The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle Review

TechRaptor - Nintendo has had nearly a year’s head start over Sony and Microsoft in releasing their next-generation console. Since it’s launch, the Wii U has not sold very well, due to a combination of bad marketing from Nintendo, failing to differentiate as a seperate console from the original Wii rather than just a tablet accessory, a lack of original games, and developer comments being lukewarm. Nintendo consoles are known for Nintendo’s excellent first-party lineup, but is The Wind Waker HD worth braving the sea of the Wii U for?

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BullyMangler1666d ago

I love it when Nintendo gets dragged into the "competition" scenario .

ha haaa . .

and what is this? the only fail review of windwaker in the world?

how suspicious . (;

DarthZoolu1665d ago

You guys didn't read the article at all, not surprised nintendo fanboys payed no attention to what he said and jumped to defend the horrible product WiiU. Everything he said about it was true. Also he gave Wind Waker 5 of 5. But how on earth is such an old game supposed to excite me? I beat that game like 11 years ago and its linear so I def don't want to play it again. Zelda games have zero replay because its easy to beat them 100% the first time, (MMask was kind ofdifferent on that front). But all Nintendo wants me to do is remember what they did. But if you have been gaming hard since 1992(age 6) nintendo is boring. Of all the old gaming series that are still around; Fallout, GTA, MGS, Elder Scrolls, COD, Battlefield, Simcity, StarCraft,etc they all have upgraded and got more detailed, except for all the Nintendo stuff still the same. Slight differences from the same games I played as a small child. Here is a good comparison: I still watch cartoons but not the Magic School bus, because its time for new stuff.

Theyellowflash301666d ago

Is this a bundle review or is this a sales contest?

60/100 for a free game, free online, Miiverse, and more.

I smell a drone behind the scenes.

Dehnus1666d ago

Oh haven't you heard? Everything is a sales contest and spec sheets comparison these days! How dare we have fun with our "toys". It is only about hating the other side and trying to get as many middle people with you as possible.

It's like politics only then about toys! Remember: Microsoft X-Bots and Sony Pony's believe that Fun comes in limited quantities and once you used it it is gone forever! The silly notion that Nintendo has with "Fun gets multiplied once used by more people!" is just ludicrous!

It's far more fun to post Memes and compare spec sheets then it is to actually enjoy a fun game ;). LE GASP I USED FUN! Now I should be punished! In the current recession the "f resource" is even more precious then anything else in this world. So here have a specsheet of the Wii U and stand in line to compare it to the others. All games will be stored in Fort Knoxx so their "f resources" won't run out. We just can't risk that ;).

stragomccloud1665d ago

Thank you for saving me from having to write a similar sarcastic satirical comment. Kudos.

triforce791665d ago

Why dont they compare chip ram ??? oh because the wiiu wins that battle by a country mile....

Dehnus1664d ago

*Wags a newspaper*
Go stand in a corner, we do not do such childish things ;).

ps360s1666d ago

why compare!

I am enjoying my mario's, Zelda's ect on my wiiU

love ZombieU

TheDivine1665d ago

Lol. This is the best console bundle in a very very long time, and one of the coolest limited edition console also. I'd buy this before an xbone or ps4 personally. Too damn awesome to pass up and its a steal at 300.

ape0071665d ago

6 out of 10 for a good relatively powerful system with a dream HD remake??


i believe the media is against Nintendo because Nintendo refuse to follow their agenda (behind the scenes deals/pays)

triforce791665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Reletively powered from what ive seen so far wiiu graphically is winning end of games like Bayonetta2,MK8,X,Pikimin,Smash ,ect ect all look amazing and run in 1080p NATIVE that alone means wiiu has power in the right places ie GRAPHICS....all the extra mhz and ghz and system RAM on 1 and ps4 mean shit prime example the 1 only does 720p native on ghosts ?????? and it looks a little better than previous versions of COD ???????

Bayontta2 on wiiu is more hectic than any game ive ever seen ultra fast,and is up their with the bes when you look at whats happening on screen at any given moment and with co-op all running at Full HD 60fps is more proof of real power than any game ive seen for a nextgen console.......

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