Grand Theft Auto 5: Does Gaming Influence Behaviours?

With the increase in gaming, there has been much debate surrounding the influence that games have on the behavior of players and whether or not the type of game played actually alters someone’s state of mind. The gaming market is hugely successful with computer, online and console games dominating, with applications of all natures ranging from Mecca Bingo to Call of Duty.

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TheEnigma3131635d ago

Let's just say yes so this annoying subject won't come up anymore. Yes video games encourage behavior and the parent are not at fault for this.

GuyThatPlaysGames1635d ago

If it was true then I should be the biggest killer in the world. Quit blaming games everyone. Just because you watch movies also doesn't wanna make me do what I see.

TheEnigma3131635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Same here. I actually relieve stress more than anything. I wouldn't ever blame video games, movies, or tv for my son's behavior.

shoddy1635d ago

Yes for little kids just like movies

RickHiggity1635d ago

I remember when the Matrix came out. A bunch of idiots in my third grade class were always trying to run up walls.

GaoomDerek1635d ago

Of course games affect people's behavior, but it depends on the person. When I see parents buying and letting their kids play games like GTA 5 when they are under 10, it makes me cringe. I mean, it is a topic to focus on but at the end of the day parents just don't need to let their kids play certain games at certain ages.

Lord_Sloth1635d ago

Hell no. Bad people encourage bad behavior!

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

"Does Gaming Influence Behaviours?"

For people who are too young to play such games, yes. Which is why they have age ratings, pay more attention parents! How many times does this same argument need to be brought up? Stop sealing with the surface issues, stop being lazy and address the core problems which for the most part is bad parenting.

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The story is too old to be commented.