Microsoft, Rare, Gyration Talk 360 Wii Remote Rumors

Rumors have abounded regarding an upcoming motion control device for the Xbox 360, purportedly codenamed "Newton" - first, a loquacious anonymous source told MTV that such a controller is in development with support from developer Rare, and next 8bitjoystick pegged patents from Gyration, the same company responsible for Nintendo's Wii remote technology, as the likely tech behind Microsoft's top-secret project.

Gyration, however, unequivocally denied yesterday that it has any such project in development with Microsoft. However, talking to Rare, Microsoft and a company called Motus revealed more items of interest regarding the "Newton".

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deeznuts3591d ago

"Freaky Gyrations close to fornication!"

JsonHenry3591d ago

What is wrong with copying a good idea?

Where would be we be if Ford was the only motor company in the world because no one else wanted to "copy" the gasoline engine?

Monchichi0253591d ago

But I'm glad they're doing it cuz I'll be buying it!!! Woohoo! No need to buy a Wii now!

jollygoodchap83591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

That the people that are going "Wat a great idea!!" were most likely the first people to ridicule the Wii and scold Sony for the sixaxis.

But now that MS is embracing the idea they completely love it now.

You know the whole "What gimmick that won't last!!" or "I wouldn't be caught dead waving that around, I'm not a retard!" it's like "Its the best idea ever!!"

I think they don't like hypocrites.

Think of the way the MS guys are scolding the PS3 guys for embracing DD's, since Sony announced they were gonna do DD's as well.

occamsrazor3591d ago

"Where would be we be if Ford was the only motor company in the world because no one else wanted to "copy" the gasoline engine?"

Ford didn't invent the gasoline engine! I'm sick of hearing absolute bollocks sprouted as truth...America did not invent the motor car! Got it? Not even frigging close! Not by a few decades....
Try putting down the games and reading a book once in a while. And no, I'm not here to give you a history lesson either. Look it up (and preferably not in wikipedia or some other online source.) I know it's hard work, but try.

Nostradamus3590d ago

He did not invent anything, just came up with a way to mass produce cars at a cheap price.

Lyan3590d ago

@ 1.4
Relax man, he was misinformed and presumed his analogy connected to the subject (which would of if it were true :P).

Whats wrong with online sources, other than the fact that most are limited in the amount of information given and reinterpretations of facts?! One could argue that much of literature, especially historical literature, is just as guilty of those faults.

Knowledge of what is, does not open the door directly to what should be. -Einstein

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Bleucrunch3591d ago

M$ stop coping please! DAMMIT!

Grown Folks Talk3591d ago

Sony has never copied anything.

Jack Meahoffer3591d ago

You have to be kidding. Every platform holder has copied something from the others.

Saying otherwise is kidding yourself.

Whether its analog sticks, d-pad, sixaxis or shoulder buttons... Every single platform holder has copied something.

Bigbangbing3591d ago

its nice to see some motion control on the 360 fps games
because on the wii they are using it for a silly games
and btw the Wii mod for crysis is incredible

SpecialSauce3591d ago

omg der goes ms always copying and never being innovative

ryaboug3591d ago

ms made a shyty console now their just trying to cover it up with things but just makin it look more like shyt

Shadow Man3591d ago

yeaaaah but what are you gonna do?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13591d ago

...KEEP IT UP!!! ;-D

Bet it BURNS!!!Thats why you got to wave it about!!! ;-D

Montrealien3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

there goes the fanboys, always repeating, never thinking.

Britjadg3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

LMAO @ sir ken.

bloody funny; bubbles for you sir.

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SpecialSauce3591d ago

Microsoft is never innovative all they do is copy

Jack Meahoffer3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Way to twist and distort reality to fit your biased vision of the world.

EDIT: @4.2 Okay I guess I worded my comment incorrectly. Did Sony invent motion controls? The answer is no. There was a motion control MS sidewinder controller for PC back in the mid 90's.

Point is there is no reason to point the finger at any one platform holder. But this guy attacked MS with his biased comment so I assumed he was a Sony fan which is why I mentioned sixaxis. But if you're biased its easy to forget anything in history that doens't benefit your console of choice.

Grown Folks Talk3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

They had been working on it since Parasite Eve 2, but they decided to spring it on the devs at E3 so that they would look shockingly excited during the demo. Edit: I guess I should write sarcasm in the comments from now on. I thought it was pretty obvious. My bad.

The Lazy One3591d ago

Someone made a great picture of every evolution of PS controllers. Every single one has stolen one or more features from a previous console's controller.

D-Pad, Shoulder buttons, triggers, guide button, rumble, analogue sticks, face buttons, six-axis.

3591d ago
Xi3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

so... have you ever heard of the PSX?

this thing was literately a PSXbox.
(even looked like one, came packaged with an HDD too)

ms put in a harddrive, sony makes a harddrive attachment, nintendo does a rumble pack, sony made a rumble pack, MS made the sidewinder nintendo makes the wii controller.

Sorry but everything is copied.

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