Titanfall Not Coming to PS4 is a Missed Opportunity for EA

Junkie Monkeys: Yesterday I was a bit shocked by the news that Titanfall will never make it’s way to the PS4. This is a missed opportunity by EA and here’s why.

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Lalanana1486d ago

These guys don't care..they got their big checks. No missed opportunity here. if any company can pay up..that's MS.

JimmyLmao1486d ago Show
MysticStrummer1486d ago

It's obviously a missed opportunity, but they felt MS's check made up for it. That's their business. We won't know how big a missed opportunity it is until Titanfall launches and we can see how much each console has sold. If it sells well enough, and MS feels it's moving systems, they may cut another check for the sequels. We shall see.

pixelsword1486d ago

Well, yeah; it's their choice:

if they want to take a check instead of make another version, that's their perrogative.

...but if some other company makes a game to rival Titanfall and puts it out on both or one, they may miss out on an opportunity.

walkincarpet1486d ago

that's right and you can say missed opportunity for every 3rd party game not on both consoles... pointless comment.

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ForgottenProphecy1486d ago

I gotta say, I wish this game was coming to PS4.

medman1485d ago

I gotta say, I could care less about a 60 dollar game that has no campaign.

ForgottenProphecy1485d ago

And that's your opinion. You have the right to share your opinion. My opinion is that Titanfall looks fun and I would've enjoyed playing it on my PS4

trywizardo1486d ago

its a messed opportunity for PS4 and good opportunity for X1

Gamer6661486d ago

Surprising that EA would do that, but in gaming, anything can happen...

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The story is too old to be commented.