Xbox One Dev: “All Those Saying They’ll Buy Titanfall on PC Forget Who Makes the OS”

"Recently, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has stated that Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall will be a life-time exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC."

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daggertoes831665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Ouch there's another zing. Microsofts public relations is awful. Why would you say that. Very passive aggressive. I know it was a xbox one developer who said this but as a developer you still are in public relations.

theBAWSE1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Microsoft and their staff are the biggest butthurt fanboys right now

what a comment to make... ALL TIME LOW

fact of the matter is people don't need an xbone to play titanfall regardless of OS.... wow

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xHeavYx1665d ago

I don't mind this dev's comments, you have to do what you can to downplay the competition, especially when your console is more expensive yet less powerful

Loki861665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I don't see anything behind this comment other than to let you know this is a Microsoft exclusive. So the fact you buy it on PC means that it is still MS's product.

Mystogan1665d ago

I think you're making a mistake here. The PSfanboys are the butthurt ones xD, Microsoft just got titanfall as an exclusive...

Lalanana1665d ago

Lol yup

wanna play titanfall on pc? guess what?

More money in the bank for MS lol

ZodTheRipper1665d ago

I'm unbelieveably glad about Steam working on a new gaming focused OS right now. Finally I can leave this Windows crap behind, I really started to hate this OS in the last couple of years.

badz1491665d ago

with CoD Ghost confirmed to be running at 720p on Xbone, PC is already the best bet for those wanting to play Titanfall. not having to worry about it being lo res and stuff LOL!

extermin8or1665d ago

Is he trying to say the game won't function if your using say steam OS when it launches? Really.... an OS geared towards gamers that many might well adopt for gaming and they'd risk sales by refusing to support it? Just to spite people who didn't buy the xbox one version of the game? Can't see EA execs allowing that one...

scott1821665d ago

They make the OS... good for them. They don't make the hardware. Tons of companies made money on my PC purchase, even Sony makes computers. MS doesn't own the PC company! They are very arrogant.

This is a very strange comment for a Microsoft employee to make, is everyone at MS this immature?

sigfredod1665d ago

Yes is true that MS do the OS, but everyone getting the superior version on PC will be a big blow to the sales and financial expectations for the xBone division, so MS will be worried if most people choose the PC

johndoe112111665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Ok, Is it just me or does it seem like anything or anyone that has any sort of dealings at all with microsoft just reeks of arrogance??

Did he really think that was an appropriate comment to make at a time like this when microsoft is battling EA for the "most hated company in the world" award?

I know it's a dev but is it that microsoft has some sort of PR curse on them?

To everyone saying that nothing is wrong with this statement, this statement is soaked in arrogance, covered in senselessness and deep fried in stupidity.

These are not the type of statements that should be coming from microsoft right now in the midst of all the negativity that is surrounding them.

Maddens Raiders1665d ago

WOW - everything coming from these people's mouths lately sounds desperate, childish, churlish, and misleading. This kind of talk from a dev and company totally turns me off - the same way it would if a car company or racing team were talking about another company or team like this. Ridiculous comment.

johndoe112111665d ago


How is it if i buy a game for a pc that I own microsoft makes any money from that?

Is it that companies have to pay microsoft a license to make a game for windows?

If they do then that statement makes sense but if they don't how exactly is that benefiting microsoft?

4Sh0w1665d ago

I get it, tired of sonfanboys saying they'll get it on pc, but why stoop to the fanboys level?

MorePowerOfGreen1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I'd Say Sony is just as bad as their fanboys. Man did you watch the E3 pressers?

PS fanboys are intense it's no wonder folks are getting testy. PS fans savagely and personally attacking the Devs, publishers and MSFT employees on social networks over this(or basically anything)

He's talking about people trying to damage control the console situation, trying to downplay exclusivity over a PC version, as if MSFT lost exclusivity to another competing console.

Ratty1665d ago


All fanboys do that. I've seen plenty of Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation fanboys talk crap at each other and the devs on social networks. There's retarded people like that everywhere.

NukaCola1665d ago


Every time you pop in that bluray disv in your Xbone...cha-ching! Money into Sony's pocket. Any Sony film or media on LIVE goes into Sony's pocket. You think these companies don't coexist? There's competition but only war is between nerds.

DoesUs1665d ago


Quick! Blame followers of Sony! Worst MS troll on this or any other website. Stick to Misterxmedia, you 2 we're made for each other.

adorie1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

My only concern is that microsoft may pay for os exclusivity once Steam OS gets off the ground. Im starting to get irritated with their practices. I wanted to pick up Titanfall on pc, but I do not like Origin and EA much less, especially after seeing what they did to Respawn.

NewMonday1665d ago

MS dosen't get any share out of PC game sales, in the other hand Sony will make money out of every BR XB1 game and that is a fact

TitanFall doesn't have great graphics so people will settle for getting it on the 360, and many gamers like me are going for the PC/PS4 combo so most will not care.

Dan_scruggs1665d ago

This comment brought to you by Windows.

WeaseL1665d ago

Never bought a copy of windows just keep getting free legit ones.

AngelicIceDiamond1665d ago

Or here's an idea. quit being little haters and buy it for X1.

You guys are a hateful bunch.

And I think its funny.

saber000051665d ago

@Mystogan, If it's anyone that is butthurt, it's you. Looking at ALL your replies you make, sure does support my theory. Who cares. Enjoy playing your handful of exclusives in 720p. I will be playing games on 1080p on my PC and PS4.

XboxFun1665d ago

This dev's comment is more than likely directed at all the Sony fanboys who magically all of a sudden have a gaming PC.

redey31665d ago

I have a pirated Windows 7. :\ So, how much money do you get from me microsoft? The only thing I pirated in my life was your software. Touche.

Revolver_X_1665d ago

The most immature statement by a dev yet. 99.9% of PC users purchasing Titanfall already own a PC. How does Microsoft receive profit from PC sells? Especially on pre-existing PCs. Its just a dumb comment all around. He should try harder next time.

SmokingMonkey1665d ago

Way to sell your new console.

"whatever, you're still giving us money."

AsimLeonheart1665d ago

It is like he is saying there is nowhere safe and you cant get away from MS.

WiiUsauce1665d ago

Worse things have been spewed by Sony's Jack Tretton, so shut up. Sony is just as bad.

Cernunnos1665d ago

Steam OS will be great, but anyone who expects to play EA titles on Steam OS will be very dissappointed. All EA games are on Origin, not Steam, and it will probably stay that way. Expect MS to pay EA quite handsomely to keep it that way too.

kickerz1665d ago

So let me get this straight. You bunch have a dig at Microsoft and say that you will just get Titanfall on PC it will be better on that anyway . Microsoft dev come out and state the obvious, that it dosnt bother them as you are still playing it on windows.
LMFAO honestly you guys need to wake up to yourself. Cause all Microsoft are doing is releasing a fun gaming system for us to play on and have fun and u lot are trying to destroy them. Real smart

Consoldtobots1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

there is nothing surprising about his comment, instead I think it is a HUGE reveal of who stalks N4G because we've been hearing that crap logic from supposed "xbox fans" on here for years. Hey boneheads, stop trying to control the consumer/market and just put out competitive products. Stop trying to relieve yourself on Sony who came to console gaming WAYYYYYY before and EARNED their spot as a gaming giant. The more you try to rob Sony of the recognition they deserve the more you piss intelligent consumers off because it just means you want what they have WITHOUT EARNING IT!!!!!! Get off your damn high horse and hire some people that know how to make a freakin console instead of letting clueless corporate suits make all you product decisions and then MAYBE you will start to earn some goodwill from the gaming community.

oh and p.s.

stop punishing people who buy your products by nickle and diming them at EVERY turn. It's classless greedy and downright stinks.

FamilyGuy1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Geez, there's million of 360s already out there too that can play Titanfall, both versions will be 720p and it already has black ops 2 looking graphics. Not sure how much of a loss in quality a person will suffer from choosing to play it on the 360 they already own or a X1.
PC just allows them to avoid renewing that Live Gold subscription.

Now people without a gaming PC OR a 360 could easily find a 360 for under $100, a much better price than the $500 X1 option. Add live and you're still playing Titanfall for under $160.

Point is there are many options one could take if they don't want the X1 but want Titanfall. It's got to prove why it's best on X1 before it could be called a "system seller" or even an OS seller. It was recently confirmed that you don't even need Windows 8 to play it, it'll run on W7.

Ritsujun1665d ago

Xbone180'd by themselves. LOL.

SecondSon1665d ago

Well Microsoft please go back and focus on being a Desktop Windows developer because your consoles and phones are not doing that well and Windows 8 is seriously slacking.

user55757081665d ago

well at least on PC we'll get higher than 720p resolution

Seafort1665d ago

@Lalanana Actually MS get nothing from PC or PS gamers buying Titanfall on PC as there is no royalties from PC games.

I won't be buying Titanfall as I boycotted EA years ago :)

P0werVR1665d ago

I don't know how this is desperate. If anything it's fact and true. I would say arrogance.

Btw, to even it out. It is true this was a statement to PS fanboys stating mind numbing claims of buying it on PC. Well, money in the bank either way.

mewhy321665d ago

Who cares who makes the os? I'll play it on my awesome gaming pc and get true exclusives for my ps4.

AbortMission1665d ago

Lalanana getting desperate lmfao

PhantomT14121665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Also, devs don't pay royalties when they're releasing on PC, even if it runs on Windows, Mac or Linux (that's one of the reasons PC games cost less than consoles games).

So nope, Titanfall needing Windows OS to run on PC doesn't mean much. People won't buy Windows 7 or 8 because of Titanfall and Microsoft won't get royalties for each copy unlike the XOne version of the game.

MrTimesplitters1665d ago

Cant we all just be nice and accept each console for what they are. P.S HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Anarki1665d ago

Remind us, do Microsoft get any cut from the PC version of the game?

MarkusMcNugen1665d ago

Why would he say something like this? Probably because he read all the PS fanboys saying Ill just get it on PC then as if thats somehow getting back at Microsoft. But you have to play it on the Windows OS. Which makes for good marketing for both products, potentially increasing their customer base for both.

Anyways, I said the same thing yesterday.

You guys are crazy if you think Sony wouldnt do the same thing in Microsofts position. Potentially increase profit from two seperate revenue streams, or just one? If Sony had a popular PC OS, Id expect the same thing and wouldnt bash them or try to insult them for it. Its smart business practice.

MysticStrummer1665d ago

@Lala - So what do you suppose MS would prefer, that you play Titanfall on a PC/360 you already have or that you spend $500 on an XB1 to play it?


n4rc1665d ago

Typical fanboy stupidity...

Sony takes cheaps shots at ms about cod.. They are just stating facts..

Microsoft states a fact.. And they are arrogant monsters..

Report away.. But you people have hit a new level of stupidity.. I weep for humanity if you dumbasses are the future..

Withdreday1665d ago

I don't even see what the big deal is. It's a online only COD clone with Mechs.

Who the hell cares?

UltimateMaster1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Ok, so let me get this straight.
A so called giant of computers, tells people to buy stock based on just 1 game?
Like that will magically lift up the company when they aren't even making the game?

If you go off and tell people that your stock and that it will increase based on 1 game that you're not making that may or may not interest people on platforms that most people already own...
Really doesn't sound all that good now does it?

RedDevils1665d ago

They're forgetting that if everyone start buying games on Pc instead of the X1 or stop buying the X1 all together, wouldn't that make the X1 obsolete lol

SITH1664d ago

Well, proof people hate the truth. I have been saying for years, if it is on PC and Xbox 360 it is exclusive. All because of the OS.

DragonKnight1664d ago

What a stupid thing to say. Just because Microsoft makes Windows, doesn't mean Microsoft gets money from PC games. And the idiots thinking it's still a true MS exclusive because MS makes Windows are so stupid their existence drops the collective IQ of the world. No one is buying a game because of Microsoft's OS. It's no consumer's choice what particular OS a game works on, but if it were you can guarantee it wouldn't be Windows when there is a perfectly good FREE OS available in Linux.

I've heard stupid things coming from MS and XB1 devs, but this has to be one of the dumbest.

Gamer19821664d ago

Titanfall is compatible with W7 meaning MS make no money from PC buyers as I seriously doubt ppl will be updating to W7 for this game. All those who are getting on PC either have W7 or W8. So the comment was pointless anyway. Not to mention I bought W8 for £25 back in January meaning MS made a lot less off me than they would if I bought an Xbox One.

AndrewLB1664d ago

Scott- Microsoft doesn't make hardware? are you serious? last I checked, they make Surface 2 which has an Intel i5 CPU and runs 1080p lol. Plus you have windows phones and massive amounts of operating systems and other programs.

Funny how people keep saying how Sony is killing it, yet that's not even remotely true. Have you even seen how bad Sony's financials are?

And just today Sony lost $2+ billion after their Hirari Forcast was cut.

And better yet, about two hours ago Sony (SNE) stock got downgraded AGAIN.

If sony were a country, they'd be Greece.

re2_apocalypse1664d ago

To the idiots who think M$ gets money from PC versions of Titanfall; your mistaken. M$ gets no (Zero = 0) royalities from the sales of PC games. Boom!

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Kuse1665d ago

Right Right, like Yoshida hasn't been passive aggressive in his comments.

awesomeperson1665d ago

At least he's entertaining.

lemondish1665d ago

I haven't noticed any of that. Care to point me to a comment he's made to consumers that came off obviously passive aggressive?

FamilyGuy1665d ago

Oh gawd, Yosh doesn't talk crap to CONSUMERS, he talks about the competition. This MS dev is literally talking crap to gamers, he might even lose his job over this small statement.

tagan8tr1665d ago

Is everyone forgetting that the Xbone has a blu ray disk drive in it blu ray is a patented technology owned by Disney,HP ohh yeah and SONY!!
Sony makes money off every xbone sold wow how bout that

MarkusMcNugen1665d ago


And? Your point is? Of course they work together in some regards to help each other or further technology and then compete in other areas. Let me put it this way:

Is everyone forgetting that Sony laptops have Windows OS on them and it's patented software owned by MICROSOFT!!
Microsoft makes money off every laptop sold wow how bout that.

n4rc1665d ago


And Microsoft owns the codec used to play them... What's your point?

I swear people don't do any research on anything..

tagan8tr1665d ago

Your making my point for me, this all started people saying MS makes money off pc sales of Titanfall.I pointed out about blu ray u point out windows on sony pc's then I say xbones pluged into sony TV' or xbone playing music and movies from sony artist and movie production companies. Point is the whole thing is intertwined, wow how bout that Nugen..
What does research have to do with it what I said is true sony did help create blu ray when MS invested in HD DVD or did u forget about their stupid HD DVD add on for 360..

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Xsilver1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I can see MS is MAd about it because if everyone buys the game on PC then the xone wont move units so in the end MS will still be pissed because a 60 game wont make up for a 500 dollar console in sales lmao poor MS.

zerogotit1665d ago

Do you seriously believe that their mad because titanfall if going to sell on pc and not on xbox? And 8 agrees? Shesh lol MS is just reminding everyone what MS is.

Xsilver1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

hmmmmm how many already own good Gaming PC's allot and MS wants Titanfall to move Xone's don't let them fool you if they didn't they would of never made it an exclusive but when allot people are saying that they will play it on PC then less xone will be sold you don't get that :/ so yes MS is MAd.

sigfredod1665d ago

You sir go it, i made the same statement, people getting the superior PC version of titanfall or in the 360, will be a big blow on the xBone division sales and financial expectations

pyramidshead1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

lol he sounds so bitter, probably because of the latest news or the fact his own game may be 720p :/

I can guarantee people don't have a problem with supporting Microsoft through Windows. It'll still be cheaper than dropping $500 on some hardware just to play it whereas you more than likely have a PC with windows that was paid off years ago and just have to spend what ever on Titanfall as a product.

xxV0rschlaghammer1665d ago

So an off the shelf PC from a year ago will be able to run Titanfall at 720-1080p/60fps as-is? lol? I don't think you know how PC gaming is.

Well off to play Crysis maxed out on my Pentium 133Mhz/16MB system now that I know how it works.