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Wii U sales increase in Q2, but the console is still negatively affecting Nintendo

GameDynamo - The Wii U’s sales have begun to improve. Hooray! The Wii U is still a financial drain on Nintendo. Boo! (Wii U)

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thomasmiller  +   534d ago
Wait until the big dog Mario 3d world comes out!! then smash bros, and mario kart and donkey kong, things are picking up for nintendo as I knew they would, look at the 3ds, it got off to a slow start, so Here is to the success of the wii u!
live2play  +   534d ago
Steady good news. Things can only go up from here

and before any troll comes in here, how much time did it take for the ps3 to turn a profit for Sony...like 4-5 years?
Ritsujun  +   534d ago
Dat Wii duUum.
cyclindk  +   534d ago
Two things:

First thing: Things could actually... gasp, GET WORSE!

Second thingy: Arguably the PS3 had more to offer than its competitors, subjectively speaking of course, (Wii U is up against two Titans, relatively anyway).

Additional Thingamabobber: Wii U controller turns out to be sorta... inconvenient in most cases... looking down at your touch screen and all, should have been left to tablets and smartphones (and handhelds).
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LOL_WUT  +   534d ago
^Even the Gamecube had better support at launch! I don't know but 3.91 million in 1 years time is very low for a new console. Both the X1 and the PS4 have 1mill preorders each. At launch those two consoles could very well catch up or surpass the WiiU's sales. Nintendo needs to step it up ;)
zeal0us  +   534d ago
Games like Smash bro, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong can definite pick up sales. However these games aren't release back to back and there are several months between their release. During this period Nintendo have to rely on third party games. The overall quarter can still be down even with the release system selling titles. As a result of this it still can affect Nintendo negatively.
Thepcz  +   534d ago
well, its tough trying to sell a console with no games
even if it can render the universe and its entire contents in real time
mrbojingles  +   534d ago
One game, Wind Waker HD, sold 3 times as many consoles as before just last month so it finally is starting to get games thankfully
mii-gamer  +   534d ago
Just imagine what happens when 3d world, smash bros, Mario kart, Bayonetta, donkey Kong, Metroid, and finally an original zelda comes out.

It may or may not do as well as ps4/one, but it will be a successful console.
nosferatuzodd  +   533d ago
nice stealth trolling there i give you A for effort
Thepcz  +   533d ago
since when did telling facts equate to trolling?

the wiiu is a failure because it doesnt have software. the millions of gamers who dont own a wiiu agree with me. hence extremely poor sells.

still dont believe me? go and look at the sales figures. go and find a wiiu in store. you will have a hard job finding a wiiu and its software section in store- not because its such a success its flying off the shelves, but because its such a failure the shops are pulling the thing off the shelves!

so dont accuse me of being a troll when i am merely a messenger. the wiiu is not selling- fact. this is because gamers dont find any of its games appealing enough to warrant its purchase- fact.
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JackieCruise69  +   534d ago
As I always say, it's still too early to decide anything. The holiday seasons are still coming up and Nintendo's various bundle options should definitely bring up profits. Parents eat deals up and Nintendo is offering the best this time around.
mrbojingles  +   534d ago
Well duh of course its still negatively effecting them. They had to write off a large sum of money due to the price cut and still came out with a small profit due to 3DS. I firmly believe they'll likely have a Wii U redesign that cuts costs on the console AND the game pad in 2014 to reduce price further and increase profits.
danny818  +   534d ago
the way I see it is that things can only get better. They need to cater to the hardcore market and the die hard ninty fans. They lost the casual market. And the numbers wont be as impressive this holiday season. maybe next holiday season
mrbojingles  +   534d ago
If funding Monolith's X, funding and publishing Wonderful 101 and Bayo 2 isn't catering to the hardcore market I don't know what is.
Mognetman  +   534d ago
And none of those titles will sell more than 2 million.
danny818  +   534d ago
I meant they should continue to
ape007  +   534d ago
so BF4, KZ and ryse are hardcore while Super Mario 3D world isn't LoL

the core game design of SM3D run circles in "hardcore game design" than those games
Mognetman  +   534d ago
I agree, but clearly isnt enough.
mrbojingles  +   534d ago

Ok? Is that suppose to prove something? Clearly Nintendo knows that and doesn't care. They seem fine with funding niche games and they clearly can control their game budgets to have realistic expectations.
Mognetman  +   534d ago
Niche is not the same as hardcore. The hardcore market right now is the one who wants more Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, BF, CoD, AC, Naughty Dog kinda games. That market is tired of Nintendo's franchises. Ppl still buying Mario's and Zelda's because tradition, nostalgia or whatelse. That wont change, but isnt enuff to compete.
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AsimLeonheart  +   534d ago
This^. Nobody said Nintendo makes bad games. There games are often creative, fun and beautiful to look at but the majority of gamers just do not care about Nintendo franchises. Only a very small percentage of the total market buys Nintendo games. Companies need to adapt to changing markets and tastes in order to stay relevant. Stubborn companies that keep doing their own thing do not last very long because sales keep falling until they go out of business or go in to obscurity. Look at Sony; they had to adapt to modern gaming landscape. We do not get JRPGs, Crash Bandicoot, Tombi, Jak & Daxter, Parappa, Legacy of Kain and Spyros any more. They now have to release Uncharted, Last of Us, Resistance, Killzone and God of War in order to satisfy consumer tastes. Nintendo is being stubborn and that is why their consoles do not sell anywhere near competition except for the Wii which is an exception and an anomaly because of casuals' support.
KonsoruMasuta  +   533d ago
They must not be too tired of those IPS because they keep selling.
Chrono  +   533d ago
It will receive a K.O. very soon.
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Themba76  +   533d ago
don't worry it will get much better now especially after the xbox 720 debacle the wii u is starting to look better.
danny818  +   533d ago
But see the the 3ds sales picked up after the price drop and kn that holiday season saw a huge boost in sales. Its about ro be a year for the wiiu

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