Exclusive Interview: Starbreeze Discusses New Riddick Game, Darkness Sequel Rumors, and more! (Part 1 of 2) sat down and interviewed Robert Nyberg, HR Manager at Starbreeze and Jens Anderson, lead designer on The Darkness. They discussed Darkness 2 rumors, the new Riddick game and more in this part 1 of 2 interview. Robert Nyberg has been with Starbreeze since The Chronicles of Riddick, and is now in the middle of working on the next (secret) project code named "Red Line". Starbreeze has a deal with EA to bring one of their old IP's back to life...

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Polluted3891d ago

Interesting. I thought the Riddick game was just supposed to be a remake of "Escape From Butcher Bay" for the new consoles.

Nth RooCH3891d ago

Dark athena is a suped up remake with added content, nothing more.

Nth RooCH3891d ago

I absolutely friggin' LOVE starbreeze. The first Riddick game was an absolute breath of fresh air. It added so many new things to the FPS genre when it was first released. Firstly, an excellent FPS melee combat system. Second, effective use of stealth in an FPS genre. Another is the use of absolute black, something I am yet to see in another game since (that is, when all the lights were shot out, and no torch was used, there was literally nothing on the screen). Not only that, but to me it was as good, if not better looking than Halo 2, the previous graphics giant.

Darkness 2 would rock, but definitely the remake of CoR:BB is going to be an instant purchase for me. I loved it then, and can't wait for it's return.

mrjuandrful3891d ago

I can also agree with your view of Riddick. It was an original concept with a classic FPS approach. Can't wait for the sequel...

dachiefsman3891d ago

totally with yea on that one....I think starbreeze is a great studio.

The Darkness was good, but it left some things to be desired....even though I beat Butcher Bay a couple times...I am still probably going to buy this game.....the in game dialogue from Butcher Bay was probably the most entertaining of any game I have ever played!

astrobrights3891d ago

they are a great company. They are also surprisingly helpful when it comes to talking to them and finding out things. As far as companies and relationships with the media, few places are more approachable.