Xbox One demo units hit retailers but don't have any controllers

Some retailers have received their Xbox One demo units but for whatever reason these demo units contain an Xbox One system, Kinect, but no controller to actually test out games.

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Godmars2901600d ago

They're saying that Kinect comes with the display, but it doesn't work.

Which apparently is more than some PS4 displays have.

sigfredod1600d ago

lol, this is real? is like ok this car here is for you take it for a spin, but there is no key XD

jaren921600d ago

Lol good one good one 😂😂

ipach1599d ago

or steering wheel and pedals...

fOrlOnhOpe571600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

That's because you are the controller. Buttons?......pffft....overrat ed lol

B-radical1600d ago

overrated is one word unlike special ed

MatrixxGT1600d ago

They couldn't find any AA batteries?

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The story is too old to be commented.