline.... then i was attacked by a couple of people I was kinda surprised cuz i thought that argument made sense... but maybe they thought I meant ps3 was dead.....
jmc8888  +   754d ago
The numbers overall show preorders are quite high for next gen versus current gen.

People need to remember that that there is roughly 90 million of each last gen console worldwide to take preorders with yet only in the neighborhood of 2-3 million next gen consoles combined.

Even if you were to say half of those are from outside the U.S., it still means there's roughly 90 million U.S. last gen consoles to sell copies of BF4 and CoD.

So just look at the ratios for last gen to this gen based on available consoles.

90 million consoles garners ~1.85 million preorders
2-3 million consoles garners ~1.13 million preorders

That's a MASSIVE difference in attach rate.

Roughly 1 in 48 last gen consoles has preordered a copy of BF4 or CoD for PS3 or 360.

Roughly 1 in 2.4 next gen consoles has preordered a copy of BF4 or CoD for XB1 or PS4 (and that's if we use 3 million)

I'm sure that difference will get closer when the game releases, as there is more incentive to preorder games for a new console as opposed to picking up copies for a console you already own, but still we're talking like 20x higher attach rate for next gen versions with preorders.

For laughs and giggles, if preorders for current gen consoles were equal to the attach rate of next gen consoles (impossible but again for giggles), then there would need to be 37.5 MILLION preorders for those two games.
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TeamC  +   754d ago
Was trying to post something similar but I guess it looked too much like spam. New here so I guess N4G doesn't trust my posts yet.

Gave ya a bubble vote.

It will be interesting to see how the console numbers stack up on release and compare with the pre-order numbers for each systems games.
Shake_Zula  +   754d ago
You also have to account for the fact that these consoles inherently launch gameless as in you have to purchase a game to use the console for its intended purpose (excluding free-to-play games), so I think an attach rate comparison would be inaccurate unless you account for the age of the generations.

For instance, if you ask people if they've gone to the hospital in the last year, you might get a 1 in 4 result. But, throw newborns in the mix, and it's more like 2 in 3. Age matters quite a bit.
N311V  +   754d ago
It all comes down to where people spend there money.

XBone 1,196,785 preorders

PS4 1,713,316 preorders

Let's say a lot if the current XB360 COD players migrate to the XBone and the number of consoles sold looks promising. Publishers will soon figure out which platform gets the most sales and that will become their favoured system.

Approximately 500,000 more preorders on PS4 at $60 a game equates to $30,000,000!

Please forgive any minor errors in calculation, I did it on the train.
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Shake_Zula  +   754d ago
It almost seems like X1 comes out on top here though from a console perspective though... It's a money game, always has been. With the $100 price difference with seemingly inferior hardware and Live absolutely being necessary, I wonder how much profit MS is making per console, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is more than Sony at the moment. On the flipside, I wonder how much Sony makes off of each X1 for the Blu-Ray technology. Just interesting, really.
N311V  +   754d ago
I see what you're saying. From what I've heard the amount of money Sony will make off of MS for Blu-Ray won't cut greatly into MS's profit, Sony's share of the royalty is probably less than a dollar per disk.

It's my understanding the MS and Sony, unlike Nintendo, typically take a loss each console sold rather than turn a profit in the hopes that the loss will be regained through software sales. At least during the first few years of a console generation.
SITH  +   754d ago
Xbox one is being sold at a profit or break even from on day one. http://www.develop-online.n...

The ps4 will be sold at a loss but games sales should recoup that loss. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1...

I still believe nut job fanboys will receive the same amount of money next gen as this gen. 100% nothing.
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Real_gamer  +   754d ago
Since when vgchartz become so accurate I don't believe a tiny bit from vgchartz anymore they are always wrong two weeks ago Xbox one had 39000 for cod ghost and last week they had 8000 I wouldn't believe it I stopped trusting vgchartz ages ago

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