GTA New Zealand being investigated by police

"GAME OVER: Karori teenager Stacy O'Callhaghan may be in trouble with police after modifying his Grand Theft Auto video game to use New Zealand police cars and uniforms.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been modified in virtually every way you could think possible, from a full blown multiplayer mode to a simple iPhone addition. Unfortunately, police in New Zealand are unhappy that a total conversion mod called Grand Theft Auto: New Zeland is using the police's imagery.

The 17-year-old creator, Stacy O'Callhaghan, from Karori, says that he started work to replace as much of the game as possible with New Zealand inspired equivalents "because I got sick of all this American rubbish". However, Jon Neilson who works at the national headquarters of police in the country, says that their legal team is currently investigating. Apparently, unauthorized use of a police uniform is a criminal offence."

Bellow you can watch a trailer of this supposedly criminal modification

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Fishy Fingers3862d ago

He'll get off. No sweat, and rightly so, this is hardly an act deserving of punishment.

In fact, Id love it if you could replace the police with those in your territory, Now I know its set in "New York" but it would still be a nice feature.

sonarus3862d ago

Imagine if PS3 version of GTA got mod support

I think msoft would crack on mod support for GTA

gamesR4fun3862d ago

buy the pc version when it hits the mod community will be on it like a wet shirt. Still get new stuff almost daily on SA.

Ghoul3862d ago

the problem is rockstar would NEVER use real police station names, and implementing them in your own mod is no problem as long as you dont release that mod. With doing so you insert a reallife group of people to a video game witch is illegal without the permission of wich.

i hope he doesnt get to deep in trouble

perseus3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

In most Western countries, it's not illegal to use real names of people, as long as they're public figures. And in no way is it illegal to use place names.

These Kiwi Cops are just pissed off for no reason. Unless the modder was actually using names of real police officers, he has nothing to worry about. The law covers unauthorized use, not unauthorized "portrayal in media".

EDIT: I'm not sure about Burger King, though, but I'm guessing that it can be argued that this is an artistic work.

ravinash3862d ago

I think he should be fine.
The Law is that you can't impersonate a police officer.
Plus he is not making any money out of it, so I don't think they have much to hold against him.

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leedsunited923862d ago

the game looks exactly the same to me, apart from the police car

S1nnerman3862d ago

Haven't the police got anything better to investigate?

KYU21303862d ago

the kid had a good idea.. he did a good job.. he shouldn't be punished for it. since it was only for personal use... he says!

the only question is if it was only for personal use how did it become public knowledge

ravinash3862d ago

If you make something your proud of, you want to show it off.

truncheon3862d ago

Call me when there's a mod that lets me roam the mean streets of Dunedin, Christchurch, and Queenstown (and all the rough country in between.)

ravinash3862d ago

Rough country you mean Palmerston North?
I kid, I kid...

Funny how all the New Zealand stories make the Kiwis come out of the wood work.

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