Naughty Dog's Next Game In Space

Max Level: "Our good friends at Naughty Dog are participating in an exciting company tour of SpaceX today. A buddy of mine, Naughty Dog Environment Artist David Ballard, tweeted his excitement for the tour earlier today."

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Snookies121393d ago

Uncharted... On the moon... Lol.

xHeavYx1393d ago

Hey, maybe he is after a secret artifact that Neil Armstrong hid when he went to the moon

Thehyph1393d ago

Oh, that silly Nathan! He always does the darndest things!

I don't even want to think about a next gen Uncharted, especially if some of those guys have been working on it since Uncharted 3 and were using next gen hardware. If they keep the linear nature of the game then the visuals will certainly set a standard for console games.
One can dream.

Ezz20131393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

i bet my arm on it
it's ...The Savage Starlight

mp12891393d ago

Uncharted 2 was released 2 years after drakes fortune and it was basically a 5 year quality game. Point is they are fast, and don't be surprised if they announce their next game soon.

Lovable1393d ago

sHIIII great idea there xHeavYx

This is Ancient Alien stuff here!!! Can't wait

Reverent1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

You're making too much sense. This is happening now thanks to you.

@Ezz, THAT would be incredible.

lsujester1393d ago

Ancient Aliens?

Don't tell Giorgio Tsoukalos.

ZodTheRipper1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

lol my reaction when reading that headline should have been taped

I really hope they drop a new IP before the next Uncharted.

Kingthrash3601393d ago


turgore1392d ago

I dont want to be a party pooper, but wouldn't that lead to some very weird platforming sections. Nathan would jump 10 feet...very slooooowly.

shivvy241392d ago

If I remember correctly, there was a scene in Jak 3 darkmaker ship in space

Rageanitus1392d ago


They release the game fast because they already had the base engine in place.

Just look at COD, the reason why they keep releasing it so quickly and with the same "feel" is because the engine is already developed.

HammadTheBeast1392d ago

Uncharted 4: Drake's Decepticons

You heard it here first.

mattdillahunty1392d ago

it would be nice if it was in space. because that would likely mean it's a new IP, which the industry needs more of. Uncharted and The Last of Us were amazing, but we don't need sequels. we need NEW franchises that continue to blow us away (like TLoU recently did).

pixelsword1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

*Drake hanging on the edge of a comet about to smash into the Earth*

"How the #@%& did I get here--I was just going to the fridge to make a sandwich!"

rainslacker1392d ago

Since Drake can't get into a vehicle without it eventually being destroyed or attacked, it makes me wonder what kind of cool things will be happening to him in space.:)

x5exotic1392d ago

No it's just that uc1's graphics were so mediocre thatuc2 fell victim to low expectations and got praised shitless, but i you want godly gfx AND GOOD stories, Sony Santa Monica is the way to go

President1392d ago

What a ridicilous title, nowhere does it imply their next game is in space. What the fuck.

AlexanderNevermind1392d ago

Savage Starlight....That sounds like a Helluva title.

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GarrusVakarian1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

If there's one genre i would want ND to explore it would be sci fi. Imagine the Vistas, the sci fi music, the level design, the (alien) characters and story. Mmmmmmm.


Haha, yeah i agree. Im thinking more along the lines of the 'Alien/Aliens" OST. Some nice sci fi ambience.

Lord_Sloth1393d ago

As long as Sci Fi Music doesn't translate into Dubstep I'm all for it.

Pintheshadows1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Jak and Daxter is sci-fi.

I hope so as well Lord_Sloth. Science fiction needs to have an awe inspiring soundtrack and I sincerely doubt Naughty Dog would do anything else considering the scores for Uncharted and TLOU. They both fit perfectly.

-wub-1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I don't like Sci Fi, but ND could make me like it.

GuyThatPlaysGames1392d ago

@Lord_Sloth I'm with you on that! I'm tired of everything sounding "wubbbbbwubbbwubbbbbbbbrr rrrrrrbbrbrrbrbbrrrwubbbbwubbbw ubwubuwb" lol

TheFurryPanda1392d ago

I can imagine them making a firefly-esqe sci fi adventure.

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GribbleGrunger1393d ago

It's a real stretch but I've been wondering if those comics in TLOU were the REAL Easter egg.

pyramidshead1393d ago

The Savage Starlight thing?

GribbleGrunger1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

Yes, I just noticed they mention it in the article. I just looked at the picture and the tweet. That would be a great place to do some gravity free mo-cap.

NateCole1392d ago

We are all hoping it is. Imagine a Sci FI bounty/alien relic hunter with a mix of indy/Han solo. Lots of humor and amazing action scenes.

It would be incredible.

Y_51501392d ago


Doesn't the male in the picture resembles Troy Baker? Voice of Joel.