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Xbox One launch doesn't need Titanfall - "we're going to sell every piece of hardware we can build"

"Sure, it would have had an impact at launch, but I think it's coming at a perfect time for us," argues Spencer. [OXM] (TitanFall, Xbox One)

dirigiblebill  +   667d ago
Xbox One has an exclusive launch racer, PS4 has an exclusive launch shooter. Dead heat?
xPhearR3dx  +   667d ago
Uhhh Xbone has Ryse, Forza, and Dead Rising as 3 big exclusives. PS4 only has Killzone. I guess you could add Knack, but that's like adding Kinect Sports for Xbox.

Xbone has the upper hand with launch titles, but I'm confident by early 2014, PS4 will have a better library which is why I have a PS4 pre-ordered.
Lalanana  +   667d ago
Lol.. No doubt xbox one has stronger launch line up but like you said I am sure sony will have some games next year.

It all comes down to preference for both systems and the games you want to play.
dirigiblebill  +   667d ago
I like Sony's first party slate, but I think making assumptions about the quality of unannounced PS4 titles is a bit risky. I mean, the PS2's back catalogue was pretty awesome, wasn't it? So why did the PS3 experience such a protracted good game drought earlier in its life?

PS - The same reasoning can apply to MS and Xbox, obvs.
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BLAKHOODe  +   667d ago
I'm actually looking forward to quite a few Xbox exclusives - Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Quantum Break, Kinect Sports Rivals and Titan Fall, which is part of the reason I'm getting the Xbox One. But the PS4 will no doubt be my primary gaming console.
svoulis  +   667d ago
PS4 will have 50+ titles by the end of march.

Xbox One will have 26 by then.

So go ahead say what you will, but Sony is spreading out their exclusives is all.



Same for me BlakHoode,

I plan on getting Xbox One around Titanfall Launch.


If anyone is gonna disagree, please enlighten me how I could possibly be wrong with providing links.

Thanks <3
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Computersaysno  +   667d ago
Have to wait and see if these games are actually any good. Launch titles often bomb, many seem good before you play them in all the previews but in practice so few launch titles are ever any good when the machine finally hits.

People will buy these console based on their gaming performance over the next 5 years not in the first month.

Xbox One looks like it has a better launch lineup I agree on that. Sony feel like they have the better future of their console for games.

Not least because this early we are seeing these massive differences in the multi format titles. This is bad news and worrying for the future of Xbox One and Good news and good PR for the future of PS4.
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xPhearR3dx  +   667d ago

Here's the thing. I owned a 360 since launch, bought a PS3 a few years in, sold it, bought it again, sold it, bought it again. Why? I only liked their exclusives and I already invested so much time in Xbox to start over on PS3. However, Sony has a fantastic track record these past few years, whereas Microsoft doesn't.

Microsoft is going to start off strong with exclusives (as they did with 360) then slowly have less and less over time. Where the PS4 is going to have little at launch, but a much bigger and more impressive batch of exclusives later on.

Why do what I did last gen, invest everything into Xbone, when I'll end up with a PS4 at the end of the day? I gave MS MANY chances, I won't be giving them another. This time around, everything is going into PS4 and when/if I see fit, I'll get an Xbone for the exclusives.
dirigiblebill  +   667d ago

"Microsoft is going to start off strong with exclusives (as they did with 360) then slowly have less and less over time. Where the PS4 is going to have little at launch, but a much bigger and more impressive batch of exclusives later on."

I can see where you're coming from... but doesn't this sort of make it more sensible to get an Xbox One now, a PS4 later? :p
sobotz  +   667d ago
Remove all un-announced unknown games + indies that coming to PC/Vita/PS3 also + all PCs free-to-play games and there you have it... KNACK
timotim  +   667d ago
Its early 2014 that's actually looking quite strong for X1. Project Spark, TitanFall, Kinect Sports Rivals, Quantum Break (hopefully by Q2). In fact 2014 in general is looking killer for X1...Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends...
obliterator  +   667d ago

I am a sony fan but I don't know why people are disagreeing with you.
I agree with you there. X1 currently has stronger lineup but ps4 will soon surpass it.
sonarus  +   667d ago
better launch lineup? In my opinion both exclusive launch lineups are weak. The only exclusive i am getting on PS4 is KZ shadow fall. Xbox one which i won't be getting day one the only game i would get for it is presently forza. Ryse gameplay looks boring and Dead rising lost its allure for me after dead rising 2. The best games for next gen are more than likely multiplatform. I am really looking forward to Battlefield 4, MGS5 and a bunch of other games. Both launch lineups are weak though but i guess from a broader perspective ms may have the better exclusive
r1sh12  +   667d ago
XBone has a stronger line up - no doubt.
But PS4 has 1080p.

Im not even a fanboy, Ive got a 360 and PS3 - but Microsoft are making it harder for me to justify giving them my money.

Sony are making a better argument for it.
Its a shame, if MS didnt F up earlier this year, might have been a different story
xPhearR3dx  +   667d ago

No because I don't want to invest a lot of time and money into a system I won't be using down the road. Plus, I own a Gaming PC. MS is known for having their "exclusives" on PC as well. With a PS4 and PC, it's win-win for me.
aiBreeze  +   667d ago
To be honest, Sony has the superior hardware and it's showing on multiplatform games. To me, that's far superior to the launch titles. In five years time, what's going to be more noticeable, the hardware or the titles the consoles launched with?

Fingers crossed it's just because the X1 is harder to develop for and once devs get a better grips with it, it will match the ps4 on multiplatforms.
osprey19  +   667d ago
Down the line the best games will be multiplatform, so it wont matter which console u choose.
Ju  +   667d ago
How does the XO have a stronger lineup? The only real next gen is Ryse, KI you can say is nice, but then there is Knack on the PS. Forza and DR3 are 360 ports with shiny new skins but not next gen games. All MPs run better on the PS, and where are the indie titles for the XO? I strongly disagree the XO has the better launch line up. - if you want to race, get NFS. PS4 has a racing title.
serratos27  +   667d ago
Why do you have so many disagrees? Blaming the fanboys. I agree with you, the PS4 is going to see better games come early 2014 seeing how Watch Dogs won't be available at launch and was pushed back. Killzone is the only launch game I'm "personally" interested in.
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nukeitall  +   667d ago
I think MS has a pretty smart plan and intentionally released Titanfall in March.

Think about it, every console from now until holidays is sold out and allocated. There is no need to be concerned about pushing consoles until early next year. Bam, Project Sparc and Titanfalls drops!

After that, there are Quantum Break and so on. It seems the line-up is pretty strong!
-Foxtrot  +   667d ago
If it doesn't need it then why did they fork out a ton of money to make it an exclusive...for a "lifetime" apparently
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marcelliuss1  +   667d ago
@foxtrot....they said they didn need it at launch. They never said they don't need it because they do. Judging by all the comments on this site I didn't realise how many Sony fans wanted this game especially since most of them said it sucks.
Infamous298  +   667d ago
@Lalanana I spy with my little eyes a stealth troll
HardcoreDaBoss  +   667d ago
I really wish people would stop being Fan girls
Philoctetes  +   667d ago
Not sure if they planned it this way, but Microsoft is doing it right by "saving" Titanfall until spring, when it doesn't have to go head-to-head against COD and BF.

If I were Sony, I would have flip-flopped infamous and Killzone. I know development schedules drive some of these release dates, but KZ at launch doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Stick89  +   667d ago
Totally agree with the first part of your post, the second part however...

I don't know, I'd argue that Killzone was the right choice. Sony had to come out swinging with a game that they knew would look stunning and that everyone would be looking to play with their friends. CoD (while huge) wasn't really known for being the "best" on Sonys platforms and is starting to lose some steam in it's old age. This was their opportunity to go all in and show off just how great their first party studio games are before another generation of gamers gets stuck in the same old CoD rut.
josephayal  +   667d ago
Xbox One would sell like hot cakes
kingxtreme81  +   667d ago
They're right. Titanfall isn't necessary at launch. They will sell out of their stock of Xbox One through the holidays as it is, so Titanfall wouldn't help; can't sell more hardware than is available.

Titanfall launching in March, however, will help a lot. Post launch, when inventory is readily available, Titanfall will help sell those units.
strickers  +   667d ago
So launch day will tide you over until March? :-)
PS4 has a steady stream.
kingxtreme81  +   667d ago
PS4? Who brought that up? By the way I'm buying both at launch so I don't think your question/comment really applies to me.

As for the launch lineup of XBO "tiding me over", I never said anything of the sort. I said the system will sell out at launch.

There's enough hardcore gamers out there that demand will likely be higher than supply until/through the holidays, so Titanfall being released wouldn't matter because the system isn't likely to be highly stocked for the holidays any way.

By releasing Titanfall in March when the XBO will be readily available to all, it will help keep interest in XBO high and thus ensure that sales continue to be high.
boeso  +   667d ago
la la la la laa money la lal la la laaaa profit. Whats a 'gamer' again?
bangoskank  +   667d ago
I'm not buying sh!t until I see good games, which should be around Spring and Summer 2014. Launch games are never any good.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   667d ago
Ryse looks good forza will sell im getting them.but i must have killzone and ill try knack.But i will say this i always thought dead rising sucked i will take warfame a f2p over it any day of the week even outlast. judging by the pre order most ppl on xb1 wants cod ghost and im calling it right now ghost running 720p is a bigger lost to xbox than drive club is to ps4 fact.everybody i know wants a xb1 for cod ghost and 720p matters because ms activis were in bed for so long nobody even me would have thought it would be better on ps4 fact.to hear xbox fans now claim cod sucks now anyway a game that's link to the dna of xbox is proof in the pudding.titan fall will rock but Destiny will be the bigger game.
Hufandpuf  +   667d ago
Just to tell you about DR3, it's made by an in house MS studio so it's much different from the previous DRs. And I can attest that DR3 was the most fun I had in a game all year, and a lot of people would go back to playing it at the Xbox Event to find new combos to try out. It was the best game they had there, but who knows how the final version will turn out.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   667d ago
fair and i didn't know that and imy brother is getting so i will gladly give it a run thanks for the heads up on that
from the beach  +   667d ago
The timing for Titanfall is near perfect.

We'll all buy Xbox One at launch / this year, enjoy the awesome selection of exclusives then, when March rolls around, the megaton drops.
Hicken  +   667d ago
"We" who?
strickers  +   667d ago
Again. So 5 months for launch day titles to keep you busy? That's without any delay to Titanfall. Thing is I wouldn't buy that if I did have XB or it was on PS4. Not sayings it's bad, just not that interesting. Now Destiny, that looks good
lifeisgamesok  +   667d ago
Better to let the launch games shine: Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, and Forza

2014 is great already too: Halo 5, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark
strickers  +   667d ago
You don't know if any of those games will be good.
miklo84  +   667d ago
Am I the only XBONER not hyped about TITANFALL? Coming from a studio that worked on cod games and you can tell. Looks to be exact same fast paced gameplay with only differences being jet boosters and mechs or am I missing something? I have both systems pre-ordered and am excited about XBONES early line up but can't wait to see what ND and SMS have up their sleeves for PS4 after what they accomplished on the PS3.
LordMaim  +   667d ago
Read: We're having production problems too, in addition to low sales projections, so no worries that we can't sell every one that we build. There just won't be that many of either :P
Stoppokingme  +   667d ago
At the end of the day one console will have the better games but the sales may not show it.

Which is why I'm so sick to f*****g death of fanboys using sales charts to prove who's console is better, Nickleback sold more albums than the Mumford and sons but that doesn't make Nickleback the better band.
HardcoreDaBoss  +   667d ago
umm but nickleback is better then mumford.

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