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Naughty Dog's Next Game In Space

Max Level: "Our good friends at Naughty Dog are participating in an exciting company tour of SpaceX today. A buddy of mine, Naughty Dog Environment Artist David Ballard, tweeted his excitement for the tour earlier today." (Industry, Naughty Dog)

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Snookies12  +   612d ago | Funny
Uncharted... On the moon... Lol.
xHeavYx  +   612d ago | Funny
Hey, maybe he is after a secret artifact that Neil Armstrong hid when he went to the moon
stevehyphen  +   612d ago
Oh, that silly Nathan! He always does the darndest things!

I don't even want to think about a next gen Uncharted, especially if some of those guys have been working on it since Uncharted 3 and were using next gen hardware. If they keep the linear nature of the game then the visuals will certainly set a standard for console games.
One can dream.
BobbytheBuilder  +   612d ago
dude that sounds awesome
Ezz2013  +   612d ago | Well said
i bet my arm on it
it's ...The Savage Starlight
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mp1289  +   612d ago
Uncharted 2 was released 2 years after drakes fortune and it was basically a 5 year quality game. Point is they are fast, and don't be surprised if they announce their next game soon.
Lovable  +   612d ago
sHIIII great idea there xHeavYx

This is Ancient Alien stuff here!!! Can't wait
Reverent  +   612d ago
You're making too much sense. This is happening now thanks to you.

@Ezz, THAT would be incredible.
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lsujester  +   612d ago
Ancient Aliens?

Don't tell Giorgio Tsoukalos.
ZodTheRipper  +   612d ago
lol my reaction when reading that headline should have been taped

I really hope they drop a new IP before the next Uncharted.
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Kingthrash360  +   612d ago
turgore  +   612d ago
I dont want to be a party pooper, but wouldn't that lead to some very weird platforming sections. Nathan would jump 10 feet...very slooooowly.
shivvy24  +   612d ago
If I remember correctly, there was a scene in Jak 3 darkmaker ship in space
Rageanitus  +   612d ago

They release the game fast because they already had the base engine in place.

Just look at COD, the reason why they keep releasing it so quickly and with the same "feel" is because the engine is already developed.
HammadTheBeast  +   612d ago
Uncharted 4: Drake's Decepticons

You heard it here first.
mattdillahunty  +   612d ago
it would be nice if it was in space. because that would likely mean it's a new IP, which the industry needs more of. Uncharted and The Last of Us were amazing, but we don't need sequels. we need NEW franchises that continue to blow us away (like TLoU recently did).
pixelsword  +   611d ago
*Drake hanging on the edge of a comet about to smash into the Earth*

"How the #@%& did I get here--I was just going to the fridge to make a sandwich!"
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rainslacker  +   611d ago
Since Drake can't get into a vehicle without it eventually being destroyed or attacked, it makes me wonder what kind of cool things will be happening to him in space.:)
x5exotic  +   611d ago
No it's just that uc1's graphics were so mediocre thatuc2 fell victim to low expectations and got praised shitless, but i you want godly gfx AND GOOD stories, Sony Santa Monica is the way to go
President  +   611d ago
What a ridicilous title, nowhere does it imply their next game is in space. What the fuck.
AlexanderNevermind  +   611d ago
Savage Starlight....That sounds like a Helluva title.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   612d ago
If there's one genre i would want ND to explore it would be sci fi. Imagine the Vistas, the sci fi music, the level design, the (alien) characters and story. Mmmmmmm.


Haha, yeah i agree. Im thinking more along the lines of the 'Alien/Aliens" OST. Some nice sci fi ambience.
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Lord_Sloth  +   612d ago
As long as Sci Fi Music doesn't translate into Dubstep I'm all for it.
Pintheshadows  +   612d ago
Jak and Daxter is sci-fi.

I hope so as well Lord_Sloth. Science fiction needs to have an awe inspiring soundtrack and I sincerely doubt Naughty Dog would do anything else considering the scores for Uncharted and TLOU. They both fit perfectly.
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-wub-  +   611d ago
I don't like Sci Fi, but ND could make me like it.
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   611d ago
@Lord_Sloth I'm with you on that! I'm tired of everything sounding "wubbbbbwubbbwubbbbbbbbrr rrrrrrbbrbrrbrbbrrrwubbbbwubbbw ubwubuwb" lol
TheFurryPanda  +   611d ago
I can imagine them making a firefly-esqe sci fi adventure.
GribbleGrunger  +   612d ago
It's a real stretch but I've been wondering if those comics in TLOU were the REAL Easter egg.
pyramidshead  +   612d ago
The Savage Starlight thing?
Lord_Sloth  +   612d ago
Endure and survive.
GribbleGrunger  +   612d ago
Yes, I just noticed they mention it in the article. I just looked at the picture and the tweet. That would be a great place to do some gravity free mo-cap.
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NateCole  +   611d ago
We are all hoping it is. Imagine a Sci FI bounty/alien relic hunter with a mix of indy/Han solo. Lots of humor and amazing action scenes.

It would be incredible.
Y_5150  +   611d ago

Doesn't the male in the picture resembles Troy Baker? Voice of Joel.
Septic  +   612d ago
The name Uncharted and the moon go well together lol.

/insert moon_landing_conspiracy.pdf
hay  +   611d ago
Or dark side of the moon.
camel_toad  +   612d ago
I'd love it if they came up with a new space/interplanetary-based IP but I love me some Sci fi. They would have a very nice rotation of very different games - Uncharted for the Indy in all of us, The Last of Us because everyone loves a clicker, Jak and Daxter for platforming goodness, and then a space IP because space is cool.
cyclindk  +   612d ago
There IS a lot of charting needing to be done on the moon... in space... no one can hear... Nathan's witty sarcsm
Beastforlifenoob  +   612d ago
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING... After watching Gravity, I want an amazing space survival game and one thats made by Ndog? YES FUCKING PLEASE SIR!!!
Pillsbury1  +   612d ago
Let the naughty dog conspiracy theories commence! *puts on tinfoil hat*
PaperClichePixel  +   612d ago
Shit, I had an incredible idea for them that mixed these specific games.

Out of this World
Earthworm Jim

And the movies Titan A.E & Hitchhikers Guide.
hay  +   611d ago
@Snookies12: Tom Cruise and Willzyx confirmed.
GribbleGrunger  +   611d ago
OH GUYS! Geoff Keighley just posted this in the 'ND visits SpaceX' thread over at Gaff:

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andibandit  +   611d ago
Maybe drake was an alien all along
boneso82  +   611d ago
Almost had an epileptic fit then... Dayum, that's trippy!
Syntax-Error  +   611d ago
You Sony fanboys kill your brand. So because it's in space you're looking at it as UNCHARTED ON THE MOON? Wow, what a bunch of kids. ND makes a great IP and everything they do now will be compared to UNCHARTED. Way to kill a franchise you idiots. Exclusives never survive on PS because of childish thinkers like yourselves.
boneso82  +   611d ago
Woah calm down dude. Why the aggression? People are clearly just having a laugh with the moon ideas and such, take it all with a pinch of salt, its humorous then instead of rage inducing.

Also "exclusives never survive on PS"! Really? Gran Turismo, Uncharted, infamous, ratchet and clank, god of war, motorstorm, metal gear solid... I could go on... These are all high quality, long lasting playstation exclusives, and that's just for this gen, never mind ps1 and 2. What have MS got? Forza, Halo and Gears, oh and Titanfall is coming, that's it and that's all it ever has been! So if you don't like sci fi shooters or racing sims, you have no reason to play Xbox
trenso1  +   611d ago
the way you make your point is unnecessary, but i do agree, while everyone is having a bit of a laugh with the uncharted moon thing. I don't see why people want another uncharted, since people are asking for a 4th. Three was very well done, but we don't need to see another one
Syntax-Error  +   606d ago
Bones maybe you haven't seen the sales of those games because if you did you would notice they all didnt sell that well except for Gran Turismo which has been around since 1995. None of those games come close to the 2 I mentioned. BTW I knew your lame ass would mention those titles and that's why my response was cued. Why dont you check on VGC and feel the embarrassment
Trackboss  +   612d ago
Lol that would be awesome !
Xsilver  +   612d ago
amazon,artic,desert the only place left is Space \(O.O)/
Dark11  +   612d ago
Open World Game from ND will be great for a change.
Conzul  +   612d ago
Very much this.
Beastforlifenoob  +   612d ago
It wouldnt be great....
It would be THE greatest thing in gaming since PONG.
RevXM  +   612d ago
Jak 2/3?
Y_5150  +   611d ago
I don't know why you got disagrees. Jak series (mostly 2 & 3) were open world sci-fi adventure games.

I think people are wanting a new open world game from Naughty dog?
HammadTheBeast  +   612d ago
I dunno. The cinematics are what make Uncharted great. Open World would be hard and require a lot of resources.
Conzul  +   611d ago
Second Son says HI.

SP team size is like 70 or something that insanely small. Watch their Video Docs.
OmniSlashPT  +   612d ago
So Drake is blowing up space stations and shuttles? awesome xD
ginsunuva  +   611d ago
Like Gravity.
Applejack  +   612d ago | Interesting
Savage Starlight?
ThaTruthMVP  +   612d ago
This is EXACTLY what I was thinking
Whitey2k  +   612d ago
Crash badicoot in spaaceeee
LeRise  +   611d ago
Remember this levels from CB 2? Naughty Dog loves such setting since 90's.
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Whitey2k  +   611d ago
I remember that good old days :D
creatchee  +   612d ago
Everything they touch is gold. I can't wait to see their next-generation vision come to life, regardless of setting.
stevehyphen  +   612d ago
Same here.

I can't believe they're doing motion capture for DLC. That's some serious attention to detail, and I'm very excited to have more TLOU to play. That level of commitment to their games needs two teams, or you'd be tortured waiting even longer between releases. Some of these guys have been together so long, that they must absolutely love what they do, and they will probably continue doing it for many more years.

Neil Druckmann is no joke at writing, either. I hope he has a lot of other ideas kicking around.
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Pancit_Canton  +   612d ago
Jak and Daxter 4 just got real
Furesis  +   612d ago
i'm down
BeAGamer  +   612d ago
with OPP
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jrbeerman11  +   611d ago
Ya you know me
1nsomniac  +   612d ago
I'm dying for a proper space game as much as I am a proper dinosaur game!

...& I mean a proper realistic space game, no star wars action, just a genuinely more mature realistic going where (Very few) men have gone before. Where its more about just not having a clue what's out there & just searching for knowledge & trying to survive & creating rations & a means of living.

More a narrative adventure psychological horror - Maybe pushing towards an almost "Amnesia - In Space" vibe.
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RevXM  +   612d ago
Like your idea, made me think of Alien and Moon.
Alien is quite sci-fi with the whole hundred years into the future mining in other solar systems scheme though, Moon is more present time ish...

Amnesia in space...I can dig that. sounds like that could be a quite genuinly scary game... with holy next gen Naughty dog visuals and likeable characters.
-wub-  +   611d ago
I'm waiting for a proper dinosaur game too buddy.
jrbeerman11  +   611d ago
Well dinosaur game is a great idea, id say that uncharted could use that for its wtf changeup zombieavatarvoodoo enemy near end, but we have enough comparisons to tomb raider so i doubt it.
boneso82  +   611d ago
Nathan Drake and Joel team up to fight dinosaurs in space and rescue Ellie! Sweet!
DeletedAcc  +   612d ago
Naughty Dog's Next Game In Space???
Thats my BIGGEST GAMINGDREAM! make it happen, ND
SuperBlur  +   612d ago
Where is SpaceX located at? This guy is most likely just geeking out on his free time but where ever spacex is located , could be the real clue as to where their next game take place.
ThaTruthMVP  +   612d ago
A little bit of geeking out in my free-time, a little bit of investigative journalism. The SpaceX HQ is in Hawthorne, CA.
SuperBlur  +   612d ago
Ah! Thanks . Maybe a TLOU based in L.A ? who knows .
FanboyKilla  +   612d ago
Lol sony still looking for halo. its on xbox have u looked there. ND stick to your guns.
NarooN  +   612d ago
Stupid comment. Sony never gave a damn about making a 'Halo Killer'. That was all the media and journos coming up with that nonsense.
j-blaze  +   611d ago
wasn't Killzone suppose to be teh 'Halo Killer'?
and now i think they're making Mass Effect ripo... uh sorry i mean killer
NarooN  +   611d ago
No, Killzone wasn't supposed to be a Halo-killer. The devs themselves stated this countless times after the stupid journos kept making those statements.

I was a massive KZ fanboy back in the day, I was following the game ever since there were low-quality videos from VHS tapes floating around. People who were following the game knew that aside from both of the games being FPS's, there weren't any real similarities at all.

Back in the day when KZ1 & KZl were the only KZ games out, I used to routinely chat with the developers at the official forums and even became a 'Killzone VIP'. A lot of the devs were fans of other shooters (naturally) and some played Halo. Some were friends with developers from Bungie and they told me a lot of people at Bungie at the time played Killzone and liked it a lot.

It's not always a console-war everywhere.
SoulSercher620  +   612d ago
Dumbest comment on here
FanboyKilla  +   611d ago
Lol you guys sensitive. only a fanboy would even comment back. Can i have my opinion too? I bet you guys are going to buy Wack, i mean Knack just because its in a sony case. Lmfao.
Kurt Russell  +   611d ago
"Only a fanboy would even comment back"... says the guy commenting back. *palm to face*
#14.2.2 (Edited 611d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Beastforlifenoob  +   612d ago
Why is your name PsAlways as in "Playstation always" (in gaming PS usually stands for Playstation wierd)

Also Halo is suck ass. The games are repetitive and milked.
FlunkinMonkey  +   612d ago
Yea... All of those Game Of the Year awards that Halo have won are just overwhelming.. O WAIT!

Hush those gums sweet child, your precious exclusives have been getting blown out of the water year on end for..let me see.... forget it, i've lost count.

So salty you are dehydrating me...
LEOPARD1030  +   612d ago
Naughty dog saw the potential of Star Wars 1313 and they are making a game like this:


Naughty Dog doesn't want to overexploit Uncharted, they'll make Savage Starlight with the same mechanics of Drake.

Halo is an amazing game but MS made a mistake replacing Bungie for 343 industries.

Destiny is the Halo of PS4. Bungie will give to PS systems the magic of Halo, much better, because it's a new story, with a vast universe, an optimized online, amazing weapons and with all the great experience of Bungie.

Sony doesn't needs to search the Halo experience, the Halo experience finds at Sony now with Bungie.
FanboyKilla  +   611d ago
Poor delusional child. you cant replace or duplicate halo. If so what are they waiting for? oh yeah the release of halo next year lol. you won't ever have the magic of halo without halo. and if the only reason you dont play it is because its not on the system you like you are a weak individual and your opinion isn't valid to me.
ravinash  +   611d ago
Yes Halo and gears were very good, but both came out at the end of Xbox and start of 360....does this mean that the only time MS will invest in a new IP is when the next Gen comes out.
So this means over the next couple of years, we'll only see new installments of either Titanfal or Ryse but nothing else for the next 6-8 years.
jrbeerman11  +   611d ago
He trolling and out of bubbles. Hell i like halo and gears and this guy's annoying me. Well done i guess.

Destiny is the new halo for me, mostly because im more of a coop guy, and having a loot element sounds amazing.
LEOPARD1030  +   611d ago
I'm big fan of Halo, I have games like Halo Anniversary and my favorite: "Reach", with the heroic story of Noble Team, but this is time to let go the franchise, the same thing I did with Killzone, I like the Helghast, but GG won't make a Helghast campaign, then I abandoned the series.

Halo is like the good things in the life, I had good moments, but the story and the mechanics are overexploited, Halo 4 is amazing but suffers of severe fatigue. The games are like the people, in some time you must let them go, to find new horizons and experiences.

Destiny is a new beginning, a new story with fresh characters, words and the most important a new universe to explore. Only is my opinion
jrbeerman11  +   611d ago
I agree, although i do like halo fiction (books>game) im going to probably splurge on an xbone for halo campaign. Multi still hasnt beaten halo 1 for me so i wont even bother this time (pistol fanboy)

Killzone on vita puts you on neutral role so you can at least team up with helghast for portions of that game if your interested.

I cannot wait for destiny, its everything i want in a game
SoulSercher620  +   611d ago

That's not an opinion idiot. That's a poor attempt at trolling. Know the difference.
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MeatheadMilitia  +   612d ago
More games need to bring back the Space Location!
CocoWolfie  +   612d ago
speculation!! love how involved theyre getting if true
Sunnyknight  +   612d ago
With such a creative and dedicated team like Naughty Dog I can only imagine what kind of game they could spawn from an idea like this.
isa_scout  +   612d ago
Savage Starlight confirmed??? Boy, that would be really awesome if they did this game. Kinda done with Uncharted felt like it left in a good spot. I don't want them to mess it up by trying to dig for more gold where there is none to be found...Indy 4 anyone???
BlackTar187  +   612d ago
I agree leave Uncharted where it is. a solid game with a great charcter and story and on ps3.

move into this next gen with a killer Space IP.

Can't wait for it if true the whole silence of space is just creepy
Revolver_X_  +   611d ago
Savage Starlight

Endure and Survive.
linkenski  +   612d ago
Fuck... YES! I love Mass Effect and sci-fi in general and despite of the glaring linearity in ND's products they make some of the most thoughtful and poignant story-driven games I've ever played. Their writers know what they're doing... something that's scarce in this industry... *sigh*
RytGear  +   612d ago
Endure and Survive Bitches.
Beastforlifenoob  +   612d ago
That should be the title exactly like that "Endure and survive bitches" I would buy that shit the minute it came out.
Perjoss  +   612d ago
Need to go make Space for this on my shelf right now. I'm sure the review scores will be Astronomical. In fact I will drop my trousers right now and do a Moon in celebration!
Ezz2013  +   612d ago
oh, i see what you did there
porkChop  +   612d ago
It's Savage Starlight. It's a comic series in TLoU. I'm hoping they give it a comic book-ish art style, could be really cool. The comics were a bit in-depth to just be a collectible.
#22 (Edited 612d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
anash611  +   612d ago
Oh man, if anyone can make an awesome space themed adventure game, it's definitely Naughty Dog.
SpideySpeakz  +   612d ago
ANYTHING space/sci-fi related, I'm in... especially if ND is doing it.
Caleb_H  +   612d ago
This is amazing.
-Gespenst-  +   612d ago
I kind of feel the like next logical place for an Uncharted game to go is outer space.
vikMage  +   612d ago
Whatever they do, it's going to set the bar & be breathtaking!
Mark my words, They'll deliver yet again an unbelievable & unforgettable experience!
Crazay  +   612d ago
No doubt it'll be beautiful, but i have a feeling we'll see Uncharted 4 or Last of Us first before they move on to a new franchise...unless they're aggressively expanding the studio (which we can all hope for). Either way, we win.
solidboss07  +   612d ago
I'm sure that anybody who has played UC3, and after finding the newspaper in the London pub would be scanning the environments of TLOU for clues to ND's next project.
bjmartynhak  +   612d ago
Considering that there is a ND team working on a new title since UC3, it seems a bit late for this visit... or not? Maybe it is the team working on TLOU? They probably have much less personnel working on the DLCs now.

The Santa Monica new ip is also sci-fi, add Killzone and the thematic could get repetitive. Thus, I bet it is going to be related to a second ND PS4 release (2016?)
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