TV Videogame Shows: Have They Always Sucked Ass?

Videogames are a big deal these days. They're a major consumer interest area and one of the most profitable media on the planet. As such, you'd rightly expect the media coverage around them to extend well beyond specialist magazines and web sites written by suave debonair international playboy types. Alas though, the mainstream media consistently gets things wrong, and Games Radar are not just talking about Fox News.

TV has long strived to crack the gamer demographic and get gamers back to using the tube for its originally intended purpose, but more often than not, what gamers have been presented with has been about as entertaining, informative and generally appealing as a roast testicle sandwich. So is all hope for a decent gaming TV show lost? Games Radar look back through the history of games on TV and see if they can find any reasons to be cheerful.

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Yi-Long3887d ago

... which is OK, but there's too much BS going on, too many people, too many footge that isnt gamefootage, etc.

It's always nice to see a show about videogames, but it could definately be a lot better.

SL1M DADDY3887d ago

With some of the funnest hosts and great dialog, it is by far the best I have seen. Xplay and Attack of the SHow have plenty of fun stuff to view and seem to keep an edge on all things gaming and then some.

The real question here is how long will Gamesradar suck arse?

PainisCupcake3887d ago

Bits was the only decent show for gamers ever shown!

jinn3887d ago

cuz the hosts r college dropouts

SaiyanFury3886d ago

In the US in recent history, the answer is yes. At least in one man's opinion. The only show I remember having seen in North America that I liked was GamePro TV back in the earlier 1990s. I loved that show when I was younger. The one show I can't stand is X-Play because they frequently show their dislike of Japanese games. Not to mention their flagrant hatred for Japanese RPGs as if Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler don't have the attention span to play through a 50 hour RPG or something...