Phil Spencer Explains Why Ryse is 900p and How the Quick Time Events E3 Debacle Was Born

Microsoft Game Studios President Phil Spencer is one of the men that knows the ins and outs of the development of Ryse: Son of Rome the best, he actually considers the game almost like a first party production.

What’s more interesting, though, is his explanation on what led to the choice of a 900p native resolution for the game and to the now well known debacle that made people think that the game was full of quick time events.

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Bruce_Wayne1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The game looks nice, but I honestly don't think it's going to be jaw-dropping. It'll probably be a game that you play through once, play a few matches online, then move on. Crytek games are good, but they're not astonishing. Anyway, best of luck for those buying.

I disagree with Spencer... KZ:SF is the best-looking game in my opinion.


Well you should love the disagrees. They're a part of you. They come with the territory, in your case.


The SP gameplay doesn't have much to do with what he said. He said that he thinks that Ryse is the best looking game. He didn't say that it's the best or funnest game to play. Although, the SP still has QTEs from the looks of it...

pwnsause_returns1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

well, what do you want him to say? LMAO

edit: Not hating, im going to reiterate what i just said. you dont want to say Rise doesnt look as good as our competitor's game.. that would look bad for everyone on the microsoft side.

and yes, Ryse looks good. its running on the damn cryengine for crying out loud, it has to.

Lalanana1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

RYSE is one of the best ofthe launch titles even at 900p..only haters will argue against it without even giving the game a try...

lol @ the disagrees.. I love it.

Bruce_Wayne1508d ago

I want him to just stay quite. Problem? He's obviously being biased so his opinion is of no substance here.

shivvy241508d ago

After kzsf this is the next best looking game imo

MysticStrummer1508d ago

@Lalanana - Saying it's one of the best launch titles without playing it makes as much sense as hating on it without playing it. The game looks good. My only problem is when people say it looks "the best". To me there are better looking multi plats on both systems, but that's just my opinion just like "it looks the best" is theirs. I don't see it, but oh well. ; )

NukaCola1508d ago

It started as a 360 Kinect only, on the rails slasher. Yeah it looks good but where is the substance? It lacks content from what I have seen. It looks like linear arenas with a bunch of hhumas to QTE over. Where are the bosses, puzzles, story? Really wanting to know why guys like Jokesonyou and Lalalanana are so hell bent and defensively supporting this game because I see a lot of triangles spinning around something with the game play of Infinity Blade but now no longer on rails.

Eonjay1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

If the Xbox One could handle all the textures, AA effects, etc while maintaining a steady framerate @ 1080p if would be in 1080P. It is 900P because that is what the hardware will allow given the current tool chains, hardware horsepower, and developer experience with said console.

Irishguy951508d ago

@ Nuka...puzzles? What? God of war is the only Action game with puzzles. Some action games bring in elements of other genres, like Rising and stealth. Most don't. And all action games are linear. Very linear. Bayonetta, God of war, Ninja Gaiden, Dmc(while is has 'areas' their progression is linear), Ryse too. Stop comparing it to god of war. We haven't seen any of the bosses yet, i'm hoping the bosses are more personal and skill based than big ones like Bayonetta and god of war's huge bosses, I thought the smaller bosses where much better in those games. Not for cinematic purposes but gameplay wise much better.

Have you not seen the recent story trailer either? Watch it. Thankfully they are not giving too much away with trailers. The story seems like it might stack up though. Better than most action games again, it may even contend with god of war in this area.

n4rc1508d ago


So let's just ignore anything any developer or console maker has to say... Always.. Sony, UbiSoft etc...

But lemme guess... You didnt mean everyone did you?

mikeslemonade1508d ago

Ryse is overhyped. It would be as if the PS fans are hyping up Knack. It's on rails with lots of QTEs... period. Move on.. and stop being so nonsensical.

Sweep141507d ago

@lalanana : One of the best, not THE best

P0werVR1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Why should he stay quiet?!

He stating a simple choice that developers make games.

You find all the great visuals, effect and AI you want in the game, and then find a balanced resolution that'll allow all that at a solid frame rate.

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Abriael1508d ago

They have such a different art style that it's really hard to decide which one looks "best" Imho.

Loki861508d ago

I don't think you can make that assumption until you see the single player honestly.

Bigpappy1508d ago

Of course it is you opinion. Your opinion just happens to be wrong.

When Ryse is released and that single player is there for all to see, it will settle all this talk about which launch game looks best.

All KZ:SF has going for it is great lighting. The texture are bland, and there is no wow factor in character design or environments. Even the guns look low resolution in a game that is supposed to be 1080p. KZ:SF depth of field sharpness has been reduced in the latest build to try a get a better frame rate. Ryse will look much richer and beautiful al a lower resolution because it is doing more graphically than resolution.

MysticStrummer1508d ago

"Of course it is you opinion. Your opinion just happens to be wrong"

Textbook fanboyism.

*slow clap*

Bruce_Wayne1508d ago

How is my opinion wrong? There's no such thing as having a wrong opinion.

Opinion: a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

There's no right nor wrong here.

You're completely wrong if you think that Killzone has nothing else besides great lighting.

Oh boy...
Where's Eonjay when you need him?

For the record, KZ:SF has great gameplay. Ryse is an old kinect game.

AceBlazer131508d ago

You do know what an opinion is right?

FamilyGuy1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The only thing that REALLY looks good in Ryse are those in-engine cut scenes and there's a good chance that those cut scenes are just videos that were created in a superior build. Whether that's true will be evident once the game releases and the load times before the cut scenes are checked (in-engine = instant, video play requires a load time).

As far as "best looking" is concerned I can only say Ryse is the best looking, launch title, X1 exclusive. There are PS4 exclusives that look better, there are multiplatform games that look better and there are games that release in 2014 that look better.

GTgamer1508d ago

Hmmm KZSF 30-60 fps SP 1080p has better explosions,destructions,effect s,scale have you seen the environments in KZ they are amazing especially since the game can handle 24 players on screen to attack now please tellll me How the hell ryse is doing more than KZSF I'm dying to hear this.

Sweep141507d ago

Butthurt hey ? KZSF smokes Ryse in EVERY compartment, textures, frame rate, animations, effects, particles, smoke etc...

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1507d ago

Bubble these trolls like bigpappy down plz.

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Loki861508d ago

@Bruce I was talking to you about your comments on ShadowFall.

Bruce_Wayne1508d ago

SP of Shadow Fall is good. What is there for me to be aware of that's bad? Multiple ways to attack? The fact that it runs above 30 FPS in SP for a 1080p game?

Bigpappy1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

One thing KZ:SF does not have is great Gameplay. You can see where every enemy is even when they are walking behind builds, and when there are not behind anything, they don't even attempt to take cover. It is pure target practice and Zipping around like Spiderman. Even the pro Sony press are not talking up the gameplay. You should consider Battlefield if you want gameplay. KZ:SF if you want 1080p.

KUV19771508d ago

It seems you have never played a Killzone before, right? Killzone has always had great enemy-AI. There is no reason they should suddenly abandon this. The demos are probably set to 'walk in the park'. ALso the 'see through walls' thing comes from the OWL, a device you have with you. I highly doubt that you can use its features all the time at no cost. If so, that would really be stupid, but I am absolutely sure this will not be the case.

LordNikon1508d ago

KZ' gameplay looks fine. Ryse's gameplay is the one i'm worried about. Haven't seen such awkward gameplay in a long time.

Hicken1508d ago

@Bigpappy: Now you're just making stuff up to suit your argument.

kwiksilver991508d ago

maybe you should wait for the full release before throwing stones at killzone shadowfall -a series which i think excelled at enemy a.i and gunplay.

Bigpappy1508d ago

@Hicken: instead of just saying I am making stuff up. May be point out one, single point I made that was made up. Every thing I said is true and everyone here knows it. You are just to scared of retaliation to speak it as is. I am not. That is the real difference between us.

I am but trying to be accepted. I just talk about what I see and should be obvious to anyone with at least one good eye.

MysticStrummer1508d ago

Ooohhh pappy...


It's either time for your meds, or maybe you need to take fewer meds, or maybe different meds. Consult your physician.

Have you ever played a KZ game at all?

Gohadouken1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Then you conveniently pick what you wanna see and talk about as usual .

"Even the pro Sony press are not talking up the gameplay. "

Really , then why do i remember extensive sections about gameplay features , the OWL or the mp and its classes ?

And why , bare teasers and trailers , did we get to see that many video footages for both sp and mp lasting from 15 min to a full hour every fricking month since the game was revealed ?

You are transparent

GTgamer1508d ago

@Bigpappy Gameplay of KZ You do know what gameplay is right? Because you just labeled what the AI does and if you watch the review of BF4 by game trailers the AI isn't anything to commend nor is the Story but i guess you didn't know that but you should know that when they demo games its mostly on a low Difficulty because i know KZ and the AI is very good so idk what your talking.

Hicken1508d ago

For one, excellent AI is one of the hallmarks of the Killzone series. Shadow Fall hasn't shown anything to be different.

For another, you can't just zip around like Spiderman. Yes, you can use a zip line, but it doesn't allow you to do anything like webslinging.

Third, Battlefield, so far that I've seen, isn't introducing anything new to alter gameplay, like the OWL is for Killzone. Not that I don't enjoy it, but Battlefield is standard fare for shooters.

Fourth, what the hell is "pro Sony press?" Media outlets that have covered Killzone have talked about its gameplay. End of story.

Like GTGamer, I question if you actually know what gameplay is.

pyramidshead1508d ago

Damn the irony hurts reading this one.

>Talking about boring gameplay
>comparing it to Ryse.

I'm honestly surprised this is being praised so much on Xbox seeing as MS fanboys decimated PS exclusives for being "too cinematic", then Crytek gives you the most cinematic launch game ever....complete with '300' like slow downs every 2 seconds.

It's the one game I'm interested in on the XB1 but maybe that's my love for PS exclusives showing. ;p

Sweep141507d ago

Play it in hard difficulty. After that we'll speak...

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lifeisgamesok1508d ago

I agree Phil best facial animation, best foliage, best bokeh, best character models I've ever seen on consoles

Trekster_Gamer1508d ago

You need glasses.. KZ looks great but if you at everything going on, Ryse beats it all day long.

Bruce_Wayne1508d ago

I have perfect vision... and the clear winner is Killzone in both graphical fidelity and gameplay. Ryse has boring gameplay. It'll be shovelware.

B-radical1508d ago

im getting it for the sp hopefully its good

Thepharaoh1508d ago

Why are we talking about killzone again.If yo u want agrees from the ps4 people then go to a ps4 article i know that most of the mare usually on xbox one threads however im sure uou ca nfind just as many agrees without worrying about disagrees from the xbox people.However thiss "Hurr Durr PS4 exclusives teh best evar" mentality all over the xbox one exclusives threads has gotten rather old.

AngelicIceDiamond1508d ago

"We actually had Ryse running at 720, and at 900, and at 1080, and we looked at all the graphics techniques that we wanted to put in place: the antialiasing we wanted to employ, the lightning technique we wanted to employ, and we made the decision that 900p was the best resolution for everything that we wanted to do bringing that game to market. I think it’s the best looking game I’ve seen on consoles.

You wanna make the right decisions. Other games… Forza is 60 frames per second 1080p. Game developers are gonna make their own decisions based on the artistic view they have and on how they want the game to look. That’s what gamers should focus on: does the art director’s…the animation director’s…does their vision come true on the screen?"

That's cool and in all but what about the ESRAM issues for 3rd party? I hope they resolve that soon.

MiHX21508d ago

My jaw dropped only by watching the start screen.....

mewhy321507d ago

Well what else is he going to say? I mean they've developed an exclusive game for xbone and it's meant to help sell systems. He's not going to say that the machine just couldn't keep up a good framerate at 1080p.

Tzuno1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

At least ms has come with a new Ip while sony chose to milk more. i don't give a damn about consoles anymore but i needed to say this.

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ziggurcat1508d ago

News flash, Phil:

The game is still filled with QTEs, they just got crud of the button prompts, as replaced them with coloured halos representing the colour of the button you're supposed to press.

Hufandpuf1508d ago

The only thing is though, is that you don't have to press anything. (I've played the game)

Gridloc1508d ago

Not sure how fun a game would be if you don't have to push any buttons. If that was the case it should just use Kinect...

Gamer6661508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

In most fighting games, and games like god of war, etc. you have to press a specific sequence of buttons in a specific scenario to trigger a proper finishing move.

Ryse is no different except it "halos" those buttons onto the screen so you can see and do the sequence. Even God of War does this all throughout the game.

If you do not do the sequence you simply don't get the finisher. Unlike real QTE games like Asura's Wrath where you actually fail and get reset if you miss the events.


JCOLE131951508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I know I'm getting tired of people calling them "QTEs."

LordNikon1508d ago

Doesn't the developers themselves call it QTE's?

Baka-akaB1508d ago

those are QTE , and while not always wanted they are hardly something to be ashamed of anyway . Putting such a stigma on it , and them morons at MS listening to such reaction , is what made a mess initially

ziggurcat1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

... And by "crud of the button prompts", I mean, "got rid of the button prompts"... Stupid autocorrect :(

kickerz1508d ago

Just another amazing launch title for Xbox 1. Only a few weeks away :)

Tctczach1508d ago

Are we still talking about E3? Wow.

Plagasx1508d ago

This is the best looking Next Generation game in my opinion...