Sony Rewards: Get Games, PlayStation Store Cash, and More

Posted by Kristine Steimer // Sr. Community Specialist -

We want to thank you, our devoted community, for your incredible support throughout the years. That’s why today, we’re pleased to announce a new, PlayStation-specific integration into the Sony Rewards program, where you can earn points by doing what you love.

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Nyxus1633d ago

Very nice, but I guess it's only for the US. :(

Outsider-G1633d ago

Yeah :(. Thought Canada would be included in this.

PeaSFor1633d ago

"We're sorry, you are not eligible to link your account at this time.

This program is only available to users in the United States. Thank you for your understanding"

yeah, thx.....

UnholyLight1633d ago

It makes no sense NOT to include Canada.

The whole "US is the centre of the universe" makes me laugh.

shivvy241633d ago

I guess they are testing it out before rolling it out to the rest of thr world

sobekflakmonkey1633d ago

It'll come to us folks in Canada soon enough, bringing it out in the US first is just a way of testing it out first, making sure they have everything in order, not to worried about it, got tons of Blu-rays I can register lol

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Rynx1632d ago

I've been with SONYRewards since April now (U.S.). If you guys are able to sign up for a Playstation credit card, do it. It's the ultimate way to get a ridiculous amount of points.

As some of you know, this points system is basically 1000pts = $10, but every $1 dollar you spent equates to 1pt. While that requires you to spend a great deal to make it worthwhile, SONY loves giving away points on their rewards site.

Take this for example; I have yet to buy PS+. It cost $49.99 in the PSN store. Just for making purchases on the PSN store with your Playstation Card you get 10x the points. Now the Rewards site continues to add on to that. 5x points on your first PSN purchase after linking the accounts. 1x points on all PSN store purchases period. That's already 16x points I will be getting for buying PSN+ totaling up to 800pts! THEN the Rewards website adds another 250 points for buying a year of PS+, making the grand total 1050pts just for spending $50!

Mikelarry1633d ago

hopefully this comes to the UK as this ia very decent reward programme

beepbopadoobop1632d ago

So true! I was totally ready to sign up to this as soon as I started reading!

Sci0n1633d ago

linked my psn and sen this morning

cell9891633d ago

Awesome awesome awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.