Dare you tackle gaming's scariest titles?

Halloween: it's spooky. But is it as spooky, unnerving and downright terrifying as these games? Probably not. How brave a gamer are you?

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Iltapalanyymi998d ago


stop. just stop you idiot.

zerocrossing998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Slender, I can kind of understand. But I'm still trying to get my head around what makes Resident Evil 6 even remotely scary.

sobekflakmonkey998d ago

I think both slender and RE6 are terrible examples of scary games, slender hasn't been scary since the first ever photo's of him were created, and Resident Evil hasn't been remotely scary since RE2...not to mention Dark Souls isn't scary at all...the only two on that list that are really scary are like Silent Hill 2 and Amnesia..

jeeves86998d ago

What makes Resident Evil 6 so scary? How far the franchise has fallen.

ianos993d ago

Resident Evil 6, Perfect for: People who don’t actually want to be scared

As it says in the piece. It's the non-scary scary game.

kopp3rbug998d ago

condemned is definitely scary.....the mall with the maniquins!!! wtf!!!