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3DS Sells More Than 5 million In Japan In 2013

Nintendo Magazine UK writes: "Nintendo's latest handheld console matched the achievement of Nintendo DS as it sold over five million in what has been an incredible year for the console." (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS)

Evil_Abed  +   489d ago
Isn't that almost Vita lifetime sales total...worldwide?
-Mika-  +   489d ago
You didn't have to bring up the vita...
ErryK  +   489d ago
So mean.
Evil_Abed  +   489d ago
=P hehehe
-Mika-  +   489d ago
I personally think it doesn't deserve those sales since it an overrated handheld but congrats.
Theyellowflash30  +   489d ago
Bullshit. Nintendo's 3DS games are some of the highest rated in the industry. They deserve all the sales they are getting.
Einhert  +   489d ago
says its overrated, doesn't explain how lol
savaroth  +   489d ago
Well, I have a Vita. It might be a better piece of hardware and it does have some great games.( Persona Golden, Muramasa , little kings story, Killzone to name a few, but there are more )

However for the time being the release list for the device is very poor ( and I'm putting it mildly )

SO this month I put in a pre order for a 3DS. Which games like bravely default, Zelda a link between two world , Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei ( just to name a few ) it really doesn't matter if the hardware is not - that - good I Guess.

Having said that I do feel that the Vita deserves more AAA- releases.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   489d ago
Well deserved they released a ton of great titles in 2013 alone.
DarkBlood  +   489d ago
indeed alot of great titles on the awesome handheld and it'll get better over the years with variety.
edgeofsins  +   489d ago
I just recently bought a 3DS. It sucks that some games that came out around launch are still full price but the games are worth it. I'm just poor right now and expect them to go down after a year and a half <_<

I'm really hoping for more coop based games. Monster Hunter I'm looking forward to getting. I wish a Dark Souls like game with coop came out on it >.<
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GordonKnight  +   488d ago
Sorry the prices won't drop soon. The reason behind that is the quality of the games.
zalanis  +   489d ago
how the hell?? seriously, how many ppl live in japan?? damn. congrats though
Evil_Abed  +   489d ago
At last count, 93, they just really really love handhelds and everybody keeps buying tens of thousands each every week.
savaroth  +   489d ago
Also worth noting: some may have purchased several versions ( collectors editions ) of the 3ds.
TwilightSparkle  +   489d ago
congrats nintendo i will have two this month cause of the gold 3ds and the one i have already
iceman600  +   489d ago
"You didn't have to bring up the vita..."
lol yes he did vita is a failure.
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ErryK  +   489d ago
Sometimes an opinion is better left unsaid.
but this is not one of those times :p
ErryK  +   484d ago
@TheLastVoiceOFsanity bite me.
edgeofsins  +   488d ago
It's a great handheld. Just cause you like one doesn't mean you should dislike the other. Is it behind 3DS? Obviously. Nintendo owns the handheld market. I'm pretty sure Borderlands 2 on Vita alone is a huge win and they have much more then that.
T1125P  +   486d ago
I so want that 3DS Zelda bundle... That means trading my blue 3DSXL to GameStop, then the hassle of doing that system transfer :/ I don't wanna lose my games. Please Nintendo do what Google/Apple does, make it more easier to transfer this really is going backwards not forward with technology.

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