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"After playing through Dark Sector I'm amazed that this was banned. This game is not that overly violent compared to Gears of War.

Digital Extremes attempt at a 3rd person shooter had an interesting and unique goal. When it was first announced its graphics looked amazing and sound effects and violence was something to get excited about. Years later and its finally out. But is it a good game? Well if you like repetitive combat and a story that's like reading every 10 pages of a book (making absolutely no sense)..."

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permutated3859d ago

You know for a country started by British felons and rejects, AUS has some of the most backward policies I've ever heard.

gaminoz3859d ago

There is discussion of an R18 rating in games now, but gee this game is NOT nearly as bad (violence and gore-wise) as a lot of others like Gears, Conan, Dead Rising, RE4, Condemned 1 and 2....etc etc.

I can't figure out why it was banned...

DarkRayneRules3858d ago

They better bring the 18 rating in. This game is definitely not the goriest game I've played. I agree with the games listed. But what about The Darkness? Ripping out peoples hearts and seeing them eaten is pretty gory... cool but violent. And the finishing moves shooting people in the mouth and such, and Jenny getting shot right in front of you, and all the suicide and drills in the face. (I feel like playing The Darkness now :) lol). I'm not complaining though.... I just hope no more games get banned... I'm worried about Ninja Gaiden 2 and the likes. Since good graphics means more intense gore. I'm almost 20, and I want the perks... I might have to move to the uk to avoid the hassle. :p Free Australia! Bring back the violence! Plus if parents use the parental controls on the 360 then kiddies shouldn't be able to play high rating games anyway. Rgghh this censorship and banning thing is just stupid. R18+ rating for games, NOW, pretty please!