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Pixel-Fright-Us: Psychological torment

(Editor’s note: In celebration of Halloween, the Pixelitis staff is outlining 31 of their favorite horror games in Pixel-Fright-Us. The following games are not listed in any specific order.)

"Sometimes the enemy within is far scarier than the enemy lurking in the shadows. But what happens when those enemies are one and the same? Psychological horror is a nebulous and unique evil, the type where monsters that come from troubled minds are often made manifest by some kind of supernatural force.

Be it a purgatorial towns that draw in tortured souls, the hellish dreamscapes of a teenage recluse or a cruel orphanage where the roles of adult and child are reversed; these are the locales that make up our worst nightmares." - Pixelitis Staff (Alan Wake, Amnesia: Dark Descent, PC, PS2, PS3, Retro, Rule Of Rose, Silent Hill, Xbox 360, Yume Nikki)

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