Is Dead Rising 3 Struggling to Find a Marketable Identity?

OnlySP: Microsoft is giving special treatment to three Xbox One games by designating them the “Day One” games, complete with special physical packaging. A small gesture, but perhaps more meaningful than the packaging is the marketing that is going into these games. These are Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3. Those three are cornerstones to the new Microsoft platform: Forza has the highest resolution and cleanest look, Ryse is the gritty but beautiful action brawler with something to prove, and Dead Rising is the open-world zombie basher with identity problems.

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P0werVR1663d ago

Nope. It's an identity of it's own.

"I’m not sure if it’s been done purposefully, but Dead Rising has been given the short end of the stick when it comes to advertising."

Probably too man great games at launch. But it'll get it's shine in due time.

GarrusVakarian1663d ago

Having too many great launch titles doesn't mean you should not make as much effort to advertise one game compared to others, that's lazy. You want to advertise the hell out of each of your exclusives to maximise profits.

Dlacy13g1663d ago

DR3 ads have been running during the Walking Dead episodes and MS is a full on sponsor for the show. I think that very much is the right market to advertise to.

CYCLEGAMER1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

WHAT??? Dead Rising has been running just as many ads as everthing else I have seen. Those ads don't do anything for me though, I just saw a video doc of the game, and that is what sold me.

Now the game who has really been getting short end of the stick is Killer Instinct, I have not seen one commercial for it. IMO Killer Instinct is the system seller. THAT GAME IS [email protected]#KING AWESOME!!!!

falviousuk1663d ago

Ignore the trolls, like the one above, always critising the xbox, its games and the company behind it.

Each game is advertised in its own right, as others have said, Dead Rising games are shown alongside The walking dead, targeted ads are important.

dumahim1663d ago

Dead Rising 3 is the only Xbox One game I've seen with its own ad.
The only problem is, most of the ad time is showing some big, goofy, totally implausible steam roller/motorcycle fame thrower combo vehicle.

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Dlacy13g1663d ago

The market it found was my wallet! Day 1

GusBricker1663d ago

Uhhh, it's been promoted around The Walking Dead and it's had it's own *specials* on The Talking Dead.

That's pretty good advertising, if you ask me.

Deadpoolio1663d ago

Nobody watches Talking Dead....They need to cancel that garbage and give Comic Book Men a full hour

WeAreLegion1663d ago

I completely agree. Though I wish they would discuss the superheroes more.

Visiblemarc1663d ago

Not trolling but, it's because it's a deadrising game. They all had similar treatment, particularly 2. Issue is partially stuck in a marketing zone of not being a mindblowing system selling hardcore game like, say, Titanfall is expected to be, but also far from family friendly. DR is also sort of
of a bygone era of "A" games. Will 3 bring it to "AAA" status? Time will tell.

Eldyraen1663d ago

Pretty much what I think.

Dead Rising has its fans and for us its great but its still more of a niche game than many want to admit. It will still help sell a few consoles though as it on top of other games can tip the scales just enough for a purchase for some people.

For me its the type of game that sort of has a cult following. There are definite reasons why many don't care for the franchise but for fans its great. It is almost a Rocky Horror Picture Show sort of game. Its over the top crazy, not to be taken too seriously, and bring your own props type of fun (if you don't understand that last part I feel bad for you--today closest thing that comes remotely close was insane Harry Potter midnight showings where fun and theatrics of fans really added to the experience).

To fully enjoy a Dead Rising game I think there are some parallels. If all you do is sort of ride it out you miss out on the pseudo pageantry that makes it fun. If that's not what you want though not forced to play it and no big deal.

I still think first was best although coop is kind of awesome. 3 looks like fun but lacks some of zaniness that made the series (hopefully just not showing it). Dress up and playing around is still awesome but I want Pychos like the first (I'd even buy phycho dlc if worth it if crazy as clown, police woman, etc from original DR). Belive they've said there is supposed to be one for every deadly sin but hopefully its well done and still true Pychos. I'm looking forward to that actually as think they haven't shown them at all yet...

Codey471663d ago

I've been put off Dead Rising since the second...

I personally am finding Dying Light the better Zombie Game at the moment. Hopefully it's as good as it looks.

Jdoki1663d ago

I definitely preferred DR1 above 2. Story was more fun, I preferred the location, and the characters were better.

Even bringing Frank back in Off the Record wasn't the same.

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