Iwata Is Innately Upset with Q2 2014 Results | Major Overhaul Presently Avoidable

Racking up larger-than-expected quarterly operating losses thanks to the overall less than stellar, yet rising sales of its next-generation home console platform, the Wii U game, Nintendo's overall Q2 2014 results have prompted Nintendo President and CEO Saturo Iwata to acknowledge these findings as disappointing, but apparently not disappointing enough to set an overhaul in motion.


Q2 2013, not 2014

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-Mika-1670d ago

I don't know why but reading this just put a smile on my face. Hopefully this teaches Nintendo not to half ass their future hardware.

Yep1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Meanwhile, all the way back in 2011...

I had a smile on my face too, but for a very different reason related to Iwata actually acknowledging a problem.

I'm expecting 2014 to be a good year for Wii U if Nintendo plays their cards right.

LOL_WUT1670d ago

Hopefully this straightens them out a little. They dropped the WiiU's price which helped but it was a little too late. Also they've been having new game releases every month but at the cost of some delays. I still think Iwata is not the right person to run the company. It's not about what he did in the past but what he's doing now moving forward and too be honest with you it's not enough ;)

Anarki1669d ago

Make a Pokemon for Wii U and watch the consoles sell.

UltimateMaster1669d ago

The hardware isn't actually as much of a problem as the software is.
They have an HD console after all, why not make HD graphics with detailed avatars.
And for Nintendo Fanboys, NO! A 1080p Mii isn't a detailed character.
The game I'm looking the most forward to is X from Monolith.

Yep1669d ago

Not even sure how I got down-votes (actually, I am). I agree with all of the comments above (Yes, even you LOL_WUT ;)...except for the part about Iwata stepping down. I think he's still got some time to prove himself yet).

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Thepcz1670d ago

yeah, not just hardware, but software too.

live2play1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Aww Mika that's mighty nice of you to be happy for Nintendo.

I'm glad you find it good that despite nintendos problems with the wiiu, they are still confident in what their plans are for the wiiu and don't need to overhaul their strategies and begin firing people.

I didn't know you became a Nintendo supporter

anyways I'm glad this brings you smiles, and I'll be right there with you wishing Nintendo the best

bubbles up new Nintendo friend :)

1669d ago
stragomccloud1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Are you still here? Don't trolls have better things to do? Can't you, you know.... be spending your time playing... I don't know... games? Instead of wasting your time by trolling every Nintendo article. Get a life. This is pretty sad.

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MisfitsInc1670d ago

hardware, software, and marketing.

worldwidegaming1670d ago

I dont think the hardware is an issue as much as the games.
If they came out with the most powerful system I am quite sure
No one will buy because they will be waiting for the next sony or microsoft model.
This is evident in Apple vs Android.
No games, no Buy!

Thepcz1669d ago


i want a wiiu, but as it is right now, if i bought one i probably wouldnt even take it out the box.

we need more along the lines of xenoblade 2, and less of wario game and watch.

there has been rumour of nintendo releasing updated versions of old/classic games to fill the barren release schedule... but that is precisely wiius problem, they keep serving up starters but the main course never seems to come. the little nibbles are nice but without the main meal you may as well leave the table

Orionsangel1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

I think Nintendo fans are growing up and expect more from Nintendo. Look at what they offer on Nintendo Direct for Wii U. Announcing a character that will appear on the next Smash Brothers? Who cares. Especially when they keep announcing obvious characters. Luigi will be in it? No way! Didn't see that coming. Nintendo is talking down to it's fans. Nintendo needs to grow up, just a little. They can keep being the Nintendo we know and love, but start taking more chances. Start thinking outside the box. Realize that we expect more in 2014 than the fitness girl from Wii fit in smash brothers. It's not cute anymore Nintendo.

MrCastle1669d ago

Yes sir, I am in complete agreeance. I wish Nintendo would grow up with its gamers. I mean, remember perfect dark? Or goldeneye? Adult games that were a lot of fun. And then they took a step back and went back to pikmin and Mario again. Maybe they need to beg RARE back to develop software again.

blueberry1669d ago

Also, the thing that served to ultimately kill them in the end was none other than the infamous WII itself, having scared of half the followers (before the WII came, I never thought I would have to buy an xbox 360!!) alianating the rest of them for good, and just annoying the heck of us with the force of controllers we had to point and move around like crazy when all I ever wanted to do was sit and play -

Serves them right. Absolutely. no pity from me.

Still hope they learn their lesson.

And for the love of god...just stop it with the oversimplifying more Skyward Sword.

(Of course...I can´t really blame owners of the console, who actually expect a game, god forbid two, after almost two years...)

TheBurger291670d ago

how about another mario game! not like we dont already have 100 of them...

computeSci1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

how about another COD game! not like we dont already have 100 of them...

copy and paste parody :-/

MrCastle1669d ago

To be fair, cod is on all consoles. Nintendo 1st party developent has been few and far between.

NarooN1670d ago

Mario Kart XXVII: The Reckoning

deafdani1669d ago

Out of all the possible examples, you had to use Mario Kart? The franchise that has only had 8 entries in 21 years?

Lol you.

mydyingparadiselost1669d ago

Mario Party 31: Drinking games

NarooN1669d ago


It was clearly a joke. The joke was that there's just a shitload of Mario games out there.

Dunno why you got offended.

AbortMission1669d ago


Orionsangel1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

There's 3 levels of Mario games. There's the usually lame Mario attached to a sport or some other activity. Then you have New SMB and Mario 3D World. Those are good. But then you have that innovative Mario game. Mario 64, Mario Galaxy. The one that takes Mario to the next level. The Wii U needs that as fast as possible! Maybe, Mario Universe?

Thepcz1669d ago

yes, i keep saying this too. mario 3d world is not on the same level as mario 64/sunshine/galaxy. you can tell right away this 3d world game is mario on a budget. mario on a short development cycle. mario minus all the magic.

remember in galaxy they would have those little worlds you would go to, and they were clearly just 'fillers,' that is, they werent actual stages or courses, but merely abstract platforms or paths you just ran along... just to add padding to the game. everything i have seen of mario 3d world looks like that.

Neonridr1669d ago

I love how people "think" that Mario 3D World is not a fully fledged Mario game. Why don't we wait until we can actually play the game to determine that. Let's take the guesswork out of the equation..

Orionsangel1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

@Neonridr Mario 3D is not a game changer. It's a great Mario game I'm sure, but it's not going to get people like me who grew up on Nintendo and have abandon them to return to Nintendo, but an amazing Mario and Zelda game that's ambitious and takes the franchise to the next level. Can do that, for example. Mario Galaxy made me buy a Wii. Nothing so far makes me wanna buy a Wii U.

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