The Absolute Worst Sonic Moments

Ever since Sonic Unleashed was confirmed earlier this month Games Radar have been digging up all kinds of Sonic tidbits for you to chew on, from his rise and fall to the best moments the series has produced over the years. Today, in their last Sonic piece for April, they are diving into the cringe-worthy missteps Sonic has taken since his inception. The Rise/Fall article spelled out, in detail, how the franchise has slid since 1991, but this piece zooms out and hand-picks the worst of the worst. Even though they cause physical pain to witness, you can't bring yourself to look away.

Rather than beat around the bush and lead up to the main offender, Games Radar are just gonna lay it out there. Probably won't surprise anyone to see they chose 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog as the lowest point.

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ceedubya93801d ago

play the last Sonic game. Perhaps the series should just stick to 3D. All the adventure elements they try to throw into stuff just seems to drag it down even further.

G4drake3801d ago

i remenber the first sonic cartoon

man its so full if subliminal mensages

Brainiac 83801d ago

It just got rediculous when Sonic Adventure came out. I like the mains for the most part - Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Knuckles, Amy and maybe Shadow in his first appearance (Everything after involving him was trash).

Now there are so many characters that none of them mean anything.

Shortstop3801d ago

Agreed. It's as if the Sonic team heard of the technique of adding a new character to keep things fresh... only they didn't realize it's one of many techniques. Instead, they just kept reusing and reusing it until they had characters that don't serve any purpose.

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