Why Xbox One's 720p problem is the biggest deal-breaker yet

VideoGamer: "For a long time I've accepted Microsoft's rhetoric on the power of Xbox One. I've gone along with the talk about balance; I've acknowledged the promise of Cloud technology; and I've empathised with its frustration over the ongoing community backlash."

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allformats1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

It is. Soon we'll be in 2014, 720 gaming in such a modern world, on a games console that will be around for the better part of ten years, and a console that's sold at $100 higher than it's more powerful, 1080p capable competitor, is simply unacceptable, and you'd be blind to think otherwise.

slimeybrainboy1508d ago

I still think that this is being blown out of proportion. Devs only found out the final specs this year. Engines arent really optimised for next gen consoles yet.

I think this highlights that the PS4 is more powerful, but I dont think this means that the XB1 wont be able to 1080p 60fps in future multiplats. Didnt alot of devs say they were shocked by the PS4 GDDR5 announcement in Feb? And dev kits were only finalised a couple of months ago.

As developers get a hang of the XB1 hardware they'll be able to get alot more out of it. Look at the PS3 launch games compared to GTAV.

The Meerkat1508d ago

But then PS4 devs will improve too.

They might not add more pixels or fps but the PS4 devs could add better lighting or AA.

There is no way anybody can put a positive spin on this news without looking like they are employed by MS

theBAWSE1508d ago


well doesn't that goes for ps4 as well? Sony changed the specs so devs are not used to its architecture either and yet.... it's pushing DOUBLE the pixels of xbone

this will not get better as devs get used to both consoles the gap will widen as the ps4 is that more powerful

shivvy241508d ago

I see why it wasn't called the xbox720
@slimey, I kinda do agree with you but I doubt theres gonna be much of a difference on resolution once optimised

AsimLeonheart1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Both consoles are starting at an equal footing right now. There is no doubt that Xbone will improve over the years but so will the PS4. It is just like two brothers ageing together. When the 5 year old reaches 10, the formerly 10 year old is already 15. The little one will never be able to catch up.

vigilante_man1508d ago

Now we know why they didn't name the new console XBox 720!!

In 2-3 years the tools will be there to get the XB1 as close to where the PS4 is now as possible. By that time the PS4 tools will be even more advanced.

The PS4 has the raw power. It will always be ahead in terms of graphics. Lets get used to this right away and move on.

Now we know, we can focus on the most important thing - the GAMES!

scofios1508d ago

Dudes calm down you can soon buy 1080p dlc on live .
Or 1080p if you are gold :-)

4Sh0w1508d ago

"But then PS4 devs will improve too."

So, but why are we pretending 2 lower res games mean that X1 cant do 1080p its whole lfetime, besides the fact that there are already 1080p games on the console now?

Crazay1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I find the # of disagrees comical.

You're absolutely right. PS3 was notoriously difficult to develop for but developers figured it out with time and the system benefited greatly for it. The same will happen here, for both systems even.

tigertom531508d ago

I love a lot of things about Microsoft but I agree with what this person wrote Sony has sealed my purchase first this generation. maybe down the road I will look at Microsoft with price drops and new sku for what exclusives they might have....

tigertom531508d ago

Xbox should of been easier to develop for being X86 processor and the architecture similar to xbox 360 im not sure how much more they can improve this generation, it seems like a slightly better xbox 360 with a little bit more cpu power and ram...

bcrazy181508d ago

I agree with you. I've stayed this before, the PS4 is easier to code for and the devs just recently got the finalized dev kits.

@ The Meerkat and theBAWSE.... Yes it does mean the PS4 will ass well but the Xbox One had more to gain than the PS4 so the improvement will be more with the Xbox One over time.

Stick891508d ago

The comparison of Xbox One to PS3 when it comes to programming isn't very good. The Xbox One's architecture is for the most part identical to the Xbox 360's (everything is just bigger and better of course) yet it's specs when compared to the PS4 are lacking and there is no denying that, there is no secret sauce here for developers to figure out. The PS3 on the other hand launched with a totally unknown architecture and was arguably on par or better than the 360 spec wise (except for not unifying the RAM). Once developers figured out how to code for the PS3 they were able to create games that matched what 360 could do, and in terms of exclusives look better than anything 360 had.

Xbox One architecture isn't new, no secret formula.

PS3 had a totally unique architecture and therefore had room for growth as developers learned it.

Apples to oranges.

NewMonday1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


actually the upside is even bigger on the PS4 because future games will tap into GPU compute and developers will let themselves loos with the huge RAM bandwidth.

boneso821507d ago

Current PS3 owners are going to buy a PS4, if and when they upgrade. A significant percentage of 360 owners are going to buy a PS4, if and when they upgrade. A percentage of 360 owners are going to buy an Xbone, if and when they upgrade. That percentage of 360 owners moving to Playstation next gen are what is going to make the difference in sales, because nobody already in the Sony camp are going to convert to a more expensive, less powerful and most importantly, unfamiliar and unliked piece of hardware from a company they are not familiar with who have dug themselves a very very very deep hole. It's only a matter of time before they are buried alive in it.

gaffyh1507d ago

It's actually quite a well thought out article, and you can tell the writer is genuinely frustrated at the fact that MS has blatantly lied to everyone up to this point when it comes to the power of the system when compared to the PS4.

Major Nelson said he was looking forward to the truth coming out. I bet he regrets saying that now...

UltimateMaster1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

@People saying Xbox One will get better with time.

No doubt it will.

The PS4's GPU is still superior, meaning they can push graphics even more so than the Xbox One can.

It's not some foreign architecture that's hard to develop for, maybe it is in the case of the eSRAM but that's it.
3rd party developers made almost identical games last gen because they did not want to bother to learn the Cell, but first party made good use of it.

Now, not only will first part devs make good use of it, but so will 3rd party and it's already showing. Some sites say you can only increase the performance of Gb/s by 40 with the eSRAM, with the 68Gb/s of DDR3, it makes around 105/110 GB/s as opposed to the easier GDDR5's 176Gb/s.
Other sites say it can reach 200Gb/s in total, but it's still not that significant.

First one, 110 VS 176, X1=62% of the Ps4
Second one "max optimization in some future", PS4=88% of the X1
(This comes from, just the name of the website makes me feel like, meh.)
That's if they even use the eSRAM, 68 VS 176, X1=38% of the PS4.

And that's before we count in the GPU PS4 50% > X1.

So yeah, if everything were already optimized maybe it would be a bigger debate, maybe not, but developers are hating the eSRAM because it's too complicated. So, your call.

theAMC19811507d ago

Both consoles will improve, but how much, nobody knows. I just don't think people should rule out Xbox One so fast. We can see that the PS4 is more powerful (on paper), but so was the PS3. It depends on what they bring to the platform. How can a system (360) have a 50% fail rate, but still stay on top for 32 months? I'm sure Xbox will be worth it as well as PS4 will be.

I can't wait to see the next God of War.

If nobody can put a positive spin on this news about the resolution without sounding like they are employed by Microsoft themselves then the person who thinks this is a reason to not get a Xbox One is employed by Sony. There is no way that the Xbox One will suck (really people... suck?) as people say who have never played it, but seem to follow what other people say.

A game system hasn't really sucked for years
The CD-i sucked. Virtual Boy sucked.

The RROD was a horrible situation, but at least people got to play theirs for a few years, but the PS3 had updates that killed off the system completely (an update!) a lot of times if you didn't update, you couldn't experience some better features until you did. That is scary. I'm glad I never had a single problem with updates though. Let's just hope things are better this time.

We finally got some PS4 games at my job and I instantly got hyped. We got a Xbox One demo too, but can't set it up which is killing me. People need to be experiencing these consoles and we need to set up the damn kiosk.

gaffyh1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

@theAMC - "We can see that the PS4 is more powerful (on paper), but so was the PS3."

Difference is, PS3 was A LOT more difficult to code for than the Xbox 360. Which is why nobody other than Sony devs were able to fully take advantage of the system. This time round, PS4 is as easy, and looks like it is in fact easier to code for than the Xbone. I said it months ago, this would most likely mean better looking third party games on PS4 vs Xbone, and looks like I and a lot of others, were right.

"It depends on what they bring to the platform. How can a system (360) have a 50% fail rate, but still stay on top for 32 months?"

Simple, price. Xbox 360 has been $100 or more cheaper than the cheapest PS3 for the entire generation. The other thing to make note of is that this is in America, which MS has focused on this gen and most likely will next gen. Worldwide, PS3 has been outselling Xbox 360 for a while now. The final thing to remember is that some of those 360 sales are from consoles that have failed or been banned, so people buying multiples. I have 1 failed one out of warranty myself and have 1 working one.

If your system gets bricked, it is actually fixable, as it is a software issue. RROD and YLOD are hardware issues, much more difficult to fix. My PS3 has never gotten bricked by an update.

SilentNegotiator1507d ago

"Engines arent really optimised for next gen consoles yet"

Didn't stop developers on Ps4.

UltimateMaster1507d ago

All consoles will do their best to push the graphics.

LocutusEstBorg1507d ago

10 year old PCs with a fraction of the power of the Xbox One ran games at 1080p.

Ps4Console1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Yeah they did find out this year & the same time as each other but the Ps4 can run at 1080p but the Xbox one can't explain .

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AsimLeonheart1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I wonder where are all those Xbone fans that said that the developers will program for the lowest common denominator and the PS4's potential will be wasted anyway so it does not matters if the PS4 is a "little" more powerful. They were so horribly wrong.
Now we see that the PS4 is much more powerful and its potential is being utilized.

BF4 PS4 = 1600x900 = 1,440,000 pixels
BF4 Xbone = 1280x720 = 921,600 pixels

PS4 is pushing 56.25% more pixels than Xbone!

CoD Ghosts PS4 = 1920x1080 = 2,073,600 pixels
CoD Ghosts Xbone = 1280x720 = 921,600 pixels

PS4 is pushing 125% more pixels than Xbone!

The better textures, lighting, anti-aliasing and frame rate to boot are a completely another matter. The fact is that the PS4 is simply much more powerful than the Xbone and once the Santa Monica and Naughty Dog games are revealed, we will truly understand the difference in power.

Elit3Nick1508d ago

you have to realize that resolution is only a certain part of the game, just because BF4 PS4 version has 56.25% more pixels, does not mean that it's more powerful by the same amount, assuming that both were using the same everything(textures, lighting etc.) it would mean that it's about 20% more powerful. But the fact here is that the BF4 X1 version IS using better textures, I mean not marginally better, but multiple comparisons confirm this, the difference is a bit smaller, not to mention that they are still working out the ESRAM means that gap might close even more. Not saying that both will have identical performance at their max, but the difference between the two is much smaller than most people here like to think

McScroggz1508d ago

@Elit3Nick The Xbox One isn't using better textures, Infinity Ward just simply increased the sharpness. Well, that's what it looks like to me at least. Based off of everything I've read about game design the game with the lower resolution isn't going to have better textures - that's backwards.

The Xbox One's version has it's sharpness and contrast tuned higher with weaker overall visual effects. There isn't a huge difference for people who aren't sensitive to these things (For the most part I consider myself among them), but this idea that the lower resolution versions of games will have better textures, etc. is just a farce.

AnteCash1508d ago

You dont need to w8 for ND or SM ,Gameinformer already sed that Order 1886 is the best looking game they have ever seen.

TristanPR771508d ago

Agree with you. What is shocking here is the extreme denial that the xbox community have, they even believe that an inferior version of a game will look better than the superior version.

cell9891507d ago

@Elit3Nick extreme denial, I get what youre trying to say, but you seem to emphasize your point way overboard, like youre trying real hard to let people know the xbone isnt that bad, when in reality I think it is.

I bet the PS4 version has (for the mist part) been done, and it was the xbone version Infinity Ward had to really optimize to get it running at 60FPS. HAd they spent more time optimizing the PS4 version we would have better lightning, effects, and AA as well. That extra horsepower was just used to bump the resolution.

I picture developer nightmares with the xbone SDKs

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Sayai jin1508d ago

This will be a deal breaker for some of the core. While having the best graphics appeals to some of us most of the base which makes up the casual which is the majority of the market are not really going to compare graphic specs side by side. Casuals on the other hand are going to go with brand name and/or price and errr availability. The PS4 has the upper-hand on price. MS is missing an opportunity to have a matching or cheaper price point.

All in all what does this really mean....if you want to play games that are only on the PS4 then they'll get a PS4 and if you want to play games that are only on the XB1 then they'll get a XB1.

boing11508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Word of mouth is enough for MS to be worried. And this is just the beginning.

5eriously1508d ago

@Sayai jin

THUS if you want the best of both worlds then play the best games on the PC and the best exclusives on PS4. Than that makes the eXB0Ne an eXN0Ne and totally redundant in my books. I will look at the eXB0Ne in future purely for the Kinect2 experience unless the Kinect2 also becomes available for the PC.

MynextGen1508d ago

Denial and your Ps4 wont be around that long remember we have games you don't we have dedicates servers you dont we have money you don't

Aww no Hdd support and lots of other stuff not coming at your launch lmao

LoveOfTheGame1508d ago

I'm more of an Xbox guy, but this goes to fans of both sides:

Don't use the word "we" to describe the community you are a part of. It just comes off weird as you are most likely not a part of that company.

InTheLab1508d ago

There's dedicated servers for PS3 games.

Internal HDD is still a thing.

MS has money but not to burn on a failed launch or yet another failure like the first Xbox, RRoD, zune and eventually surface.

You also only have Forza and DR3 for launch. Titanfall is multiplat and coming in March. The other games you have look and perform better on another console.

TristanPR771508d ago

PS4 have HDD replacement and xbone don't.
PS3 have dedicated servers
Microsoft have money and yet they have never won a console generation while Sony have won 2 console generations and have the best console of history, the PS2.

Don't force it, accept it and die in peace.

Funnymonkey0131507d ago

Have fun with ur weaker gimmicks cable box while we enjoy games the way they r made to look best on PS4:)

SonyKong641507d ago

wow.. please don't breed = /

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IcicleTrepan1508d ago

It's not a 'cancel pre-order' type of deal breaker for me as I have both preordered. What it is for me is a 'looks like I'm buying all multiplats for PS4.'

LackTrue4K1508d ago

Some people want to take full advantage of there set ups!! 1080p large tv/surround sound, nothing wrong wanting a system/console that can take full advantage of there sick setups.

tigertom531508d ago

still Microsoft will have 2x better audio processor, but will suck in the graphics

Shnooze1508d ago


Audio.. Processor? Don't you mean sound card?

IRON883 1508d ago

I don't really understand why is it only 720p? I mean come on we're on the door step of next gen and Xbox drops this brown bag of flaming poop on us??? Not cool

ambientFLIER1508d ago

Microsidt didn't develop COD why the hell are you blaming them? BF4 looks better and has WAY more going on, so obviously the console can handle better graphics. Forza is 1080p/60fps bative...

tigertom531508d ago

Microsoft F**k up the GPU....

ziggurcat1507d ago

@ ambient:

IW not being able to get CoD @1080p native on xbone means one of two things:

1. the hardware isn't strong enough (which is why you could blame MS).

2. the people at IW are awful programmers, and should probably just stop making games altogether if they can't get native 1080p @ 60fps (and CoD isn't necessarily known for taxing the system, graphically) on a console that is at least 10x more powerful than current gen tech.

xbone supporters are probably now seeing what PS3 owners had to deal with early on in this generation's life cycle - bad ports from lazy devs. we're even starting to see "bu-bu-but xbone is more difficult to program for" excuses (which i've always thought as being lazy talk from devs, even on PS3) coming from the xbox camp, and esram isn't exactly new tech, either...

cell9891507d ago

@ambientFLIER: you really got to stop using Forza as an example of supreme graphics, the game runs on a lot of old gen tech, Forza is more of a xbox360 port for xbone, which is why its able to achieve 1080P/60FPS a lot of smoke and mirrors on that game. Ryse is still the best visually impressive game xbone has

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T21507d ago

Show me exactly where any developers stated xbone is hard to develop for and is not simply lower in power .

^wow quite a graphic , thats crazy

Darrius Cole1507d ago

It took me a few minutes to realize that the PS4 screen is the black space. i thought it was background wallpaper.

IRON883 1507d ago

Yup that's a great point buddy good job

SL1M DADDY1508d ago

It's a shame to think that the Xbox team has been resting on their laurels like this. It all feels like the last launch in reverse. I wonder if MS will be able to pull themselves up from this much like Sony did the last gen.

devwan1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

The xbox team haven't been resting on laurels - they're been working hard to create the system and ecosystem they were tasked with - al all-in-one living room box. Not a games console. People inside the xbox team apparently made plenty of comments and suggestions regarding the direction, policies and focus of the platform - but it's the suits in charge and they prioritised TV and TV content over gaming (apparently investing more money in this than gaming). They took gaming and gamers for granted - that was a given for them, they already had them in the bag. They wanted 10x the audience and it looks like they'll have to settle for only a fraction of what they thought they had and no more.

Warrick1508d ago

WHO CARES TELL ME WHEN YOU NOTICE A DIFFERENCE IN GRAPHICS! plus cloud is awsome fixes glitches also better lighting and better graphics on game. xbox spent 700million PS4 spent 380 xbox. Cloud is next generation gaming and Microsoft knows it enough said.

T21507d ago

Even if it wasnt a big deal now , it will be . My new prediction is xbox two aka xbox 1080p drops in 4 years

strickers1507d ago

That is a wall of babble.

Funnymonkey0131507d ago

Dude u must be blind the cloud does not make games look better all it does is make better al. And slightly better connection on games that's it. So how about u start reading what things r and do before writing something that isn't true really people like u r laughable fanboys.

SonyKong641507d ago

can't wait for puberty can you? it'll come, literally = )

IRON883 1507d ago

It is a big deal the Xbox one is suppose to be the next gen gaming system but they don't want to move up

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LAYLOW1507d ago

Channeling my inner IVERSON . " What are talking about COD ? COD ? we are talking about COD ! COD....? not a REAL 1st party Game that we all love and wait for with infinite anticipation ,no not that ,we are talking about COD ! COD ? We are talking about COD ....CALL OF DUTY ,CALL OF DUTY PEOPLE ,CALL OF DUTY!! Seriously ? We are talking about COD ? Not a actual game that we here about in development for years and we cant wait to get our hands on for a years before its launch,no not that ,weare talking about CALL OF DUTY? Man who gives a fuq if that shitty game 480,720,1080 .....its COD !! Call of duty people of duty!! Blahahahahah!!

devwan1507d ago

We are talking about only one of a very few multiplat games we can compare directly on both platforms. Laugh all you like - it'll continue as more and more multiplats arrive to both systems.

Foxhound9221507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Wait....what game is it? Call of what?

OT: Still this is no excuse, and the fact that it is call of duty kind of goes against what you are saying. Cod is in no way shape or form a next gen game. It's not a hard game to run in terms of processing. If current generation games can run it, then there should be no reason why the x1 can't. If they can't get a simple copy and paste, simple game to run on par with the ps4, then what can they?

jmc88881507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Actually so far we're talking about multiple games, and expect it to be HUNDREDS of games by the end of the generation.

It does matter, because at 1080p, you can better see the camping snipers in the distance. Or some guy trying to hide somewhere.

It definitely means something.

Every bit the ESRAM leaves on the table, increases the ~50-400 percent power difference the PS4 holds over the Xbox One.

If you had two cars racing, one had 300 HP, one had 500 HP, which one would win? Easily the 500 HP. But what if besides this raw advantage the 300 HP car also had a wonky fuel line, which might only give you only 1/3 flow on fuel? The 500 HP car would thrash the 300 HP car by far larger margins.

ESRAM is going to be an issue in EVERY GAME. It's something that more experienced devs, in yearly franchise type settings, will get somewhat better with it, but it will always be an issue. As for the medium and indie devs that might not have quite the same time, money, and talent? They're screwed. Which means xbox one owners are screwed.

H0RSE1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


Some of you seem to be extremely naive or overambitious with this arbitrary idea that 1080p is a "must" for next-gen. You guys really need to understand that although the console are "next-gen" (largely just a buzzword with no definitive meaning) they are still just $400-500 devices, not high end PC's. Some of you even go a step further, and include 60fps in your "demands," as if it's such meager feat to fulfill...To expect nothing but "the best" across the board on such a medium, is pipe-dreams.

I don't doubt that games will release in 1080p, as some games already are, but every single game? Get over yourselves. If such high-end quality is of the utmost importance to where you "demand" that games play a t 1080p, or even worse, 1080p/60fps, as seems to be the case with many, than you should playing your games on the best hardware available - PC. If you choose a lesser medium, than you should except a lesser quality product, it's really that simple. You can point the finger and cry "PC elitism," but really it's just being rational.

Graphics or resolution alone is not some guideline to base whether or not a game achieves "next-gen" status, and if you think otherwise, then quite frankly, you're wrong. If none of the next-gen games achieved 1080p, they could still easily qualify as next-gen, due to other aspects, whether it be to techniques like AA or AO, more content and features available, new, innovative ideas, higher framerates, higher poly counts, and even sharper visuals. Yes, a game running at 720p, can look sharper than a game running at 1080p. BF4 is a good example of this. Is it running at 1080p? No, not on either system, but both versions are running at 60fps, and have 64 man servers. That is an example of "next-gen" in gaming, despite lacking 1080p resolution.

If it's just pretty games running at a smooth framerate that is needed to justify your purchase, then again, you are on the wrong platform, since we have been achieving this for years on PC.

As for the arguments over X1's perfroance/graphics and it being "more for less," these arguments are misplaced and inaccurate, due to the fact that the extra cost is largely due to the inclusion of the Kinect, NOT due to the claim that you are getting more powerful hardware. Another aspect is the HDMI-in port, which regardless how useless you see it (along with the Kinect) it's still going to drive up the initial cost, so it would actually be more accurate to claim that you are paying "more for more," since you are physically getting more. Do the PS4 bundles cost more than the regular PS4's? Same logic applies here.

otherZinc1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You guys sound ridiculous.

You guys are talking about a 3rd party game, that's made FOR LAST GEN CONSOLES.

COD & BF4 is the exact game for the PS3 & 360 that's upped to 1080p @ 60fps, that's it.


Forza 5 is MADE FOR NEXT GEN and is
1080p "native" @ 60fps: Both On & Offline!
With more features than any racing game Ever.

Yet, you guys refuse to acknowledged that Fact!

I ask you haters: where's Drive Club?

devwan1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

"COD & BF4 is the exact game for the PS3 & 360 that's upped to 1080p @ 60fps, that's it. "

Do your homework - BF4 on current gen is nothing like the same game that the ps4 & xbox one will have.

As for f5 made for next gen - that's your opinion. Many people would disagree with that as they believe it's very much built on existing tech.

T21507d ago

The fact that a free game makes you so defensive is hilarious , wait till the forza 5 vs gt6 comparisons come out you will be screaming about how forza wheel treads have blacker blacks

Magicite1507d ago

Now You see why MS said: specs dont matter, its all about games.