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Submitted by Treezy504 835d ago | opinion piece

Titanfall Not Coming to PS4 is a Missed Opportunity for EA

Junkie Monkeys: Yesterday I was a bit shocked by the news that Titanfall will never make it’s way to the PS4. This is a missed opportunity by EA and here’s why. (EA, PC, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Lalanana  +   835d ago | Well said
These guys don't care..they got their big checks. No missed opportunity here. if any company can pay up..that's MS.
JimmyLmao   835d ago | Off topic | show
MysticStrummer  +   835d ago
It's obviously a missed opportunity, but they felt MS's check made up for it. That's their business. We won't know how big a missed opportunity it is until Titanfall launches and we can see how much each console has sold. If it sells well enough, and MS feels it's moving systems, they may cut another check for the sequels. We shall see.
pixelsword  +   835d ago
Well, yeah; it's their choice:

if they want to take a check instead of make another version, that's their perrogative.

...but if some other company makes a game to rival Titanfall and puts it out on both or one, they may miss out on an opportunity.
walkincarpet  +   835d ago
that's right and you can say missed opportunity for every 3rd party game not on both consoles... pointless comment.
ForgottenProphecy  +   835d ago
I gotta say, I wish this game was coming to PS4.
medman  +   834d ago
I gotta say, I could care less about a 60 dollar game that has no campaign.
ForgottenProphecy  +   834d ago
And that's your opinion. You have the right to share your opinion. My opinion is that Titanfall looks fun and I would've enjoyed playing it on my PS4
trywizardo  +   835d ago
its a messed opportunity for PS4 and good opportunity for X1
Gamer666  +   835d ago
Surprising that EA would do that, but in gaming, anything can happen...
Goku781  +   835d ago
theAMC1981  +   835d ago
Let the damn Xbox One have its exclusives. People act like Sony should be the only console who can have them. Microsoft needs this more than anything. I'm happy to see this kind of determination and I hope Microsoft keeps it up and adds a lot more exclusives. If they have to buy it then so what it is their money. Sony has a console which is easy to develop for and they are taking advantage of that in every way possible. Microsoft has the money and they are doing what they can to compete.
SlapHappyJesus  +   835d ago
People claim competition is good, but seem to only want anything good to be available to Sony. That's the N4G bias right there.
Hicken  +   835d ago
People are complaining for a few reasons.

1. It wasn't gonna be exclusive. Twist all you want, but that it wasn't made exclusive until recently- and without the developers' knowledge- says it wasn't intended to be that way.

2. There's a huge difference between MAKING exclusives, like Sony and Nintendo do, and BUYING exclusives, like Microsoft does. The money they spent making Titanfall exclusive could have funded two or three exclusive studios, and those devs would have ONLY made games for Xbox. Many people, myself included, have a problem with that, and how they also spend money on TIMED exclusives more frequently that TRUE exclusives, even content-wise.

3. Relying on third parties to supply your console with content is no way to show support for it. This isn't just about the XB1, but extends to the current condition of the 360. Think of it this way: spending money to make first party studios and games shows a deeper commitment to a console than buying other games, or relying almost solely on multiplats.

It isn't the fact that Titanfall is exclusive that anyone has a problem with. It's that they'd rather buy its exclusivity or timed exclusivity than make something that'd ALWAYS be exclusive. It's not as simple as "So what?" because it's their money, but it's our investment.. or potential investment.
wsoutlaw87  +   835d ago
ms cant keep paying for a bunch of 3rd party exclusives. We saw that this gen where the number of exclusives later in the gen was pretty bad.
kingfetish17  +   835d ago
I'll be getting a PS4 and playing Titanfall on my PC. Wonder if I can play it using my DualShock 4 on the PC...
SlapHappyJesus  +   835d ago
Good luck being very competitive doing so. I understand people are more comfortable with a pad than keyboard and mouse, even on PC, but that is really going to give you a disadvantage in the MP space.
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kingfetish17  +   835d ago
I'll mix it up and decide on my preference. It's good to have different options & choices.

On a side note, the fact that the Xbox One version runs at 720p kills it for me.
SlapHappyJesus  +   835d ago
I'm with you there.
I primarily game on PC anymore and the thought of going lower than 1080p is just not for me.
headblackman  +   835d ago
its not a missed opportunity fo anyone who wanna play it. its on PC,Xbox one,and Xbox 360. all major systems. if you wanna play it ,just buy one if the 3 consoles and enjoying. if not,then sit back and stfu and watch us play titanfall
Sevir  +   835d ago
MS can have it across the X360 and XBO, Titan Fall's game play looks impressive but that engine isn't doing much on either of those 2 platforms. Their will be other opportunities, obviously MS saw that they needed a killer app to justify paying a premium for the console.

During that same time PS4 users will have Driveclub, Infamous:SS and Deep Down to look forward to They'll get Titan Fall and Quantum Break.

TF would be great on PS4 but EA and MS had other motives and that's fine each platform needs a reason to own the system.

Their will be other games from more start ups that each company will rake in for exclusives. its not that big a deal people.
GentlemenRUs  +   835d ago
I can still play it on the PC with a DS4, I'm not bothered ;)
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christocolus  +   835d ago
this will be the first online multiplayer only game ill be buying on a console.....the game just seems so goood...i feel i would be doing myself some sort of dis- service by not buying this game.
JediDiah  +   835d ago
I bet free dedicated servers were given for the deal to go through!
HaveAsandwich  +   835d ago
as a ps4 owner (very soon), i'm not expecting for this game to ever come to the ps4.....period. im thinking the game will do well, and ms will simply purchase respawn, and that will be the end.
wsoutlaw87  +   835d ago
ea and respawn have a deal I dont see why ea would just do that when they have been desperately trying to be the new cod and they have that with TF and ms is paying them a ton for it as it is
HaveAsandwich  +   835d ago
put your money down. i got 100 on it.
GigaHard   835d ago | Spam
TheKingWilliamV  +   835d ago
Since its only 720p I'll just play it on my xbox 360 :-)
strigoi814  +   835d ago
i was never interested on mechs/gundam anyways...
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mitford  +   834d ago
im getting an xbox one, though would rather have the last of us than titanfall, though thats never going to happen

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