PS4 Better Than Xbox One: Who Cares?

Fanboys are at it again.

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Mikelarry1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

the only reason users care is because of the price difference as currently some don't see the value proposition of owning a "weaker" console and pay more, i think if they were the same price we wouldn't, actually scratch that we would still hear about this. console war are here to stay sad really but its life.

JohnnyBadfinger1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

All the hate the Xbox gets just makes me want it more... Actually I'm definitely gunna get the Xbox One but probably not this year.
Got a few more important things to pay for and pay off before the luxury of a new console.

My eyes are shit anyway I'm never gunna notice the difference between 1080p v 720p. I Really do need to see an optometrist lol

mikeslemonade1637d ago

Hating is a game in it self. Bragging rights is a game in it self..

I win.. you lose..

blueberry1637d ago Show
thereapersson1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Sony wants to charge you 10 dollars a month to play your songs in the background of your games (Music Unlimited). No viz option, no MP3 file support, no external storage support... even the Vita has more media features, ironically enough.

Until they change their stance on this issue, they remain no better than MS in my eyes. This lack of DLNA at launch has confirmed my waiting for a PS4 was a good idea. It'll be nice in 2014 when Drive Club comes out and they've done some pre and post-holiday patches to iron out the bugs. Should be plenty of stock by then.

HaMM4R1637d ago

Buy an ipod shuffle, problem solved! That Plus PS4 is still cheaper than xbone.

AgentSmithPS41637d ago

Hate? Who cares?

People that don't want to be ripped off care, why would you pay more for less?

Microsoft failed to get people excited for the new kinect by showing them great games doing amazing things with it. They just arrogantly assumed that the average xbox player was an addict or a dumbass that would buy it no matter what.

I played BF3 on the xbox 360 for a long time and after dealing with the average teammate or enemy I can understand why MS thought that way ;).

Looking at good gaming news sites, console reviews, multiplat comparisons, etc help to expose what some companies are trying to hide.

Fanboys, "Believe and be enslaved by your beliefs." The truth can be slipperier than a greased weasel, people get upset when the truth is being buried in a sea of BS which was vomited up by drones.

dennett3161637d ago

So you're the very definition of a contrarian? That's not really a good thing, you know that right?
Things to consider for a new console are cost, specification and the games available for it. If you prefer MS exclusives like Halo, Gears and Forza, it'd be daft to get a PS4 just because it's technologically better.
But, if exclusives don't matter, and like most people 90% of the games you buy are multi-platform, you have to consider getting the console that is going to have the better versions of those games with less compromises. Think of the end of this generation when you see games really pushing the hardware, dropping frames and featuring screen tearing or reduced quality textures etc. Consider that the Xbox One will hit this ceiling WAY before the PS4 will. And not just in resolution, but in terms of graphical effects, higher res textures, tessellation, amazing lighting and other ways in which the One can fall behind.
Consider lastly that if graphics and tech spec didn't really matter as many people try to claim in the wake of this news - despite it mattering quite a bit last generation when Microsoft had the technical advantage in most cases - then we'd all still be gaming on the NES or Megadrive/Genesis. The original Gameboy would still be the most popular hand-held with it's blurry 2 colour screen. We wouldn't have HD TV at all, and movies were perfectly watchable on VHS....right?
Why pay more for a console, and then the same price for technically inferior games? Kinect? Really? Slowly and awkwardly gesturing around menus and using speech for an interface despite a controller being faster and more accurate? What an advance!

dennett3161637d ago

@thereapersson, those features can be added back in via software updates. Indeed, Yoshida from Sony has already stated he's heard peoples concerns about that stuff being missing, and has passed it onto the firmware guys. Also, the internal hard drive of the PS4 can be changed, unlike the Xbox external support isn't as essential (though it would still be very nice).

Meanwhile, the rumour is that Xbox One also doesn't allow MP3 playback. It is very much only rumour at the moment, but MS have said nothing about this kind of thing, while Sony have published a full Q&A - open and honest - before the console launches. Waiting on such honesty from MS right now, instead of game review embargos.

Gekko361637d ago


Pay more for less?

OK, so the ram on the XO is older but they have bleeding edge eSRAM and different GPU but still the same series as the one used in PS4

Please detail the FEATURES that xO doesn't have that PS4 does?

Stop your whining and tell me?

Remember your judging this on PS4 at £350 (without the EYE) and XO at £430 (with kinect 2)

Now tell me...

VENOMACR12271637d ago

All people do is cry and complain about the price. Didn't the PS3 start selling at like $600? All anyone see's is specs. Not that you’re getting a better quality headset ($20+ value) and Kinect (whether you like it or not, it’s a $100+ item). I already can hear the responses: "no one wants Kinect and who cares about a headset." But either way, those items included and are more expensive then the $100 difference. If both systems cost the same, everyone would complain why would you pay the same for a less powerful system? The PS3 is more powerful than the X360 yet the X360 sold better (in NA at least). So clearly it’s not about specs because if that was the case than PS3 would have crushed the X360. Clearly people care more about exclusives, online gaming, and functionality. The whole “you pay more for less” is old at this point. The majority of people buying systems won’t even know the specs of each. You think a mom buying her son an X1 for Christmas is going to know that the PS4 hardware is more powerful? Nope. She knows her son already has a X360. People really need something new to complain about instead of the same old argument.

mewhy321636d ago

Well given that the xbone costs 100.00 more than the more powerful PS4 I would think that everyone should care.

xHeavYx1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

It seems to me that the people complaining about spending $10 a month for Music Unlimited are the same people who will pay $60 to use Skype or Netflix.
Personally, I'll use my PS4 to play amazing games

VENOMACR12271636d ago


Yea and $60 for a better online experience. To bad Xbox has an offer going right now 12 months at 50% off. Only cost me $35 with tax. Or eBay sells them for less than $40. How much does PS charge to play online? Free? Oh wait thats right, its not free. Get over the whole paywall thing. Idk anyone who bought a 360 to use apps. Any one who pays for Gold is paying to play live, not watch Netflix. Funny, Xbox Live is the more popular online service even with things behind a paywall.

Nice try though.

Dehnus1636d ago

Jup, fanboys very often forget that. The more you push for something the more people will push back. If I keep hating something, you eventually will go "Hmm.. it must be a big thing if they hate it that much, let's check it out.".

On top of that fans will only become more entrenched when you push that hard. It really doesn't matter if they really want to get MS where it hurts? Than they should just play the games they like on Sony or Nintendo Systems and not buy the XBox 1 system. DONE! MS will fuck up and keep their bad PR going, and you have less heartburn as well.


xHeavYx1636d ago

@Venom "All people do is cry and complain about the price. Didn't the PS3 start selling at like $600?"

Yes, but the PS3 was more powerful than the 360 and it had free online.

"The PS3 is more powerful than the X360 yet the X360 sold better (in NA at least)"

Here we go, the NA excuse again, why not looking at worldwide numbers?

"You think a mom buying her son an X1 for Christmas is going to know that the PS4 hardware is more powerful?"

No, she will probably look at the pricetag

badz1491636d ago

I can see it now. the gaming media from USA are going to ignore the difference of power between the PS4 and XBone this gen and start playing "the game plays great even at lower res" card! it will start with their reviews of all upcoming cross-gen games like BF4, CoDG, AC4, NFS Rivals etc!

they will definitely give both the same score even if the PS4 version performs better technically. I can see "Xbox ONE upscaller is doing a mighty job" or "looks identical to PS4 version..." and stuff will be their justification!

I hope I will be proven wrong but when money talks, who knows.

UltimateMaster1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Well, a lot of people are wondering why they should even pay 100$ more for less performance.

COD Ghost: 1080p PS4; 720p On Xbox One
BF4: 720p X1; 900p PS4; 1080p PC

If the Xbox One were 100$ less than the PS4, then it would be a debate on whether or not the resolution is worth the extra 100$ investment, but it's the other way around.

It's not hating on the console, it's only stating facts.

It's like when people were saying not to buy 360s when it came out because of RRODs, they bought one anyway and got RRODs. They eventually improved the console with better fans, but it took a while.

If all the "hate" makes you want to buy an Xbox One, then go ahead we won't stop you, it's just not our money you'll be spending.

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come_bom1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I've said it and I'll say it again. This hole thing would go away (or be less controversial) if Microsoft released a cheaper Kinectless Xbox One. Most gamers don't see the point of Kinect and aren't willing to pay extra money for something they don't want or need, specially if that console is inferior to the competition's console (hardware).

Next gen should be priced like this...

- WiiU 300€ (actual price and even at this price, it seems like it's not selling well)
- X1 Kinectless 350€ (Microsoft hasn't learned their lesson)
- X1 with Kinect 450€ (to whoever is interested in Kinect)
- PS4 400€ (actual price)
- PS4 with PS Vita 500€

blueberry1637d ago

That´s why I will never buy a console on launch year. No, probably even wait a good two years before I drop my money on any of them.

- cheaper games.
- more to pick from.
- new, updated console.
- Metal Gear solid...

If only someone got me a good old pizza and some soda, somebody hit Justin Bieber and his half naked fetus.....`m all good!!

Gamingcapacity1637d ago

People want the better console and these downplaying/jusifying articles are getting to much. Ps4 is more powerful and it matters. What also matter is online. Xbox has dedicad servers out of the box and live is proven quality. Sony have hopefully invested in the psn otherwise they will be playing catch up. Both will he getting great games but Sony have proven quality in that area. Weigh up what's best for you.

Dehnus1636d ago

It doesn't matter, unless you are really infested into wining a war about spec sheets. But then I'm having a blast playing Wii U and 3DS, so maybe I'm biased regarding gaming in a manner that isn't concerning pixel counting.

Warrick1636d ago

Well your saying that PS4 has better graphics in there games with more power. Lets be honest there is no visual difference in the long run they look the same. Also xbox spent 700 million on cloud while PS4 only spent almost half that at 380 and this help glitches in games. As well xbox has got rid of most con traversal things for the gamer. So I think xbox is way more interested in the gamer than you think. Plus kinect, headset, more popular online, better games (opinion), more favorable controller. All focussed on gamer and i like that because they actually listen to the fans.

Gamingcapacity1636d ago


While I agree with you on some points, the whole slant of your post is biased towards Xbox.

The power difference to output 720p and 1080p (0r 720p and 900p for some games). that 50%+ more pixels on screen. Even the PS4 version of BF4 runs with ambient occlusion (according to DF take a lot of graphical power to run). They have said that the X1 version will have this but since the X1 version already is struggling with a lower resolution and has a poorer framerate, what sort of hit will will performance have with AO running.

But cloud looks promising, Live is King of online, Sony has the better and more exclusives (according to Metacritic). Sony has the backing of the indie scene at the moment. Kinect functions are great and it a shame that the camera isnt packed with the PS4 (PS4 camera can do some things of Kinect like voice commands to control UI) PS4 comes with headset also. Controller reviews seem to indicate that both controllers are great.

Like I said you hve to weigh up the facts and the future possibilities. Some will go for PS4 and some will go with X1.

BTW that 380M was for cloud gaiming not cloud computing. 2 different services. I'm sure Sony has pumped millions into it since they bought it and that will need a good amount of local servers to work. They have to be investing into servers and cloud otherwise Gaikai just wont work. These same servers could be used to achieve what MS are trying to do with cloud on X1. If they have not (Sony are a huge company and would of weighed up what they need to do before they even finalised the Gaikai deal. They aren't stupid).

Kryptix1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

It's not just about who has the best console, but really more about opening people's eyes to save the future of gaming. If "A" gives you more games then more games as long as you support them, and "B" is trying to turn gaming into a market for casuals and being less focused for gamers alone...which one will you pick? Which one do you want people to pick? See, if you can change someone's mind from B to A, A will offer you more games in return. The latter, B, will notice which is more popular and in return will change their stance dramatically. Sony is A, Microsoft is B...people went to A because B wanted to ban used games, so B tried being like A. See the benefits for gaming's future if you pick the one for gamers? Imagine if B was more popular and well received, that would drive gamers mad because in our hearts, we have to protect gaming and it's core. So when one brags to another, it's really because he or she is trying to change their minds. We don't want gaming to turn into something else than we grew up with. We don't want change, but that's actually a good thing in most cases. We're trying to preserve what's best for gaming's future. Back in the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox days, there was no war, because a gaming console was just that, a gaming console to play games. Now it's more about being on the side of which console mostly keeps those days alive again...and Sony has said the PS4 will be like the PS2 days. And that's why a majority of gamers are going for it.

bboyblast1636d ago

This video Is Made with tools like you in Mind :D

Lunatic_Medic1636d ago

PlayStation has always been better than Xbox, no idea why everyone is so surprised...

FunkMacNasty1636d ago

The price difference is the biggest deal for me (during the first year of launch anyway). That's that same reason that I got a 360 first before I got a ps3.. at the time I was looking to upgrade from my ps2, the 360 was $400, while the ps3 was $600..

Other than price, I do plan on owning both consoles at some point. But def ps4 first, then when XB1 has price drop and the time is right for my budget...I'll own one of those too

bigj791636d ago

I think with the Kinect it is worth more becuz my wife hates my xbox 360 but when she played with the Kinect she was actually impressed and liked it.I was shocked to hear her say lets play a Kinect game.When your married like me its a big plus to have something for the wife and kids to join in and play. That is why the wii did so well. Everything isnt about graphics and there is a lot of gamers who has girlfriends and wives they got keep happy and in that case who has time to count pixels when you have kids.I would definitely pay hundred dollars more to keep my wife happy becuz when momma aint happy nobodies happy lol

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vigilante_man1637d ago

Kids care, adults care, we all care!

Remember as kids we always boasted about the fastest this, the best that and this carries on through life. My smartphone is better than yours...

Last time it was a very small margin with PS3 taking a good few years to master the SPUs. This time around it is very clear and it will matter to a lot of kids. Who wants to have the second best console at Christmas?

Games will be awesome on either and we can only imagine what Sony studios will produce this time around. But kids (and adults) like to have bragging rights. Sony has the bragging rights...

blueberry1637d ago

Of course people care!

I mean...sure...I don´t really care...but I understand why others would.
Heck, you have people who care about Miley Cyrus, the amount of meat that goes into a burger and someones sexual preference - so why not add consoles to it?

Aaaaaand...while we´re at smartphone is deffinitely not better than yours!

But then again, it functioned well before yesterday, when my stepfathers hispanic grandmother threw it at my gluteus maximus. I hate that muscle.....;T

Max-Zorin1637d ago

Only people with unnecessarily huge egos care.

PS3Freak1637d ago

Don't care. Will buy both.

tontontam01637d ago

I care, Will buy both.

but will only buy exclusive games on xbox one.

MightyNoX1637d ago

Jebus, the reversals have started already! For pete's sake, this is not how you're supposed to do it!

You're supposed to let MICROSOFT do the 180 and THEN pretend like you don't care :0)

majiebeast1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Pretty damn funny, last gen sites like DF and 360 fanboys were talking about how 50P was such a huge difference. Now its a 180-360P advantage in favor of the PS4 and all of a sudden it doesnt matter. How the times have changed.

The gap between these 2 consoles, is bigger then xbox vs ps2 or 360 vs PS3. Its gonna be a long gen for Microsoft.

Digital Foundry probably aint happy they would be out of a job if PS4 wins every head to head showdown.

MightyNoX1637d ago

NeoGAF asked the question "One has to wonder what Microsoft did to incur such blindly loyalty."

It's like they have no memory, conveniently forgetting the very boasts they made not two weeks ago...

wenaldy1637d ago

IKR, it's scary. "bend over" mentality practiced by Xbawks loyalist.

Warrick1636d ago

Alright i'm a loyalist to xbox but seriously, it goes both ways.