We Need More Horror Games Where You Play The Monster

OnlySP: Horror games have seen a bit of a revival lately. With Outlast and Amnesia helping to bring back survival horror to PC, I thought to myself: Why are there no games where the player is the monster? I don’t mean as in the philosophical sense of being a monster where the player kills so many people that he loses most of his humanity and becomes a raging psychopath (The Last Of Us), but rather in the literal sense that the player is an otherworldly, occult or evil being that possesses abilities to aid itself in its ultimate goal: to spread evil, terrorize and murder everything in sight. Let’s discuss.

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MRMagoo1231504d ago

Something open world like gta where you are a werewolf or vampire or something maybe you can choose what you wanna be , but that would def be a big seller as long as the vampires didnt sparkle in the sun like diamonds.

PersonMan1504d ago

Infamous: Festival of Blood.

Tornadobounce1504d ago

We need more "quality games"

s45gr321504d ago

Wonderful idea, hopefully it happens