Ridge Racer 7 multi-player screens

Famitsu published these news Ridge Racer 7 screens in their latest issue.

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Antan4364d ago

Xevious !!!!! WooHoo !!!!!!!!!!

specialguest4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Xevious...damn, that goes wayy back, i mean way back when i had an atari 7800. that game pissed me off too, because IT HAD NO ENDING. it just starts all over, but plays a little harder.

damn you Atari games!

Arkham4364d ago

I might just change my mind about this game. I'll get it if I can play that @#%ng cool Batmobile.

12Volt4364d ago

That game looks intuitive... i get the urge to play it

whateva4364d ago

LOL the black car look just like the Batmobile

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