Iron Man to appear in The Incredible Hulk

TVGB: "You've probably all seen the concept art above from The Incredible Hulk game, heard the news that Tony Stark will be making an appearance in the new Incredible Hulk movie and also heard that Hulkbuster armor will be making an appearance in the Iron Man game. Putting these three news items together one could easily jump the conclusion that Iron Man is going to make an appearance in the Hulk game. Well I'm here to tell you that that assumption would be completely and totally correct."

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Cowzilla33884d ago

Horay for hero crossovers. To bad no Hulk in Iron Man.

lizard812883884d ago

now all we need is a marvel vs capcom 3

NOTORIOUSzeke3884d ago

I'm giving you a bubble for that, sir.

Skerj3884d ago

I knew that, they said if you cause enough destruction he comes after HulkBusters.