Wheelman vehicle melee "guaranteed to get stolen" - Midway Newcastle exec prod tells VideoGamer focus testers "can'

Shaun Himmerick, executive producer on upcoming open world driving game Wheelman, reckons the game's vehicle melee system is "guaranteed" to be copied in future games.

Vehicle melee in Wheelman, developed by Midway Newcastle in conjunction with Tigon Studios, Hollywood actor Vin Diesel's video game production company, involves darting your car in any direction with the right thumb stick in order to smash opposing cars off the road and send them spinning into the air.

Speaking to at Midway's recent Gamers' Day in Las Vegas, Himmerick revealed that developer Midway Newcastle's focus testers have said they can't believe vehicle melee isn't in Burnout.

"What I will guarantee will get copied by other people is the vehicle melee," he said. "When we have our focus testers in they literally say, "oh I can't believe Burnout doesn't have this!". It's so instinctive, driving then suddenly slam it left, bam! Take that car out, send it flying. I guarantee that's the one that will get stolen."

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poopsack3884d ago

ahh, but what he does not know is that burnout can do this in an update. lol I bet Midway will do it wrong anyway.