Donna Burke back in the recording studio for Metal Gear Solid V

Donna Burke, Australian singer and actress, is back in the recording studio to work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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LaFleur1635d ago

Hell yeah! I loved Sins of the Farther. Can't wait to hear the next stuff.

Nyxus1635d ago

Yeah it might be another song (apparently the one in the trailer consisted of two separate tracks) or something else (like the voice for the iDroid device).

Batzi1635d ago

Yes the E3 trailer (red band) was indeed composed of two different tracks. We have yet to listen to the full versions of both but whatever she is recording now must be different from those two since the tracks played in the E3 trailer were ready to be released. I wonder if she is back in for another song or something else like iDroid voice command.

LaFleur1635d ago

If it is, I am very excited. Really like Donna. She delivers songs which are incredible in MGS

Nyxus1635d ago

This does make me wonder how far they are with the development of this game. I don't think we should expect it any time soon.

Batzi1635d ago

At some point I thought Ground Zeroes was completed and was ready to go gold but now Kojima is having a hard time fitting Snake's character model with the realistic environment so I assume changes to Snake's character model and other characters in the game such as Snake's companion/buddy will be changed which is awesome although I didn't see any problem with his model at TGS.

PixelNinja1635d ago

YES! Really beautiful voice, loved Sins of the Father and can't wait to hear more stuff.