All Rank Unlocks in GTA Online

Looking for all of the unlockables you receive when leveling up in GTA Online? This guide gives it all to you. Missions, weapons, weapon mods, locations, tattoos, armor, and more.

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Miscommunicative1541d ago

Ahhh the feeling that will come to me as I mow down beginners with a Mini Gun will be unreal.

Blacktric1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

You will be killed by any low rank player who knows what they're doing. Minigun has a long spin time before firing starts, which means even someone with a pistol can easily kill you if they act a little faster. That's why you don't see many high rank players "decimating" low rank players with the thing.

Miscommunicative1540d ago

But most people don't know what they're doing.

brodychet1540d ago

@Blacktric I had a minigun, from survival. And nobody knows how to deal with it. Kills in one hit, destroys cars in half a second. Nothing stops it, except another minigun. Or maybe a tank.

Your point isnt very accurate since I don't think anyone is going to be doing and western-standoffs with a minigun. It's the element of chaos that makes that gun so insane :3

Septic1540d ago

Actually, Blacktric is right.

You can use the Minigun in survival mode and then immediately afterwards use it in the game world. And to be honest, because of the lack of lock-on and long spin time, half decent players will shoot you down before you have a chance at aiming at them.

It is good for destroying vehicles however but then again, you get a bad sport rating for destroying other players' cars (why they do this I have no idea).

r1sh121540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

dude youre gonna die first - auto aim loool.
Play freeaim you might have a chance. But I guarantee some of the players like me will be able to kill you with a pistol before a bullet comes out of the minigun.

Headshots are instant kills, and dont forget about corner shooting.

What about 120+? I know lots of people who are like 185+


I am a 121, The mini gun is good for a lot of things but mowing down beginners is not one of them.

Tornadobounce1541d ago

I'm still rank 17 ways to go yet!

kingPoS1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Assault shotgun - Never leave the garage without it.

I luv it!

paul-p19881540d ago

Combat MG for me, same sort of stopping power :)

Bobertt1540d ago

Does anyone know the max rank? Highest i've heard anyone seeing is 370. My friend says it 999.


You Max your unlocks at 120... any rank over that is just for show. no doubt more stuff will be added for high rankers later. but 120 is the sweet spot for now.

teedogg801540d ago

I ran across a dude the other day that was -no lie- rank 1000!

Hemp1540d ago

i hit Rank 75 and its gettin so boring. Now i know its gonna stay that way. 500 Missions my ass

ZBlacktt1540d ago

Yep, I'm 56 and it's like hurry up PS4.