Former EA chief John Riccitiello: Grand Theft Auto V is ‘twice as large as the Super Bowl’

“[Grand Theft Auto V] shows up as the largest entertainment launch in history, going back to the 1800s and A Tale of Two Cities,” Riccitiello said. “It’s bigger than Star Wars. It’s twice the size of the Super Bowl.”

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pedrof931502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

‘twice as large as the Super Bowl’ if you're american, because the rest of the world doesn't care that much.

"sold 29 million copies of the open-world game since its Sept. 17 release."


Snookies121502d ago

I'm American and still don't care about the Super Bowl lol.

Lord_Sloth1502d ago

Agreed. E3 is my Superbowl. My friends and I try to get together every E3 with snacks and drinks to crowd around a TV for some E3 action!

PurpHerbison1502d ago

Depends on the teams that are playing. NFL is ruining football little by little but games can still be fun to watch, Especially the Super Bowl.

Blank1502d ago

Same here plus loving lord sloths idea of a superbowl considering how many times I jump in shock or marvel at E3 coverage its like I watch sports only to see the screen with video game announcements lol

rainslacker1502d ago

Superbowl is all about the ads for me. Occasionally the game is good, but not often.

PurpHerbison1499d ago

Last two Super Bowls I enjoyed was the Saints victory, and the Giants victory.

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deantak1502d ago

GTA V's profits are like the creation of Las Vegas.

Studio-YaMi1502d ago

Still waiting for the PC version,if ever.

ricochetmg1502d ago

I think they should do a pc port and next gen. I think 16 people in one room is too small.

IHassounah1502d ago

Looks like GTAV will break the world record of the most sold game in history selling over 90 million copies (if PC gets announced and next generation versions do)