Rumour: Multiplayer Cut from the WiiU version of Watch_Dogs

Amazon have changed the preorder bonus on the WiiU from addtional Multiplayer - Singleplayer perks at the request of Ubisoft. Is this a sign that the WiiU version may be having its online features cut.

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-Foxtrot1479d ago

If it is then wow...Ubisoft the biggest supporter of the Wii U has now given up. That says something don't you think

wheresmymonkey1479d ago

I'd be lying if i said it wasn't a little worrying. But at the same time people often forget that nintendo has basically lived off 1st and 2nd party exclusives for over a decade.

Although every last Nintendo machine has had some marvelous 3rd party games, very few of them have actualyl come from the big three as i like to think of them. ubi, acti and ea have never been a major part of the success of failure of their consoles.

In short Nintendo don't need third party titles for the wiiU to be a success as Nintendos own offerings are usually the best games on their consoles anyway.

-Foxtrot1479d ago

The problem is when they first revealed the Wii U it was clear they wanted third party games on their console....over time though it's become pretty clear that this isn't going to happen.

Maybe it was a ploy to get hardcore gamers to buy their next console, maybe they actually thought they could get third party support like Sony/Microsoft or maybe they were completely oblivious to how far tec wise Sony's and Microsoft's next consoles would be.

Anyway I don't think they are trying hard enough, I mean for starters they don't even have a good stable online network which means games like Super Mario World despite being built up around 4 player co-op is local only.

Concertoine1479d ago

I dont think the online infrastructure is the issue, look at X and monster hunter, both handle coop great. I think they just needed to get 3d world out the door for the holidays.

GordonKnight1479d ago

What gamer would buy a Wii U for online multiplayer games? These type of games aren't needed for the Wii U to sale, but the delay of the Watch Dogs is going to help sell the Wii U.

wheresmymonkey1479d ago

They're not needed but it would be great if it finally got a multiplat game that deifnitively showed it was capable of more than current gen systems.

Concertoine1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

They were hardly supportive in the first place. Blacklist on wii u is a mess even after a month of patches, AC 3 was a launch title that still didnt get dlc, AC 4 will apparently lack features. It really says somethinh when your biggest 3rd party supporter is this nonchalant.
They made Zombi U which was actually pretty successful with 600,000 sold (especially for a launch title) but it apparently didnt even break even. Where the budget went i dont know, graphics looks pretty bad, long load times, no online and its about 10 hours long.

It would be a shame if watch dogs is gimped, because this is the perfect game for the wii u.

deafdani1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Zombi U's graphics aren't "pretty bad". They're actually decent on a technical level, and the art direction is great for the type of game it is.

Long load times, true.

No online play = so what? This isn't a multiplayer FPS or anything. This is strictly a single player game, with a small 2 player bonus section thrown in.

About 10 hours long = sure, if you're a pro gamer and have played it already. But for an average gamer, the first playthrough will run anywhere between 20 and 25 hours.

Have you even played the game?

Concertoine1479d ago

I'm not saying the game is bad, it's pretty good. I'm just wondering why over half a million copies sold didn't even break even. Considering the game had none of those features, (whether or not theyd make the game better) i couldn't help but wonder where the money went.

deafdani1478d ago

It may be because it started its development as a completely different game altogether (Killer Freaks from Outer Space), then it was totally reworked into a Zombie game. So, I'd assume a lot of funds were wasted because of the change.

Anyway, I agree with you on that. Around 500k copies sold (if you dare to trust VGChartz) doesn't really sound like a bad performance for a B-List game from a completely new IP, especially considering that, to date, Wii U has sold about 4 million units... meaning that roughly one in every 4 Wii U owners have the game.

So, seriously, how many copies was Ubisoft expecting to sell? :/

EXVirtual1479d ago

Oh, hell no. Not this again.
If games on the Wii U keep getting gimped, people are going to be less inclined to get one. I hope this rumor isn't true. But after the Arkham Origins fiasco and the fact that a fully online MP game from Ubisoft (the Division) isn't going to the Wii U, I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.

Neonridr1479d ago

Before we all jump off the bridge, let's wait until we hear an official word on the subject.

If true though, it would be another blow. You wonder if these developers honestly think of ways that they can ensure their games will sell poorly on the Wii U.

KrisButtar1479d ago

It seems to be one of the many blows to Nintendo but the blows always seem to be some sort of online issue when it comes to 3rd party games actually coming to the system. Whether it be DLC or online Multiplayer. Nintendo is a Hardware company and they need to show off what their hardware can do for online multiplayer.

wheresmymonkey1479d ago

agreed. I have a feeling that whatever monolith are working on may be the thing to do that.

But its not like the machine is incapble of doing online perfectly well, DQX has been on the console since its launch in japan and has managed to avoid most of the pitfalls most other mmos seem to stumble into.

maybe they just don't think its worth the investment.

KrisButtar1479d ago

But wouldn't most of the work already be done as you were suppose to seamlessly move from single to multiplayer in this game. Even in an Interview they explained that the was a story mode mission involving the multiplayer mode. Wouldn't multiplayer already have to be coded for that single player mission to work. It like they were built together, seems so odd to have the feature seem like it was more turned off than removed or even added

phantomexe1479d ago

My money is on this being fake.

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