IGN: Haze Multiplayer Hands-On

If you've been following IGN's coverage on Haze, you know that they have highlighted elements of the single player campaign and even detailed aspects of the co-op gameplay for both Mantel soldiers and Promise Hand rebels. But IGN haven't talked too much in detail about the multiplayer aspects of the game until now.

Haze will feature multiplayer matches for up to 16 players (including bots) across six different maps taken from the Campaign mode of the game. These matches can be played via LAN or online play, and can take place across three different game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Team Assault. IGN jumped into three separate maps to see what the experience would be like.

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Bordel_19003887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Graphics look really solid in Haze. None of the videos I've seen really do the hi-res screenshots justice. Many of the screenshots look close to awesome.

Haze is looking better and better, I'm looking forward to this game.

fenderputty3887d ago

I've heard mixed things as far as the graphics are concerned. Still ... the story line seem appealing. The co-op sounds great too. If this scores well and I like the Demo, I'll be getting this over GTA4.