Play PS4 Before Launch at Select Stores in Canada

Put your ear to the ground. Do you hear that rumbling? PS4 is ready to emerge. And you know what that means: spectacular, high-definition graphics, bigger game worlds, and new ways to interact with your friends both in-game and outside of it. And thanks to the hard working crew at Sony Entertainment Canada, the next generation of gaming will make its debut right here in Canada well ahead of its official November 15th launch date. And you’re all invited!

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sobekflakmonkey1452d ago

as cool as this is, being I live in Canada, I don't wanna ruin the launch for myself, I want to experience all this for the first time in my home.

Lord_Frieza1452d ago

It's like premarital sex
You want to save yourself until the ps4 launches

Jaqen_Hghar1452d ago

A man doesn't know how a hermaphrodite intergalactic overlord could know anything of marriage or sex with another.

1452d ago
bluelightspeed1452d ago

I demoed the PS4 at Scarborough Town Center. The PS4 and DS4 are locked in a glass case but all I did was ask one of the sales guys if I could play and they said "yup". The came over unlocked the case and I played a demo of the Knack, though I think I was actually more excited by the feel of the DS4 in my hands.

solidmasta1452d ago

Im there friday montreal

qu1ckset1452d ago

Looks like I will be at scarborough town Friday afternoon

strigoi8141452d ago

go to eaton center sony..they have a unit for demo