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Call of Duty Resolution History: Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4

"How Call of Duty's resolution looks over the ages, beginning with Call of Duty: World at War to Call of Duty: Ghosts." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

tigertom53  +   672d ago
That is pretty big difference ;o(
obliterator  +   672d ago
Except some people have suddenly developed eye diseases and can't spot differences.

Blackdeath_663  +   672d ago
indeed reddit has been particularly hilarious today just read some of this for a good laugh http://www.reddit.com/r/xbo...
mistertwoturbo  +   672d ago

If people can't tell the difference with this, then seriously they should just stick with the Xbox 360 or go see an optometrist.
Angels3785  +   672d ago
On reddits xbox page (which is usualy heavily biased)...something beautiful is happening....THERE IS PEACE the playstation fans and xbox fans are just plain talking...and helping people consider their options......I haven't seen an event happen like this in years......

First No_Limit converts misterx falls to his knees in reality with no spin and now this???? (Seriously look at misterx's page....its stunning....you cannot believe it still him)

ITS RAINING FREAKING CATS AND DOGS.....I never thought I'd see the day....

OT: I think people really could use the visual. As numbers aren't as appealing and they don't display the difference in the same way.
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j-blaze  +   672d ago
but still, no big differences in the games image/graphics quality, i don't think 1080p will give you more polygons or better textures

last time i checked, KZ: SF has 1080p and the game looks like this

and XB1 version of BF4 which is lower res than PS4 version look more detailed, with better lighting and colors than PS4 version:
Kayant  +   672d ago

Shame there's no fix for the poor AA but contrast/colour can be somewhat tweaked with your tv/monitor settings ....

The thing is DF's comparison is hard to trust considering they admired messing up their XB1 capture. Only in DF's comparison is where you see the colours appear so washed out on PS4. Look at this 60fps MP gameplay --> http://www.gamespot.com/vid...

Gamespot's IQ is not great but it's 60fps :p

Look at jackfrags capture now the colours are fine in that so what's going on here.

By saying that you're also indirectly saying XB1 has the best IQ overall even better than PC (loool) because if you look at the images on DF PC/PS4 have similar IQ but with PS4 appearing more washed out/blurry.
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Xsilver  +   672d ago
this KZ 1080p

This is Ryse 900p actually 1080p these are the PC ones.

and the Real BF4 comparison http://www.youtube.com/watc... 6:05 have fun oh yeah the PS4 version is better :3 and you shouldn't use pics because allot of them are being Photoshop-ed if you didn't know yet.
AlexanderNevermind  +   672d ago
When X1 was announced, I for one was concerned from the very beginning. They were building an entertainment hub 1st and a gaming console 2nd. For me personally I want my gaming console to be just that gaming 1st.

MS chose this path so now they will have to play 2nd fiddle to the PS4 where it comes to graphics.

All is not lost for X1 fans, at least you can SNAP to your favorite show quickly lol.
Ju  +   672d ago
There is no ambient lighting in the XO shots. Look at how lighting is applied in the scene. No "fog", everything in the distance is lit the same. In contrast to the PS4 version. It does not look better, but you are just used "steril" images, I suppose.
Brix90  +   672d ago

The last gif you can see the PS4 is noticabily better. Sorry bro but your confusing the better colors for darker contrast nothing you can't do with your tv.

Take a look at this
mp1289  +   672d ago
When you want to hit somebody from across the map, it could make all the difference.
ziggurcat  +   672d ago
@ j-blaze:

you're blind if you think BF4 has better lighting/colours on xbone... or you're so used to having the worst calibration settings on your TV that that's what you're used to seeing instead of something that's properly ISF calibrated (which is what the PS4 version looks like).
GribbleGrunger  +   672d ago
Even those high contrast, crushed blacks screenshots show a distinct difference in quality that favours the PS4. Since admitting the mistake DF made with the capture of PS4 footage, things are clearly even worse for the X1 console.

It's over kid. It's time to accept the truth and pick your console. If you like Xbox exclusives then go for that system but the nonsense about up clocking, secret sauce, hidden chips, power of cloud and 'equality' ends here, now. It's time to grow some balls.
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mewhy32  +   672d ago
that graphic is awesome in this article. It really puts into perspective the missing pixels from the bone.
pyramidshead  +   672d ago
That's a real big eye opener when it's put together like that sheesh.

From that perspective it's a huge leap.
Riderz1337  +   672d ago
What do you mean? There is no difference between 720P and 1080P. Just look at this...

T2  +   672d ago
Wow sht is blowing up today even on xbox fan sites .... Pretty much just demolished my chance to just stroll into walmart and buy a ps4 now , huh ?
In my view ms should just release kinectless sku with forza for 399 and be done with it .... They gonna need AAA game sauce to survive this gen
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svoulis  +   672d ago
@ j-blaze

Your point? It looks great especially considering the MP will run at 60fps (second screenshot is MP)

They obviously have to tweak the graphics to compensate.

and The BF4 footage is already null and void as its been proven by lots of sources PS4 is the superior version running close to PC on high.

They also confirmed those images from the footage captured by DF were botched on both sides..so lets wait and see.

But you keep holding onto that thread. Nothings wrong with XO, its just more proof that speculations were right all along is all.
Infamous298  +   672d ago
what bother me most that xbox one can't even run cross gen game like COD at 1080p, that's embarassing for a "next gen" console.
lifeisgamesok  +   672d ago
Kinda like how Knack has problems running on the Ps4
ambientFLIER  +   672d ago
Yet it can run a much more graphically intensive BF4 just fine? How about the 1080P forza that looks gorgeous? Give me a break, it's obviously a case of poor optimization by EA.
Infamous298  +   671d ago
@ambientFLIER forza 5 looks gorgeous, LOL give me a break.
culpepper516  +   672d ago
I'm wondering if IW would've made Ghosts more equal on both consoles if Microsoft didn't strike a deal with EA for BF4. Food for thought...
resi5  +   672d ago
But bf4 isnt even equal on both.
TAURUS-555  +   672d ago
the difference is unbelievable, wow the PS4 is winning the console war quite easily
CaptainCamper  +   672d ago
Wasn't the Xbox One resolution verified yesterday?
Xsilver  +   672d ago
well damn that difference.
sigfredod  +   672d ago
Lol looking at that graphic all the resolutions are very close to each other and then you need to go all the way up to see the PS4 resolution
Wikkid666  +   672d ago
And the worst was by PS3
Wikkid666   672d ago | Trolling | show
Brix90  +   672d ago
For COD and some multi plats. Yes.
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Mikeyy  +   672d ago

Relevant? Nope.
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Wikkid666  +   672d ago
It's a discussion on resolution... so why isn't it relevant? Just as relevant as saying PS4 is 1080p.

The fact is any developer can have issues getting a game up to the resolution they want on any system.
Wintersun616  +   672d ago

Ok, let's just say it is relevant.

If it makes you sleep better at night.
svoulis  +   672d ago
Here ya go :D


Did this on PC. Nothing doctored, Simply cranked all settings up captured at 1080p and 720p. Upscaled the 720p to 1080p.

Enjoy.. Hope this helps.

You decide if it matters.
Angels3785  +   672d ago
While it does look a bit clearer at 1080p it doesn't do it justice in the same way as when you're playing it. The differences start to get more noticable when you zoom in a little bit and look at his hand for instance.

Edit: @below

Where did that come from?...yes it does...and I already see a difference between the two....don't know why you gave that random tip. Plus I said above I DID zoom in.
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svoulis  +   672d ago
your browser doesnt show 1080p until you click on the image to zoom in. once you do that you will see it in 1080p.
jetlian  +   672d ago
cod 2 was a full 720p as well and it doesn't look better than blop2. if all 1080p produced is sharper trees keep 720p on xbo.

use the power on something else.
sigfredod  +   672d ago
Good job, is a great GIF, notice that the 720p image is actually already upscaled to 1080p and you sure can tell the difference
SliceOfTruth888  +   672d ago
I love how nobody has looked at this as a bad thing for PS4. Every side by side comparison of PS4 vs Xbone the Xbone looks better. The upscaler on Xbone has been praised as one of the best so is it possible the reason why PS4 is 1080p native is because their 720p upscaled picture wasnt even close to what Xbone looked like. Just because PS4 is native doesnt actually mean its better it could be gimped in other ways we dont even know yet.....just saying. Ill have both systems so really i just laugh at you all
mistertwoturbo  +   672d ago
Seriously I just lost some brain cells reading that. Do you realize what you are saying? Jesus christ it just gets worst doesn't it.


Look at that zoomed in 100%... See the difference?

Upscaled is only that, upscaled! It does not magically draw pixels THAT AREN'T THERE. And we're talking a 1,152,000 pixel difference here.
SliceOfTruth888  +   672d ago
lol pixels...is it 32 megs of power too? Just because something is native 1080p doesn't mean its better. If the WiiU version is 1080p native does that make it better than the Xbone version? The bottom line is this is only because of a short window to make the game. Next COD both will be 1080p and then PS4 loser fanboys and Xbot morons will argue over something else like sound. Enjoy being a gamer not a soldier

**Yes the PS4 is powerfull nobody is saying its not, but so far just from battlefield comparisons the Xbone looks better and PS4 looks washed out. You can have the most powerfull car in the world and still lose to a civic. People thinking the Xbone cant handle ghosts at 1080p i mean seriously lol. The cloud is the big laughing stock now and it should be with the way microsoft has handled its purpose, but when the time comes lol people are going to be shocked. And no i have not seen what can be done but iam not so close minded to see its potential. And like i said i will own them all so meh enjoy your arguing
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mistertwoturbo  +   672d ago
Obviously no, I get what you are trying to imply that the IQ and Details of the system is just as important as resolution. But when you have the opposing system, case in point the PS4, in which is A) Running the same or higher details and B) Runs in 125% more resolution. The argument you make is invalid.

If the PS4 had to make concessions on graphics, then your argument would be valid. But in Reality, you know what that is right? Reality, the PS4 is able to do BOTH.

From a pure hardware perspective this makes logical sense seeing as how 1.84GFLOPS of performance is greater than that of the Xbox One's ~1.3GFLOPS. The GPU is what really determines the resolution as well as compute all the shaders and effects. RAM on the other hand is more for storing textures and data that needs to be accessed.
Ragnaarock  +   672d ago
Arguing with this guy reminds me of a Kitchen Nightmares episode where Ramsay rails an owner for adamantly standing by his thought that food prepared from frozen is just as good, if not better than food prepared fresh.
You can own a Nvidia Titan and run everything on max and use 720p and look better than a GT Geforce trying to run something at 1080p whilst only getting 20fps with all settings on low.
In this case the xbox one is more like a gtx550ti maxing out 720p since going to 1080 causes some loss in performance, whilst PS4 can run 1080p on max with no performance issues. This is just an analogy and not an indication of final hardware.***
boneso82  +   672d ago
"People thinking the Xbone cant handle ghosts at 1080p i mean seriously lol"

We aren't just "thinking it", its a fact, as informed by the actual developer of the game. The developer wants their game to look the best it can on every platform, if they could run it at 1080p on Xbone they would have done so. Same goes for BF4, Ryse and others!

You would be a fool to believe that 720p or 30fps is a design choice, its because of limitations, otherwise every game would be running at 1080p/60fps.

What would you rather watch? A DVD or a Bluray Movie?
GW212  +   672d ago
I'm getting a PS4 day one. But I have to disagree with you there. Just based on the hardware specs, while certainly inferior to the PS4, they should have been able to hit something higher than 720p on this game. X1 has more than enough horsepower to do 900p on a game like this. Ryse is much more technically draining on the system and is at 900p.

I don't think it was a design choice to be at 720p but rather I think MS has completely botched many areas of the launch including late/incomplete/faulty dev kits that have caused games to be rushed (just like the console itself) leading to half-assed products like this.

The X1 will never catch up to the PS4 in terms of graphics but to say that the hardware isn't capable of more than this just isn't true.
jmc8888  +   672d ago
ESRAM is a bottleneck.

Only 32MB's at a time has access to 2/3rds of the memory bandwidth.

At 720p they'll be sucking up more than half of the ESRAM for the frame buffer on every frame, and thus everything else they need to shuttle through the ESRAM because DDR3's pathetic bandwidth, has to fit in that smaller space.

The higher the resolution the less that is left over.

They COULD theorhetically have a 1080p game if they completely used up the ESRAM for the framebuffer if they can make the rest of the game run through the DDR3's 68 gb/s.

Since this pretty much is impossible for today's games, expect that 720p to be normal and 900p to be occasional.

Here's a great post from Neogaf that explains it.



ESRAM not only holds the framebuffer but also needs to be used for everything else that DDR3 can't do, and thus you won't have 1080p almost ever, because there are only so many tickets and seats on the ESRAM train.
T2  +   672d ago
Hey slice , 1995 called they want their projection television back
jmc8888  +   672d ago
You mean you believed them when they thought the Xbox One scaler is better then PS4's? ROFL

You do realize that both consoles have the SAME scaler right?

You mean DF's messed up encoding has you believing the Xbox One is sharper?

Might want to check all the other sources which prove otherwise.

32 megs of ESRAM makes it almost impossible that 1080p/60 games will be anything other then a massive exception.

You see the Xbox One has 8 gb's of DDR3 ram only has access to 1/3rd of the systems main bandwidth.

The other 2/3rds has to go through the ESRAM.

Besides the difficulties in this, which is going to be a major headache for the WHOLE generation....

The problem is, that those 32MB's in the ESRAM get used up QUICKLY, and when they're used up, nothing else can fit through that lane, meaning the REST of the ESRAM will be useless.

Think of it this way. You have 10 five gallon bottles of water.

You can fit 3 in your car which goes 30 MPH

You now have 7 gallons left, but while you have another vehicle that can go 90 MPH, it might only hold 1 or 2 gallons. Meaning 5 gallons are left at the road, waiting for the next pickup.

Thus the inability for higher res and frames.

So the higher the res, the more of that 32 MB's is taken up, leaving little bandwidth for anything else. If the ESRAM cannot port MOST of everything else through the ESRAM, they have to make due by putting the rest through DDR3's pathetic bandwidth.

Xbox One is the epitome of an UNBALANCED system. They can claim all they want about balance with redundant voice prompts, tv control, and fantasy football with utilizing 1 fantasy football provider, but the simple FACT is......in terms of specs, the system is completely UNBALANCED.
mistertwoturbo  +   672d ago
Look at the gap of the PS3 and 360 version of Black Ops. I remember how "inferior" the PS3 was and how the Xbox fans can see every tiny little pixel difference. Hell they could tell you how many pixels exactly was missing on the PS3 version.

But now all of a sudden they don't see a difference from 720p to 1080p and it's all about the gameplay.
#8 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   672d ago
They're hypocrites.But it's worse then that.
They're hypocrites in denial now.
ziggurcat  +   672d ago
using current xbox fanboy logic, shouldn't CoD be superior on PS3 because resolution doesn't matter?
theXtReMe1  +   672d ago
What makes me laugh about this chart, is you never heard people arguing over these resolutions. A lot of them were below the specified resolution of the systems they were made for. Remember, when the 360 and PS3 came out, they were supposed to do 1080p. Did even one game hit that? A lot of them rarely hit 720p. Especially those with, what would be considered, great visuals.

So, why does it matter so much this next generation? A lot of HD TV shows and stations only broadcast at 720p, yet I never hear people griping about that.

My point is, 1080p or 900p, you are getting the same game with the same great visuals. Do the numbers matter that much, that you are willing to ruin an otherwise great experience? Is one systems strength over another going to make great games gameplay, even better? And, if it bothers you that much... You always have the choice to buy the other system. Unless you have a large, vested interest in Microsoft or Sony... Why do you care which system sells more?

This bickering has gotten out of hand and the next generation hasn't even started yet. As I said in my blog and I'll say it here again: Do you remember the original reason that you started gaming? Wasn't it for fun? Or did you get into gaming because you loved numbers and resolution? Its time we all go back and bring out that kid at christmas in us, to a time where none of these numbers meant a thing... And have fun again.
svoulis  +   672d ago
The problem is more or less the rumors coming to truth. That upsets people, but they will still defend their favorite console, which is fine. Thats how its suppose to be. They need to justify buying it and thats how they do it.

The reason I think it matters now..is "next-gen" should be a substantial upgrade from current gen. When considering its been around 8 years. By substantial I don't mean 720p vs 1080p alone, I mean graphics, particles, physics, etc. It does matter for people who invest in something they have to hope will push on for the next 8+ year.

Its like from a PC perspective. Would you buy a graphics card that is slower then the competitors for more money? I doubt it.
Ragnaarock  +   672d ago
There are people who play games for the simple fact that they are fun and provide a rich experience you can't find anywhere else. They could care less about which system they play on as long as they have a good experience. Then there are the people who have their experience ruined when they see jaggies and can't raise the AA up to remove them. The type of people who want to play great games while witnessing them in the visual glory it can behold. Thirdly there are the savvy shoppers who look to get the best value out of their system, this argument can go either way depending on what they are trying to get out of the system. If they want an all in one media device the XBO might seem more appealing. If they want a dedicated video game player the $100 price difference puts the PS4 ahead.
boneso82  +   672d ago
" Is one systems strength over another going to make great games gameplay, even better?"

Actually one systems strengths can "make great games gameplay, even better", by running it at a higher and more consistent frame rate. Just sayin...
MasterCornholio  +   672d ago
That's huge.


Nexus 7 2013
specialguest  +   672d ago
At first I was focusing my sight on the resolution progression from 544 up to 624 thinking to myself, damn the COD games were truly sub-HD. From 544 to 720, there was a nice gap there, but not until I realized that the darkest part of the image was not just background, but actually 1080 res. Now that's a huge jump.
Hassassin  +   672d ago
hahaha also thought it was background at first :P
T2  +   672d ago
Hey if u dont have a 1080 p tv no big deal right ? Lol
BattleTorn  +   672d ago
World at War (PS3/360) was 720p? (The same as Xbox One CODG)

But, Black Op (PS3) was only 544? (A graphically better game than W@W)

I think it's no longer just my eyes that are confused.
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BattleTorn  +   672d ago
SliceOfTruth made an interesting point

The Wii U version in 1080p.
The Xbox One is 720p

We'll the difference in Wii U vs X1 comparisons.
#13 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   672d ago
Your kidding right? Nah there's no way the Xbox One is weaker than the Wii U its probably the Esram causing the developers trouble.

Nexus 7 2013
BattleTorn  +   672d ago
So you agree. X1 > Wii U.
Wii U = CODG @ 1080p
X1 = CODG @ 720p

But, if 1080p>720p + X1>WiiU

= *Mind explosion*
#13.1.1 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Dlacy13g  +   672d ago
This is where I think the "resolution" talk starts to confuse people. How can one game be 720p on a superior machine vs 1080p on an inferior machine? Texture work, lighting, physix, AI... there are a ton of additional factors that come into play. All those elements effect what may become the final resolution of a game.

I will venture a guess that a 1080p version on the WiiU will still look and play worse than either of the next gen offerings.

edit: what I am getting at is I would venture a bet that the WiiU is probably using assets that were used in the 360 and PS3 version and outputting at 1080p.
#13.2 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BattleTorn  +   672d ago
Yes, that was the subtle point I was hinting towards.

I don't think resolution tells the whole story.

Cause if did it, Wii U hardware > X1 hardware.

(something I think we all would agree is simply not true)
#13.2.1 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
boneso82  +   672d ago
PS3 and 360 are 720p too, same as Xbox One... Add that to your mindfuck lol
Tooly  +   672d ago
the wii u res was never confirmed
Funantic1  +   672d ago
I'm was happy with Blacks Ops 2 on Xbox 360 being only at 880 X 720 upscaled to 1080p. Now COD:Ghosts on the X1 will be 1280 X 720 upscaled to 1080p.

Remember when the Xbox 360 version of COD was better than PS3 and you PS3 players were still happy. I think we X1 players can manage to be happy too.

reko  +   672d ago

but youre not happy now.
Dlacy13g  +   672d ago
So a legit question which wasn't addressed in the article and hasn't really been addressed as far as I can tell yet in any other article. I know there will obviously be differences of native 1080p vs upscaled 1080p from 720p ....but what exactly will that be? I mean from a visual standpoint how will the two look? And again, I know the native 1080p will be the better of the two but to what degree I guess is what I am curious about?

I really have no skin in this game so it matters little. I made a pledge last year that COD was off the books for this year. Too many iterations on iterations of the same game for me. I want to invest that $60 elsewhere this time around.
#15 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ragnaarock  +   672d ago
different resolutions but same idea.
Angels3785  +   672d ago
Thats my link! :D I use that one all the time!
Gore-Content  +   672d ago
Finally! I got my confirmation that Black Ops on the PS3 has a lower resolution than its 360 counterpart. Treyarch have been denying this little fact for quite some time. That's why the game looked like donkey sh*t.

But we can now look forward to next gen, with its glorious 1080p!
ninjagoat  +   672d ago
Remember there was a time even though COD has always looked like sh!t that the xbox gamers would have eaten your eyelids out over the differences between the xbox and ps3 versions off call off duty.

Was well glad i kept clear after they fcuked us over after COD4. Every game was downhill from there imo.
Brix90  +   672d ago
Oh yeah I play on PS3 some of my friends would always make that kind of statement to me along with the "We get the maps first". So it's kind of funny now we get the better looking version.
fullymoated  +   672d ago
Huge botch job by infinity ward. If BF4 can get 720p/60fps then surely CoD small maps, lower player count, old engine, minimal destruction, can get to at least 900p/60fps.
shysun  +   672d ago
I giggled a bit! ;)
Supermax  +   672d ago
And yet no dedicated servers for ps4 version of cod have fun getting rocked by that 10 year old that has host advantage.
svoulis  +   672d ago
OH boy another one.


Try again.

Oh about 10 yr olds playing COD I believe that happens on all systems. If I'm not mistaken probably the most on Xbox 360.


Enjoy <3
Tooly  +   672d ago
that 720p got you pissy @SuperMax Xbox needs dedicated 1080p but it dont have that booooo hoooooo
reko  +   672d ago

they DONT? you need to do some research, youre making yourself look like an idiot right now.

#20.3 (Edited 672d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kingcorey  +   672d ago
Haha. This is why they didn't name it the Xbox 720. Lol
S2Killinit  +   672d ago
holy crap i didn't even see the PS4 at first, I thought that was the background! that is a huge difference. Glad ill be getting that PS4 right about now.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   672d ago
did anyone notice the black ops 360 vs ps3?? I dont get how the 360 has better.. naughty dog made the best looking console game ever.. 3rd party i guess
theAMC1981  +   672d ago
Some of these pictures make me laugh because people are looking at a gif, or jpeg image that most likely doesn't show it in true detail. Some of the images show the same thing going on, but some have clouds further back while one shows the clouds on screen and people are saying how one version doesn't have more clouds or trees. 1080p to 720p is very noticeable, but it isn't the end of the world. I'm for once is happy that we can finally see some differences in the two consoles when it comes to multiplatform games.
ninjahunter  +   672d ago
I like the two with identical horizontal pixel counts, yet one is narrower.
Bigc32  +   672d ago
Seems like both consoles win

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