Titanfall Will Make Use of One Shared Cloud for the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "In an interesting turn of events, Vince Zampella has stated on Twitter that the Xbox One is not the only platform that will make use of the cloud for Titanfall, but the Xbox 360 and PC platforms will as well. All three, apparently, will be sharing the same cloud."

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MysticStrummer1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Yes if you read up on MS's cloud, it's shared among all their products. That includes a ton of non-gaming software when you think about all the Windows related products that are out there in both homes and businesses. It's also virtual servers, which could be good or bad so we'll have to wait and see how that goes.

Game-ur1386d ago

So no advantage for X1? This means the PC will be the definitive version.

MysticStrummer1386d ago

Yeah no advantage to XB1. A "system seller" that will appear on two other platforms, one of which will have better visuals, and have the same cloud capabilities on all of them. When you get right down to it, anyone, including Sony, can use MS's cloud if they want to.

iamnsuperman1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

They are just using the "cloud" for dedicated servers so really anything Microsoft wants to use it for can use it.

Edit: even though I approved this article apparently we have know this for some time

Grave1386d ago

If it's anything like GFWL count me out.

kickerz1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Lol so many agrees u get for a BS statement like that. This site is quite funny @mystic

JimmyLmao1386d ago

If i can hire Microsoft's azure servers to use for whatever i want, I am sure other things can too, such as the PS4?

they even have a free trial, how nice

nukeitall1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

I see there are a lot of people here who does not understand cloud.

Notice Zampella carefully said "backend", that in tech lingo means same hardware (or in this case facility).

What makes the cloud great for Xbox One and not as much on other platforms are the tools MS built specifically for the X1. Cloud is simply a set of tools and infrastructure geared towards massive computing power. How robust these tools are and how easy they are enables devs to open up their creative minds. Remember these guys are game developers, not hosting providers.

How do you take advantage of that massive hardware power? By leveraging the software infrastructure.

That is why Amazon Web Services rocks the boat when it comes to cloud, it has not only the infrastructure, but has enterprise class support.

Otherwise, your 5 computers at home with a little work could be considered a cloud, except it won't have the tools to do a lot of usefulness nor does the internet connection probably adequately support much.

That is the problem with cloud, it is hard to quantify a concept and it is easier to say x GB is more than y GB. That is how we got the Hz war between AMD and Intel, but we all know who won the Althon wars!

Hint: It wasn't the guy with the most Hz.

Kryptix1386d ago


All the cloud does is simple calculations from a server and offloads it into the machine.

So it all depends on how fast your internet connection is then the machine reads all the results instead of it doing the calculations in it's processor.

If all 3, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 use the same facility, then all 3 will receive the same quality of results when the machine reads them.

Meaning that the PC version is going to be the superior version because the Xbox One holds no unique advantage now that the same cloud is shared.

I believe they did this so PC gamers can be more interested to see how the cloud works. I still think it's not much of a leap versus having a really good processor in the console/PC.

Kleptic1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

nuke...sorry man...Acting like 'only the xbox one' can use the cloud stuff is off...any and all 'tools', as you put it, were built on PC to begin with...the xbox one and windows as an OS share many similar levels in terms of programming...the ONLY thing right now is that MS doesn't know how to market their cloud towards a much more open platform like gaming on a PC...

and since we're all aware that MS's cloud is primarily just a dedicated infrastructure of hosting servers, able to be rented by other publishers/developers, thats all this really comes down to...the PC and 360 are going to be getting just as much cloud support as the xbox one does...

Obviously, from a marketing stand point...this is not something MS would likely point out very often...Its supposed to be a selling point for the xbox one...and getting 100% free 'cloud support' on the PC, wouldn't make a lot of sense, right?...but ever since Respawn confirmed MS's cloud was going to be used for hosting duties, and nothing more, its pretty obvious whats really going on with it...

Either way, i can't wait for Titanfall...Its just personally working in cloud security, and having a pretty good idea of whats currently possible with remote computing currently...I just hope more people see through MS's marketing strategy for their 'better with the cloud' campaign...its a buzz word right now, nothing more...dedicated hosting servers is nothing new, its just the first time a company stamped 'cloud' on it...

Computersaysno1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

The game will be better on PC. Not a super expensive, killer beast machine either.

I bet anything its 720p on Xbone, and I bet that a fairly weak gaming PC will hammer the Xbone on this game. Anyone with a Radeon 7850 or better will take Xbone to the cleaners it seems on any game.

They do on COD and BF4, so its inevitable they will on this too.

MysticStrummer1386d ago

@kickerz - If you're referring to me, how about telling me what I said that was incorrect?

@nuke - There's nothing special about the XB1 that gives it more cloud capability.

UltimateMaster1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

The advantage here was that the Xbox One version would make use of the Cloud to make it better.
Hardware wise: PC > Xbox One > Xbox 360
So really, if they are taking advantage of the Cloud on the PC as well, what's the advantage to even get an Xbox One?
PC gamers will have the best hardware and the 360 will also benefit from that experience so console guys could pick up that version instead.
For this game, there's like 0 reason to pick up the Xbox One version.
If this were platform exclusive then that would be a different story. Like Ryse and DR3.

Kleptic1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

^that is exactly what i was getting at...

there is no 'advantage' to the xbox one when it comes to this phantom cloud stuff...because its just that...a phantom feature list that is just a reworded list of existing features...

and MS has their PR all mixed up because of it...

wait until closer to Titanfall's release...the first set of interviews with Respawn, asking about cloud support, and what the differences are between the xbox one (the only device that is supposed to take advantage of this cloud stuff; we're told)...and the PC and 360 versions...

it'll be funny...thats for sure...does the ancient 360 use a completely different version of xbox live?, but MS sure isn't coming out and stating that, either...and will this server network for some reason not support the 360 and PC versions of the exact same game? can't wait to see how it goes down for that...

I'm waiting for MS's response: 'We've broke through all the barriers with our state of the art cloud computing technology so much that we can now offer the services on other platforms. This includes our 8 year old Xbox 360'...

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AngelicIceDiamond1386d ago

@Summer but yet it'll be advertised for X1 and most likely still sell more...on X1.

MRMagoo1231386d ago

yes the xbox one that will have maybe 2 million consoles sold by the time titanfall comes out will somehow outsell the 80 million ppl with a 360 and the other millions and millions with a pc........riiiiiiiiiiiight.

mkis0071386d ago

BUB to you MRMagoo...I really just wanted to make that ryhme.

4Sh0w1386d ago

Doesnt matter its on other platforms it still is going to help X1 sell consoles, because the 360 version is being made by another team and traditionally xbox games on pc always sold waaaay more on 360.

MysticStrummer1386d ago

You're right about the advertising, Angelic, but Magoo is right about the numbers.

It would almost take divine intervention for the XB1 version to sell the most.

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jmc88881386d ago

Virtual Servers means it's not 300,000 actual servers.

How many servers they really have depends on how many virtual servers they run on each actual server.

FrigidDARKNESS1386d ago

Well they did buy out a dutch data center early this month to install Azure servers for a new cloud infrastructure in Europe.

nukeitall1386d ago

You keep telling yourself that, but a Virtual Server instance can be the entire resource of one computer.

Heck one of MS VM instances can be larger than a gamer PC with hundreds of GB of RAM. Point is it is a moving target, and as much power as you need, Azure can provide it as long as you an afford it!

MysticStrummer1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Yeah the virtual server thing can go either way. It could be great... or not that great, but when you think about the amount of Windows related software that's out there in the world, sharing the cloud among all MS products means XB1 will be getting the smallest percentage of those servers. Add to that the fact that anyone, including Sony, can use it if they want to, and suddenly Azure doesn't sound like such a mind blowing advantage, even if the world's internet infrastructure was ready for cloud processing, which it's not anyway.

Sony won't do that, by the way. I'm just trying to illustrate how many different companies could be taking up server space. It's space for rent, and a huge portion of that space will not be dedicated to gaming.

4Sh0w1385d ago

nah plenty of people have windows pc and other devices that use windows but they never use micros cloud service, opt for other solutions or mostly have no need. Either wsy Azure is the largest now I believe it surpassed Amazon. Its freakin humongous with alot of outside big business users, plenty resources available for X1.

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Evil_Abed1386d ago

We knew this after E3, how is this NEWs? The published an article on their site explaining how they'd use the cloud and how it is also being used on the other platforms for the game.

mewhy321386d ago

Well that's good news for the 360.

MysticStrummer1386d ago

Yes it is, but that means they were lying when they said XB1 was the only platform using the cloud.

MRMagoo1231385d ago


No surely you jest my good man, MS lie! you take that back before i throw a white glove at you and we settle it in a duel.

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AceBlazer131386d ago

wasn't there a statement a while back that the xbone would have the superior version thanks to the cloud?(BS) Now here is this contradicting that very statement . this is the kinda bull that irks me.

Evil_Abed1386d ago

Did they say it was due to the cloud? Because in June they said all 3 platforms would use the loud. This is not new info.

FlameHawk1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Lol the co-founder said that Titanfall would have come to PS4 after the launch of Titanfall so how would have it worked on PS4 and how does it work on the 360 and PC if they don't have cloud processing?

Bathyj1386d ago

Dude, all that talk of Titanfall only possible on Cloud was just code for "they paid us lots of money so theyre keeping the game." If it can run on X360 it can obviously run on PS4 and even PS3.

Its not about the hardware, its just about cash.